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SAGER / SEGER Tue Feb 4 05:48:16 1997
I am looking for information on Francis SAGER/SEGER b. 12 Mar 1797 Albany Co., NY. He was supposedly a state senator & judge living in Lewis Co., NY

SALES / SAYLES Sun Jun 1 13:06:57 1997
SALES/SAYLES, searching all with this surname in NY State, my Daniel, brother James left Schuyler/Tompkins area for Indiana by 1850. Have 25 years of research, will share with all who are interested.

SALISBURY Tue Jan 21 16:40:03 1997
I am looking for information on the SALISBURY family. I know that they setle in New York at one time or another. They may even have come into this country through New York, (not sure of this), but I know that they spent some time in New York. Is there, or was there, such a place as Norway and/or Russia New York? I have some family information that tells me that they spent some time in these two cities. They were there in the early 1700's and 1800's. Can aanyone help me? I am sure that they were all related for one of the family members, when he died had well over one hundred ggggrandchildren, or so the article I have said. Some of the names that I am looking for are: Ackland Nathaniel, Matilda, William, Richard and I could go one forever for they must have had to have had every name availble to name all the descendants that there are to this family name. These people were Statesmen, farmers. cheese buyers and educators. Has anyone ever heard or know about a district of yore known as Dairy Hill? My family owned a farm in that District. Some of my family fought in the War of 1812 from New York. Some fought with Great Britian. I think that they came here from England or Wales. Please see if you might be able to help me. I also know that they lived in a town called Fairfield. I do not know what counties any of these places are in.

SANDERS Fri Aug 1 08:16:02 1997
I am seeking information on a Carew SANDERS who I understand lived in Albany Co.(probably in the western part of the co.) Sometime between1850 and 1900. I would like to know who his parents were, as well as who was his spouse and his children if they had any.

SANTERRE Fri Jan 17 15:18:35 1997
I am seeking any information on John Henri' SANTERRE and his decendants. I believe John Henri' was born in France 1851. According to the 1910 census, he emigrated to NYS in 1871. His wife Adeline /?/ emigrated in 1867 from Canada. They had several children: William, George, John, Joseph, Arthur, Mary, Adaline, Evaline. I am a decendant of Arthur's line. From city directories the Santerre family seemed to live in the Watervliet or Troy

SCHRYVER Tue Jan 14 00:21:39 1997
Looking for parents and marriage of William Henry SCHRYVER b. 1840 Catskill, NY, and Sarah LAWTON b.1843 b. Hudson, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth. When did Elizabeth die? William and Sarah moved to Rutland, VT, but cannot locate his family or wedding. Thanks, Sue

SCRIBNER Sat Jan 25 07:43:15 1997
Reuben SCRIBNER b- abt 1792 md Sarah ROGERS d/o Isaac ROGERS & Rhoda CHASE b- abt 1790 Hoosick, Rens, NY. Was in 1850 cencus - Adams. Lived in Egota Olster Cty Minn in 1883. Need any infromation on this family. Children? date of death, where buried etc.

SCHUYLER Sat Sep 6 08:54:39 1997
I am looking to find some history about my family. My grandfather is Phillip Schuyler and I am trying to find my family's tree as far back as I can.

SCHUYLER Mon Apr 21 08:22:16 1997
I am a descendant of Jacob Schuyler, b. 24 Mar 1733/34 - Albany, NY. He was married to Eva Swackhammer. His son John - married Anna Schuyler - his second wife - Peter P. Schuyler was one of their children. My line descends on down. I am seeking any info on Jacob, especially his parents. And I am seeking a documentable link between John and his son Peter P. Schuyler. Most of this family ended up in the Lyme/Three Mile Bay area in Jefferson County. Any help or info would be appreciated.

