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MACINTOSH Fri Oct 11 08:38:20 1996
Need help with our MACINTOSH line. Daniel MACINTOSH is the earliest ancestor I can identify. He is listed on William H. MACINTOSH's death certificate as the father. Birthplace is blank. Mother's name is listed as Amey. Don't know where to start with her. Wiliam MACINTOSH is listed in the Troy City directory 1882- 1891. He and I presume his family are at 44 Division. He is a car inspector. In 1894 he is not listed in Troy, but William H. MACINTOSH, car inspector is listed in the Albany City Directory at 148 S. Pearl Street. 1896-1911 in the Albany City Directory at 148 S. Pearl Street are: Marcia, widow of William H. MACINTOSH, Jessie MACINTOSH, and John L. MACINTOSH. Marcia is Marcia LASHER. In the 1860 census records for Albany County in Lucinda Coopers household there is a William MCINTOSH age 23, laborer and a Temperance MCINTOSH age 59. Don' know if this is my William or not.

MANCIUS Mon Oct 6 14:47:04 1997
Seeking info. on Margaret MANCIUS (b. 1814 Albany, d. 1882 in Muskegon, MI) who m. Richard YATES (b. 1795 Albany, d. San Francisco, CA, 1855). Want to know her parents and background. Also, what happened to her after she moved to Michigan ca. 1850.

MACK Sat Jan 25 06:44:20 1997
MACK. Searching for a connection on Hirum MACK b. ca 1810. He m. Mirriam CHAFFEE and they resided in Naples NY. \ Their children were all born in Naples except the youngest, William MACK who was born in Cattaragus ca 1844. With the rest of his family being born and raised in the Naples area there would be no other reason for this event unless there was some other family member living there. Cattaragus is the present day Irving. Any help would be appreciated.

MALLERY Mon Jun 16 10:47:31 1997
I am looking to indentify the mother and father of: Charles A. Mallery Born 16 Jan 1849 in Corinth, NY.

MANTLINE Fri May 9 10:36:40 1997
Looking for info on the name MANTLINE In albany at VAN WOERT ST. DANIEL MANTLINE married ELEANER MALLORY abt. 1835. Need help on both names.

MARTIN Sat Sep 20, 1997
MARTIN, Franklin E. b. 3 Mar 1846 in Wester(s)(n) (Obit states Westers - we think it might be Western) d. 4 Apr 1908 in Racine, MN. Married Elida A. (unknown), b. 1859, possible in Racine, MN. Looking for any information on Martin family.

MASON Wed Mar 19 20:10:41 1997
Benjamin Mason of Vt married Poley Akin of NY and had at least one child Benjamin J MASON, born April 30, 1839 in Chautaqua County, possible in Carrol. Benjamin MASON married Martha Jane LOBDELL in Elred Pa and had five children; Frank Byron MASON, born Jan. 15, 1861; Florence Lillian MASON, born April 24, 1862; Charles B. MASON, born Dec. 14, 1866; Mary Blanche MASON, born May 19, 1871 and George Marvin MASON, born January 14 1875. Frank and Charles were born in NY State. The rest were born in Eldred Pa. I am looking for information on the burial sites of Frank Byron MASON who died as a child and on Benjamin Mason and Polly Akin.

MASSISON Wed Feb 5 20:49:15 1997
I am looking for any information on a Joseph E. MASSISON (painter) born in Albany (c. 1870-1890). Married Annie M MONAHAN of Ireland. They had a daughter born in Beverly, MA 1/2/1909; Joseph and Annie are believed to have died soon afterwards.

MASTENS Sun Jan 19 20:44:16 1997
Looking for Mastens, hallock family info.from Sullivan,Ulster and Orange countys of New York State.

MA(Y)HAM Sat Oct 19 09:03:23 1996
Looking for decendants still living in area or known info on any desendants. History of Mayham Pond? Henry Ma(y)ham settled on Blenheim Hill about 1795. First wife name was Catherine (Mc or Mac Glothlin) and second was Zyllia (Sally) (Blass) Rockefeller. Any information helpful -

McALLISTER Wed Jan 8 21:50:29 1997
Looking for any information regarding Albert M. McAllister(1883-1935), Anna M. Clute(1885-1963), Max Jornson ( date unknown), Regina Lunderup(1882-1937)-Lunderup spelling may very. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

MCCASHION / KALMES Sun Aug 31 12:38:33 1997
I'm looking for birth,marriage and death dates for this family. John MC CASHION and his wife Caroline I'm looking for the birth,marriage and death dates for the John MC CASHION family. His wife was Caroline Elizabeth KALMES. Their childrens names were:Margaret,John,Joseph, and Mary.They lived in Albany, Albany, New York. John was saposed to have been born in 1879and Caroline was saposed to have died in i949. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

McCOY / MITCHELL / EDWARDS Wed Oct 30 18:33:05 1996
Information on JAMES McCOY 1785-1799 and wife MINERVA M. ? 1799-1871 Children:GEORGE W. McCOY 1821-1862 ALLEN McCOY 1829-? ALEXANDER McCOY 1832-? SABRIA McCOY 1836-1922 Information on GEORGE W. McCOY 1821-1862 and wife LUCRETIA MITCHELL 1824- 1896 married about 1842 in Duchess or St. Lawrence Co., NY Children:JANE McCOY 1845-? GEORGE LUTHER McCOY 1846-1923 FORREST LUMAN McCOY 1848-1919 SABRIA McCOY 1851-? DENNIS McCOY 1853-? FLORENCE McCOY 1856-? HEMAN E. McCOY 1859-? MELISSA McCOY 1861-? Information on THOMAS J. EDWARDS 1818-1883 and wife CHLOE ? 1824or32-1903 Children:JOHN EDWARDS 1846-? ELVIRA EDWARDS 1848-? SAMUEL MUNSON EDWARDS-1849-1892 LUCINDA "LUCY" EDWARDS 1849-? FLOYD EDWARDS 1852-1856 CHARLES EDWIN EDWARDS 1856-? SARAH J. EDWARDS 1857-1867 OWEN FRANCIS EDWARDS 1859-1939 FRANK EDWAREDS 1862-?

