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These family sketches are from Landmarks of Albany County, New York, edited by Amasa J. Parker of Albany, N. Y., Syracuse, N. Y.; D. Mason & Co. Publishers, 1897.

Yerks, George W., is a descendant of Revolutionary stock, especially on the side of his maternal grandmother, Mrs. Amos Clark, a member of the Van Warts family. His parents were William H. and Mary A. (Clark) Yerks and he was born in Unionville, Westchester county, February 4, 1843. He received his education at Claverack Academy and Fort Edward Institute, and he spent a few years in government employ in New York city, and in 1867 came to Albany where he soon engaged in the wholesale fancy grocery business at No. 373 Broadway, under the firm name of Benjamin & Yerks, whom he succeeded in January, 1877. In 1888 John J. Taaffe was admitted under the present firm name of George W. Yerks & Co. The business has grown steadily and now three stores are occupied. Mr. Yerks has been president of the Equal Rights Benefit Association since 1893 and is a trustee in the Madison Avenue Reformed church. In 1868 he married Adeline, daughter of George W. Benjamin of Albany, and of their children one daughter, Adeline Powell Yerks, is living.

Young, Elias, was born in the town of Berne, June 22, 1844. Samuel Young, his grandfather, was a native of Connecticut and settled in the town of Berne, near where is now the village of Reidsville, in 1792, where he farmed and practiced law, having for many years an extensive law practice. His wife was Magdalene Warner, a native of Berne, and they had three sons: Philip, David and Silas. He died in 1860 at the age of eighty years; his wife died some years before. Philip, the father of Elias, was born in Berne in 1809, where he was a lifelong farmer and owned a farm of 160 acres. His wife was Hannah, daughter of Elias Mathias of New Scotland, and their children were Samuel P. (deceased), David P., Mary E., Margaret A. and Elias. He died in 1891 and his wife in 1893. Elias Young spent his earlier days on his father's farm, where he attended the common schools and later the Fort Edward Institute; subsequently, by the assistance of his father, he entered as a student Eastman College, from which he was graduated in 1865. When twenty years of age he began teaching, which profession he has followed a goodly portion of the time. For some five years he was engaged in general mercantile business in the village of Reidsville, in partnership with his brother, and was for many years a dealer in agricultural implements. Mr. Young from early manhood manifested a keen interest in the political affairs of his town and county, associating himself with the side of Democracy. He was elected and filled the office of justice of the peace for twelve years, and from 1886 to 1896 has been notary public. In 1881 he was elected school commissioner and again in 1891 and 1893. In 1868 he married Frances, daughter of Hugh Conger of Berne, and they have two children: Eunice (wife of Christopher Michael), and Philip S., M. D., who was a graduate from the Albany Medical College in 1896.

Young, Henry W., son of Peter and Rebecca (Austin) Young, was born in the town of New Scotland, (Voorheesville) April 14, 1839, and was educated there in the public schools. In 1855 removed to Albany, N. Y., where he served an apprenticeship under John Bridgford, mason and builder. He remained with Mr. Bridgford for eleven years, at the end of which time, he established himself in business as a contracting mason and builder, in which business he is still engaged. He was elected supervisor of the Sixteenth ward for one term, and in 1895 was appointed city assessor by Mayor Wilson, and held that office till spring, 1897. He is a member of Ancient City Lodge No. 452, F. & A. M., De Witt Chnton Council No. 32, R. & S. M., Capital City Chapter No. 242 R. A. M., Temple Commandery No. 2, K. T., of all the Scottish Rite bodies and Cyprus Temple Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, being a thirty-second degree Mason. He is also a P. M. of the Ineffable Sublime Grand Lodge of Perfection of Albany. In 1886, during Albany's bi-centennial, he was chosen vice president (and the following year became president) of the Master Builders Exchange. He is also Past Grand of Phoenix Lodge, I. O. O. F. Mr. Young became a member of Trinity M. E. church in 1856, since which time he has served for twenty-five years as a member of the board of trustees being president of that board for twelve years. He is also a member of the Board of Directors, of the local branch of the New York Mutual Savings and Loan Association, and of the Republic and Loan Association of New York city. In 1856 he married Johanna Gates of Schenectady, N. Y., and they have two children; Ella and Edgar L.