SEAMAN Sat Nov 16 12:38:39 1996
I have a typed family history that reports several family members buried in "Stanton Cemetery outside of Greenville" Can someone give me any more specifc directions as to where "outside of Greenville" this cemetery might be? In particular I am researching: SEAMAN, Thomas [b.1764 - d. 1852] who married SCOFIELD, Lydia [1773-1852] Lydia's parents: SCOFIELD, Gideon [1740-1807] and CAN???, Elizabeth [1721-1806]. Children: SEAMAN, Sally [1796-1826], SEAMAN, Samuel [1798-1826], SEAMAN, Jonas [1800-1826], SEAMAN, Mirinda [1806-1826], SEAMAN, Hezikia [1806-1810], SEAMAN, Betsey [1808-1826], SEAMAN, Absloum [1811-1893], SEAMAN, Giddion [1813-1826], SEAMAN, Thomas [1816-1893], SEAMAN, Amanda [no dates readable]. Six of these young people died in 1826 due to typhus fever. GARRETT, Elmina [1812-1883] mar. Absolum SEAMAN [1811-1893] above on 10/26/1834. Anyway this crowd is supposedly burried in the Stanton Cemetery. I would like to find this cemetery on a map and then visit it to confirm this information.

SEGER/SEGAR Fri Aug 22 07:35:03 1997
SEGER/SEGAR;I am looking for info on the births of children for Isaac SEGER, son of Gerret J. Seger,& Hopeful BROWNELL, dau of Ezra BROWNELL. They may have been married in Florida, Montgomery Co., NY. Some children were born there and others were born in New Scotland, Albany Co., NY. I would like to find church records. Known children are Nancy Mariah b. 1826; Garret G b. 1828; John Gromis b. 1836; Catherine Shafer b. 1839; Juliet Vanklyker b. 1840; Permilla Holland b. 1842; Mary Eliza b. 1844; Hellen Salina b. 1847.

SCHUMACHER Wed Nov 20 07:50:16 1996
My wife and I are helping a friend who isn't on the web. She is looking for any information on the following names, who are supposedly all Mennonites and from upstate New York. Any info can be emailed to us and we will send to her as she is not online. The names are as follows, Schumacher, Schiwitz or Schivitz, Wittmer, Kraemer, Hirstein or Herstein. Thank you,

SEELYE Thu Oct 10 12:42:38 1996
I do not know what county in NY my great-grandfather was born, I only know he was born in NY state. His name was Seth SEELYE, born in 1835. He married Natalie THOMPSON, born 17 Sep 1838, probably in PA. Natalie THOMPSON's mother was Sophia GIGUE/GIGNE. Sophia's parents were Stephen GIGUE and the Countess de Marleau from Marseilles, France. Natalie THOMPSON had been married once before to Ben BROOKER; she later divorced him. Natalie and Ben had two children together named Frank BROOKER and Natalie BROOKER. Seth SEELYE and Natalie THOMPSON had two children, John SEELYE and Charles Thompson SEELYE. Charles Thompson SEELYE was my direct ancestor. He was born 27 Jun 1868 in Baltimore, Maryland; died 22 Mar 1953. Charles married Emma Mary HALES 18 Oct 1887. Emma Mary HALES was born 14 Dec 1867 in Philadelphia, PA; died 30 Nov 1960. Family records state that Seth SEELYE later moved to Philadelphia, PA and opened a tobacco store at 2nd and Mormonsing Ave., Philadelphia, PA. I'm trying to research Seth SEELYE; to discover where he was born in NY, and who his parents/grandparents were. My family records state that either his father or grandfather was an Iroquois Chief. Records don't state which tribe/nation/band etc. he was in. If anyone has any information on the SEELYE family or GIGUE/GIGNE (records have both spellings stated) family, I would be very interested in corresponding. I also would be happy to reimburse those researchers interested for their efforts.

SELLER Sat May 17 16:37:39 1997
I am interested in the following people: Stephen SELLER; Michael SELLER; Eva BITTNER SELLER; Josephine MUHLHAUSER SELLER; William MUHLHASER; Josephine SCHONMETZLER MUHLHAUSER; Karolina "Lena" SCHMIDT SELLER; Caspar (or Kasper) SCHMIDT; Barbara KESSLER SCHMIDT; Johann SCHMIDT; George S. SELLER; Maria SELLER STEIGERWALD; Caroline SELLER LOUGHLIN; Edmond B. LOUGHLIN; James J. LOUGHLIN; Elspeth M. CORRIGAN LOUGHLIN; Frank LOUGHLIN; John Carroll LOUGHLIN. Relevant places include: Assumption Church and Cemetery; 2221 Lodi Street; Syracuse University.

SEYMOUR Fri Feb 7 11:33:02 1997
Searching for ancestry of Catherine SEYMOUR born about 1784 in Ulster Co. and married about 1805 John COZINE. They settled in Westerlo, Albany Co.

SHARKEY Thu Jan 2 23:45:16 1997
Any info about Sharkey's would be greatly appreciated.

I am looking for information about Sylvanus SHEAR who lived in Albany Co. in the late 1700's-early 1800's. He was married to Martha SMITH. He had six children, three are known: Lucretia who married Elias MOTT, Isaac, and John. The family eventually moved to Oneida Co.

SHAVER / SHAFER / SCHAFFER Fri Aug 22 06:37:04 1997
John SHAFER m. Magdalena FEIL. He d. & she remarried John DEVOE. Children of John SHAFER & MAgdalena lived in Albany Co. Anyone have info on them? Corel/Charles Shaver b. 1752 m. Celia/Sarah RADLEY in Albany; Francis m. Catherine EGMONT; Henry C b. 1758 RHinebeck m. Alida BRATT d. 1850 Albany Co; Catherine b. 1761 Rhinebeck m. Gerret SEGER in Albany d. 1853 Albany Co;Frederick m. Catherine EKER.

SHEAR(ER?) Fri Mar 14 15:01:05 1997
SHEAR(ER?)- I am looking for any family of William H. Shear, born January, 1838, presumably in Sharon. He moved to Whiteside Co., IL sometime before 1862, and during his tour of duty with 13th IL infantry he kept a diary where he mentions writing to an N.S. in Sharon. I'm willing to update your records on this branch of the Shear family in return for any information.

Looking for information on the SHELLENBERGER family in Albany. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

SHERMAN / SHEARMAN Sat Feb 8 13:15:31 1997
Sherman or Shearman - any persons who may be found in Albany County inthe 1700'sJohn

SHERMAN Mon Nov 11 15:23:41 1996
Looking for absolutely any kind of information on DAVID SHERMAN (SHEARMAN) and his wife RUTH BEADON SHERMAN who moved to Cambridge in about 1785 with several of their children. David was born in 1733 in Tvierton, RI and believed to have died in Cambridge shortly after 1800.

SHOLDES Fri Feb 14 22:34:45 1997
I am searcing for any information concerning the name"Sholdes" The 1800 census for the newly formed county of Delaware lists William Sholdes as number 14. I have reason to believe this is the link I am searching for. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

SHOULDERS Sun Feb 23 18:18:09 1997
ALBANY Co. New York: Searching for SHOULDERS which may also be spelled SHOLAR, SHOULDIS shown on the 1820 and 1830 census reports.

SHUFELT Fri Nov 15 21:12:51 1996
Would like to make a New York connection!!! Looking for the Ancestors of Henry Shufelt, b. 1845? P.A. Married E.J. (Elizabeth) Jeffers. Thanks!

SINEK Sat Feb 1 04:56:40 1997
Looking for SINEK. Originally from Czech/Austria.

SIVER Sat Dec 21 10:16:29 1996
I am stumped on the roots of George H. Siver, born 6 Jan 1814 in Herkimer, NY, and married to Eliza A. Ostrander b. 13 Aug 1813 in Johnstown, NY. I am looking for a record of their wedding and of course, their parents. I have the early history of the Ostrander family, but I need the link from Eliza. Another individual is James Streeter, born 16 Oct 1776 in Herkimer County, father is Amos Streeter (origin Massachusetts?) Amos married Deliverance Sheldon. I would like to thank those who called in with tips on Folts/Demuth/Bellinger I have them back to the old country.

SKELLY Sun Mar 30 17:14:59 1997
Fredrick D. Skelly Died October 27, 1939 Alice Skelly Died November 6, 1903 Edward J. Skelly Died October 6, 1940 Alice M. Peppie 1912-1935

SKELTON Mon Mar 3 18:21:46 1997
I am looking for my great, great grandparents, the parents of Mary Stewart SKELTON born in Albany on October 26, 1876. Would Appreciate your help!

SLICER Thu Oct 2 17:18:45 1997
SLICER, lawrence born somewhere in new york in 1843. need to know his parents names and siblings names also where he was born.