Young, William A., was born in the town of New Scotland in December, 1836. He was the son of George Young, born in the same place, and one of the five sons, Matthew, John, George, Henry and Joel, and five daughters born to Samuel Young, also a native of New Scotland; he was one of the three sons, Samuel William Helms and Joel, born to Matthew Young of Dutchess county, a Revolutionary soldier; he was a farmer and settled in New Scotland where he spent his last days. Samuel was also a farmer and lived and died in that town. His wife was Margaret Dingman. He lived to be eighty-one years of age. George, the father of William A., was a farmer and a good mechanic. He devoted much of his time to masonry, which trade he had acquired. He spent his early life in New Scotland but removed to Watervliet where he purchased a farm. His death was caused by falling from a load of hay. His wife was Mary Martin, daughter of Peter Martin, by whom he has had fifteen children: Christiana, died in infancy, Ellen A., Margaret, Isabelle, William A., John, Samuel J., Melissa, Martha, Eliza, Catherine, Martin, George A., Andrew and Melvina; the latter fourteen all grew to maturity and were married. William A. attended the common schools until he was ten years of age, when he began to work out on farms; this he continued until he was sixteen, when he learned the shoemaker's trade and has continued in that business until the present time. In 1860 he removed from the town of Knox to Guilderland Center where he now resides. In 1872 he added to his business a shoe store and has a good patronage. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, Moak Lodge of Altamont. In 1866 he was married to Elizabeth, daughter of John and Catharine (Simmons) Pangburn.

Young, William P., was born in the town of New Scotland, August 7, 1834, Peter, his grandfather, being a native of the town of Knox, where he was born about 1784, and where he spent his days as a farmer. He was a prominent and active member of the State militia, in which he took great pride and spent considerable money, being an officer in a company of cavalry. His first wife was Miss Toles, by whom he had six sons and four daughters, his second wife being Miss Bundy, by whom three children were born. He died in 1864, at the age of eighty years. Peter, the father, was born in Knox, June 6, 1806. He commenced at the age of sixteen to learn the carpenter's trade and followed it about forty years, when, in 1851 he bought a farm in Guilderland and in 1856 bought an adjoining farm. In 1863 he engaged in farming in Guilderland, where he spent his remaining days. He was also a member of and drummer in the State militia. His wife was Rebecca (Williams) Austin, and their children were John A., Charles W., Henry W., Sarah A., Margaret J., Lois R., Mary (who died at the age of twenty-five), Eliza O. and Gouvenier M. He died August 15, 1881, at the age of seventy-five, and his wife died April 28, 1892, at the age of seventy-seven. William P. remained at home until twenty-one years of age, when he rented, in 1856, a farm for one year for himself in the town of Coeymans. In 1857 he returned to Guilderland and worked his father's farms for nine years, and in 1866 purchased a farm in New Scotland which he still owns. In 1883 he bought a second farm in New Scotland, where he now resides. He has made a specialty of fruit culture and has several varieties on his farms. The farm on which he now lives is known as the Dr. Sager farm, and was originally owned by Dr. Day. Dr. Sager lived with Dr. Day and later married his adopted daughter. Mr. Young has erected new houses and barn buildings on both of his farms, being his own architect. December 9, 1854, he married Mary S. Koonz. born in New Scotland and daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Folmsbee) Koonz, and granddaughter of Nathaniel and Catherine (Cline) Koonz; the latter lived to be 106 years of age. To Mr. and Mrs. Young were born four children: Mary, widow of Albert Relyea, who died January 4, 1885, was married to him August 18, 1875, leaving two children surviving her: Lizzie B., and Levi E. William H. married Libbie Main of Guilderland, March 10, 1885, and have two children: Olive and Lelah; he is an extensive berry grower. Hannah E. married Henry Goodfellow of Guilderland, October 7, 1880, and have two children: Florence and Ernest. Elizabeth E., who still resides at home. Of the brothers and sisters of William P. Young, John A. Young resides at Brodhead, Wis., having married in 1852 Maria Groat of Guilderland, by whom he has had four children. Charles W. Young lives at Whitewater, Wis., and married Mary Jane Chism, and has no children. Sarah A. Young married Peter Van Patten and now lives in Centralia, Kansas, having one daughter. Margaret J. Young married Charles Gemlich and resides in Guilderland and has one son. Henry W. Young was married to Joanna Gates and lives in the city of Albany. They are the parents of two children. Lois R. Young married David Van Patten, a brother of Peter, and lives on an adjoining farm in Centralia, Kas. They have two children. Eliza O. Young married Charles Severson and resides in Guilderland, having borne him one child. Gouvenier M. Young resides at Whitewater, Wis., having married Elva Martm of Guilderland, by whom he has had two children, of whom one survives.

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