SMITH Mon Nov 18 18:38:35 1996
Would like to have information about Clary SMITH who came from Ireland. He married in Ireland to someone who we don't have her name. I beleive that she died in Albany, along with two other children. He was born in 1805, married 1830. He was a policeman in Albany by election and appointment. Was one of the most noted dectectives in that state for his time. Also was a pioneer conductor on the Albany and Schenactady railroad. Would like to know his wife name, her death, who the other children where, where they were buried.

SMITH Mon Dec 9 21:01:34 1996
Frances SMITH was born in 1796 in Saratoga Co., NY. She married William WARD about 1814 in NY. William WARD was born about 1794 in VT. Ebenezer A. SMITH is the father of Frances Smith. Ebenezer was born about 1770, possibly in Saratoga Co., NY. He married, wife unknown, about 1793, and was of Saratoga Co., NY at the time. I am looking for the actual birth date and place of Ebenezer A. SMITH and especially would like to know who his parents are. Also the name of his first wife, who was the mother of his first five children. The children were Sarah b. abt. 1794, Frances b. 1796, Martha b. abt. 1798, Rebecca b. abt. 1800, and Ebenezer b. abt. 1820.

SMITH Thu Mar 6 13:40:06 1997
Stephen R. SMITH (b:1830? Albany County), moved to Dannamora and is believed to have helped building the prison in Dannamora. He married Aurilla LEONARD (b:1837 Quebec) and had a son Stephen Benjamin SMITH (b:29JAN1860 Dannamora). After the Civil War, they were divorced. Stephen R. SMITH moved west, Aurilla LEONARD (and son) moved to Vermont and then Massachusetts. My questions are: 1) Are there any building records for the prison in Dannamora ? [And what role did my ancestor play in it's construction ? convict ? laborer ? supervisor ?] 2) Are there any 1850 or 1860 census records for Dannamora ? 3) Are their any marriage records for Dannamora for the 1850s and 1860s ? How about divorce records ?

SNYDER Wed Nov 20 21:29:30 1996
Looking for the father of Floren SNYDER, born abt 1841 in NY. His mother is Rebecca POWELL. Rebecca POWELL's father is Joseph POWELL.

SNYDER Fri Feb 7 12:41:13 1997
Seeking exchange info on SNYDER,BRYSON, BTAG, BENSON, BANTEN, CHADWICK all related and in New York State at one time. Thank You

SNYDER Sun Sep 21 15:08:39 1997
I am searching for information on Ira SNYDER and his wife Elizabeth SCOUTIN Albany, NY residents. Ira was b abt 1815 in PA and moved to Albany between 1864 and 1889. His brother Alfred SNYDER and wife Sarah SCOUTIN were also living in Albany in 1889. Ira had at least one daughter, Sarah SNYDER b 1864 Dutchess Co, NY.

SNYDER Mon Jul 7 14:34:31 1997
Seeking info on Harold E. SNYDER b.19 Nov 1900 and Dorothy BANTEN b. 2 Apr 1904, said to have been marr 16 Apr 1928 in Cherry Valley, Otsego County, NY. any info on the BANTEN or SNYDER clan of this area needed,

SNYDER Sun Aug 31 18:08:15 1997
Jacob Snyder 1745-1786 b: Albany Co. N.Y, d: Schoharie,N.Y married Elizabeth Mann b: 1744, d: 1790, m #2 Sarah Vrooman b: 1763 and married 1782. Capt Jacob Snyder proomoted to Lt. and Capt 1778 and served as a Ensign, Lt.and Capt in New York Toops. Seeking the children of Jacob and Elizabeth and Jacob and Sarah, need to figure out which of these women is my grandmother

SNYDER Sun Jan 5 09:45:00 1997
Seeking info on families of SNYDER,Charle E. Born Sept 1857 died 1843, married 1878 to BENSON,Evelyn L. (born mar 1861, died 1926., also seeking info on BANTEN,Lawson born 1879 in Dourmouth England, married to CHADWICK, MYrtle born 1881 in NY State. and the CHADWICK family, had daughters Myrtle,Evelyn, Nina and son John. thank you.

SOPER Sat Feb 8 11:25:16 1997
searching for Cornelius Van Dyke who married Sarah (Sally) Soper. They lived in New York until 1813, when he was killed by indians. Sarah is next recorded in illinois in 1823. Sons included Ferdinand, Christopher, possibly Francis and some daughters (unknown).

SOULE Thu Jan 2 21:26:57 1997
Seeking information on ancestry of Frederick Coomer SOULE and his wife Mary HARE. Frederick was born b. 1795 Albany Co., NY and died in 1885 in Geneva, Ontario Co., NY. Mary HARE SOULE d. 1873 in Geneva, Ontario Co., NY. Frederick believed to be son of George SOULE and Rachel HATFIELD. He lived in the town of DeWitt, Onondaga Co., NY. Children: Stephen F. b. 1821 m. Catherine SMITH 1845; Andrew J. b. 1828; Alexander C. b. 1830 Martin b. 1832; Frerign b. 1837.

SOUTHWICK Sun Apr 6 21:29:26 1997
Walworth County,Wisconsin History lists Caleb SOUTHWICK who was born 6/17/1773 as being either a brother or cousin of Solomon SOUTHWICK who ran for governor of New York. Caleb is said to have married Ann CARPENTER. (Solomon's mother's name was Ann Carpenter GARDINER, so she could have been a cousin.) Caleb appears in the 1800, 1810 and 1820 census in Vermont and in the 1840 census in Ohio and died 1/19/1856 in Wisconsin. Solomon and his brothers (Henry Collins and Wilmarth) are all listed as being born in Newport between 1772 and 1775 so it is more likely that Caleb was a cousin. Both Solomon and Henry Collins SOUTHWICK lived and died in Albany. Any information on the parents of Caleb SOUTHWICK would be greatly appreciated.

SPAULDING Sun Mar 23 05:50:06 1997
Anna b. February 25, 1902 was my grandmother, Richard and Elizabeth were her parents.

SPENCER Wed Oct 16 18:45:50 1996
Hedley SPENCER joined the Loyalists at New York in 1780. He was living in Orange County at that time. His son HENRY married MARY HUFF in 1780 at Goshen. Looking for records of births of their children (ISAAC, WILLIAM, RUFUS, JAMES etc.) in the 1780s. Henry lated moved to Prince Edward Co., Ontario, Can.

SPENCER Sun Jan 12 09:45:00 1997
Looking for information on Samuel SPENCER and his wife Mary GREGORY of Conesus. They had a son, William Henry SPENCER born about 1821. We have no information on Samuel or Mary except that they are buried in Livonia. We do know that they are not related to Samuel SPENCER and Olive CASEY of Canadice. Samuel of Conesus had a farm and his brother Corneilous (sp) also had a farm in the area. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

SPENCER Wed Oct 16 19:08:18 1996
Hedley SPENCER was living at Dover, Beekman Patent in 1774 (source: Doherty:Settlers of the Beekman Patent). He moved to Orange Co. before 1780 and joined the Loyalists at New York. Looking for surname of his wife Patience. Also the births of his sons Henry, John and Andrew who all came to Canada after the war. Hedley was killed in 1783 at New York. Looking for any other children of Hedley's that may have remained in the States.

I am researching the families of Martinus Sperbeck, also known as Sperback, Spurbeck, Spurback, Sparrback, and many other such surnames, all of which came from the same original name but have been changed over the years. I know that the family originated in the Scholarie Valley area, and may have been Palentines, or Pennslyvania Dutch German. I have been told that there are grave markers in the Sperbeck Farm Cemetary, Quaker Street Cemetary or Duanesburg N.Y. Cemetary, Lee Church Cemetary near Know, N.Y. and the Old Summit Cemetary near Summit, N.Y. Also I am searching for the Sperbeck Family Bible known to be connected with the New York State Archives, pub. 1870 by American Bible Co. and be have been owned by Mrs. Charles Borst, Mineral Springs, N.Y. in 1931. Can anyone help me out? Missouri is a long ways from New York.

SPRINGER Sat Feb 1 22:30:10 1997
SPRINGER: Searching for parents and other information of David Henry SPRINGER, b. about 1805, where? Spouse Huldah. Third child Henry Leroy SPRINGER b. 16 Jan 1831 in Schohorie Co., NY, m. Eliza(beth) Brougham, 12 Aug. 1852, Town of Candor, Oswego C., d.12 Oct 1922. Other children of David Henry SPRINGER were: Mary Ann, Sally, George, David, Charles(died in Confederate prison camp). Most of these later children were born in Tioga Co. Would hope to tie these SPRINGERS to recorded genealogies of Albany SPRINGERS.

SPOOR Sat Jan 4 11:07:22 1997
Looking for CAROLINE (Catlyntje) SPOOR b. ca 1770 in or near Claverack NY married ca 1790 JACOB ESSELSTYNE d. ca 1805. There is another Catlyntje Spoor married about that time, but claimed by others.

SQUIRES Sat Jan 11 09:00:12 1997
Looking for marriage record and births of children of Thomas Squires and Elizabeth Pratten in Long Island New York in the early 1800's. Apparently they were from Yorkshire, England. They had at least 5 children, mostly girls. They moved from Essex County, Ontario, where they were both buried.

STANTON Thu Dec 26 08:58:03 1996
Seeking children of Rev. Reuben and Poebe (DORMAN) STANTON. I know one child was Orpha STANTON b. 21 Sept. 1812 Coeymans Twp, Albany Co., NY.

STARK Fri Jul 4 16:18:13 1997
Searching for information on the family of Asahel STARK & wife Sarah. Asahel is believed to be the son of Christopher and Susanna STARK, early settlers of Beeman & Pawling, Dutchess, N.Y. Asahel was born 1750's N.Y., died 1822 Indiana. Asahel and family resided 1808 - 1812 in Caledonia, Genesee, N.Y., now located in Livingston County.

STARR Fri Apr 18 04:57:29 1997
STARR Looking for information re. wife of Samuel STARR b. Jul.28, 1732. Samuel is the son of Samuel STARR(b.1700) and Abigail Dibble(b.1703). I have his wifes name as Ann. Looking for surname and parents of this Ann.

STEELE Tue Dec 31 10:19:17 1996
Christian Taylor Steele Susan Kelly Steele Thomas Henry Steele Angelina Schrieber Steele John Berg

STEVENS Sun Aug 31 15:55:26 1997
Looking for information on Jonathan STEVENS from Cohoes, Albany Cty, NY. Reportedly operated the the first barge on the Erie Canal in 1819. Had 7 daughters, names of which were Gertrude, Mary, Cornelia & Sarah.Any information about this family greatly appreciated.

STEVENS Nov 18 1997
Looking for information of Sylvester STEVENS b. April 1824 in Knox NY d. 1900+ in Rensselaerville, NY. Married to Julia Swarthouse/Swarthout b. 1826, d. 1880-1900. Children include: William W., June, George, Henriette, and Ezra D.

STRANAHAN Sat Jan 25 16:28:40 1997
PPlease help me find information re John STRANAHAN's militia service. Called Lieut. in 1781 when he lived in King's District, Albany Co., NY.

STEVENS Sat Sep 13 16:01:22 1997
STEVENS, Ezra D. of Rensselaerville, Born September 1858, Died: ?. Married to Agnes WILLIMAN. Children include: Julia and Cora. Please contact me if you can place.

STEDWILL Sun Jan 26 14:52:44 1997
My brother and I are looking for any reference to the name Stedwill in New York state geneological records, as it would appear that there are very few of us. We live in Canada and are aware of ourselves, my sone, and one Roland Stedwill who lives in Toledo, Ohio. Surfing the net I found a reference to Stedwill, however, was aunable to track it down. Appreciate your help.

STERNBERG Mon Dec 23 23:06:41 1996
I am seeking any information that I can possibly get (however insignificant it might seem) about the family history of the Sternberg family. Lambert Sternberg was my Great Great Great Great Grandfather, and I am trying to piece together the history of both his ancestors and descendants (I already have partial details from the family's arrival in NY in 1703/10, but I am looking for more). Thanks for any help.

STEWART Mon Dec 9 20:03:31 1996
How does one find more details from the following information which appeared on an (Queensland) Australia marriage certificate? John Stewart, born about 1842 New York America, son of John Stewart and Mary Ann O'Brien. No further details are known of him prior to his marriage in 1866 in Queensland, Australia. His occupation at that time was given as a mariner. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks from sunny hot Queensland.

STIPO Sat Jan 18 12:46:24 1997
Searching the surname STIPO. STRONG Tue Jun 24 15:17:28 1997
Looking for info on Walter Q. Strong, b. about 1820 in NY. He was clerk of the NYS Supreme Court He was m. 1844 in NYC

STUYVESANT Mon Dec 9 20:53:48 1996
I am looking for information on the Stuyvesant Family. Some came from New York and settled in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. Christian Stuyvesant Rachel wife Children: Allen, Mary, Warren, Ann Eliza, Rachel Lovina, James All were born between 1835 to 1847

SULLIVAN / HUYCK Wed Sep 3 20:48:35 1997
Searching for any information about the family of David and Hanna (HUYCK) SULLIVAN of Westerlo. He was born 1751 in NJ and died 1845 in Westerlo. Douglas V. Smith. e-mail to

SUTTON Tue Dec 31 14:31:07 1996
Looking for relatives of Jesse Michael Sutton b. 1862 d. 1945 in Kings Co., 3 sisters 1 brother.

SUTTON Sat Feb 1 05:01:58 1997
I'm looking for information on Nathaniel Atwell SUTTON. I believe he was born in New York in 1839. He served a 2 year enlistment in the Union Army in the Civil War. I don't have much more and need a lot of help. He married Mary MCADAM

SWAIN Mon Oct 21 13:54:38 1996
Any information on William Swain of Albany County, years 1760 to 1800.

SWAN Sat Sep 20 1997
Looking for information on SWAN families which relocated from Stonington Conn. to old Albany County area before 1800, including Saratoga County. Need Stephen SWAN(son of Joshua b. 1736 who appears in 1790 Ballstown census)b. 16 Aug 1772 Conn., married Phebe Frink 1800, and his son William who married Helen Morrison 1818. Cousin Nathaniel owned sawmill mentioned in History of Albany County.

SWART Sun Jan 5 11:31:57 1997
Any information on the parents of Conrad Swart (ca 1742-1810) of Bern, Albany Co., NY. Henry Cady's records (ca 1910) state the parents are Adam Swart and Catherine Van Patten, but I have not found any records to confirm that. I have looked in R.W. Vosburgh's records for the Beaver Dam (Bern), Lutheran (Bern), Schoharie Lutheran, Schoharie Dutch Reformed, and other records for the Dutch Reformed churches of Kingston, Schenctady and Albany with out luck.

SWARTOUT Tue Oct 22 22:22:31 1996
Cortland W. Swartout was a prominent farmer in the cooperstown area at the end of the 19th century. He was married to Julia Elmina Clinton, his sons were George R.Swartout and Henry c. Swartout. Clinton had a brother Richard M. Swartout. Iam pesently working on our genealogy records. I have a listing back to Cortland and then I am lost. I was wondering if you could be of any help in going futher into my ancestry?

SWEENEY Tue Jan 21 19:52:51 1997
George William Sweeney Born-Abt 1846 location unkown-believed to be Ireland/New York state. Married: Dathryn Detta Morrow at Clinton, Oneida, NY date unknown. Died: 22 July 1909, Syracuse, Onondaga, NY Parent listed on death certificate as John Sweeney and Bridget Maley. Both from Ireland. Kathryn Detta (Kitty) Morrow married or lived with Nicholas B Deverux in Syracuse, NY. She survived George as indicated in his funeral notice. Any information or leads are greatly appreciated as this has been an "X-Files" search for more than 15 years.

SWEET Thu Oct 24 15:53:33 1996
Sent a query through this process about 10 days ago. Haven't seen my posting yet. Is there a problem with the query? Did you receive the query, perhaps because of a problem at my end. The query pertained to William Sweet and wife Susannah (a marriage query), marriage before 1797 and the posting was to appear in Washington County, N. Y. Thank you

SWEET Sat Sep 6 10:43:51 1997
Looking for information on GRIFFIN SWEET, b. 1774, d. 1841, in Chautaqua Co., NY. Known sons are Caleb, Griffin, Jonathan N., and J. Newman. J. Newman was born in Litchfield, Herkimer, NY. It is assumed that the remainder were born in the area. GRIFFIN was a minister at one time at the Albany Conf. M.E. Church. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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