McCUE Tue Dec 10 08:53:08 1996
Looking for passenger list naming Henry McCue (naturalized in West Turin in 1844)with his wife Grace and Duaghter Mary (age circa 1) in 1839 for Port of New York from Port of Londonderry in Ireland (Ulster).Arrived in Boonville in 1839, settled in West Turin, Lewis County.

McCLEESE Nov 8 1997
I am researching Daniel McCLEESE(1750-1815). He and other members of his family came to NY and PA from Ireland. Daniel moved to KY in the late 1790's. I am conducting a single name search. Any information would be appreciated.

McCULLEN Sat Nov 30 16:13:57 1996
Robert McCullen married Eve DeCamp (b ABT 1789, d ABT 1832 in Troy or Schenectady, NY) on December 8, 1805 in Troy, NY. They are known to have had six daughters: Mary Ann McCullen (b October 21, 1806); Almira McCullen (b September 6, 1808); Elizabeth DeCamp McCullen (b October 6, 1810); Juliet McCullen (b September 25, 1812); Catherine McCullen (b January 5, 1815); and Sarah Coe McCullen (b February 2, 1816). I have no information about any marriages or other children in this family. If this connects with your family, I would like to know of any further descent. Please reply by e-mail to Wilson DeCamp

McDONALD Mon Apr 21 21:08:56 1997
John McDonald, arriving in NY from Scotland in 1770. Lived in the Albany area. Son, Joseph lived in the Schoharie Co. area before moving to Oswego Country, NY with his son John.

MCDOUGAL Sat Mar 1 09:11:48 1997
PETER MCDOUGAL(c1767-1830)and his wife CATHERINE THOMPSON, both lived in Albany/Bethlehem from at least 1781 to their deaths. They had three sons: Malcom, John and Peter. I believe that one of the grandchildren of Peter & Catherine was James Alexander McDougall who represented California in both the US House and Senate. James is listed as a famous son of the town of Bethlehem, and yet I have not found a genealogy on either or his probable grandparents.

MCGAHAN Mon Sep 22 11:58:01 1997
I am looking for information on Michael McGAHAN who married JOHANNA CAREY in Fort Edward,NY, Washington Co. in 1875.They were last recorded in Fort Edward in 1880 census under name of HAGAN.Where did they go?

McGUINNESS ThuOct 17 22:16:56 1996
Trying to get infromation on the McGuinness Family that lived on Embargo Street, Rome, New York 1840's to 1940's Embargo Street, Rome NY 1840's to 1940's, Looking for info on Patrick McGuinness, and Mary Kelly married in Albany NY 1840's

McINTOSH Thu Dec 12 21:26:55 1996 I am interested in father and son named John McIntosh who lived in Bethlehem, Albany County, New York from 1780 to 1800. The son was born in 1760. I do not have any details on the father before or after these dates. I am searching for possible links to the possible origin of the family in other parts of New york, or other close states.

McKEE Fri Jan 3 22:50:45 1997
I am trying to locate one of my families that I believe was living in Albany in 1870. The father's name was George McKee and the mother's name was Eunice (Doby) McKee. They had two daughters that I know of - Grace born Aug. 2, 1870, and Frances Katherine born Feb 26, 1863. Is there an index for Albany in 1870 or any other way of getting the federal census record?

McLAUGHLIN Mon Jan 13 17:57:52 1997
Looking for a Kings county marriage of: Patrick J. McLaughlin to Mary Ellen Tormey. they probably before 1911 since there first child was 10 in the 1920 census.

MCREDMOND Sat Apr 19 19:17:25 1997
Edward, Dennis, and Richard Joseph McRedmond came to Troy NY (Albany County) in 1870. I know Edward married Mary Poland in 1870. They had several children, John J. was their first son in 1872, he raised is family in Troy as well. I am looking for any record that would tell me more about the original three men; the mode of transportation to America, port of entry, port of departure, etc. (Their parents were John McRedmond and Anne Troy from Knockhill Kilcormack, Offaly County (Queen's county). Kilcormack was littered with McRedmonds in the early and mid eighteen hundreds and I'm having difficulty moving forward in my irish studies from there. I'm sorry if I've written too much, I'm not sure what is helpful.

MEDLAR Mon Feb 17 19:52:09 1997
I'm seeking any references to the MEDLAR surname prior to 1800. I'm specially interested in in the possibility that this family might have adopted this surname after having emigrated from the Netherlands in the late 1700's. I have heard several stories about some members of the family having had information about this, including the original Dutch surname. The oldest records we got mention a Zachariah Medlar, circa 1790. Other family stories makes the Medlar family owners of what is today Trinity Church, in lower Manhattan - during the times of the Dutch colony. Unfortunately nobody remembers now. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

MEYER Sat May 17 07:08:46 1997
MEYER, Dirck and Maritje POST, Their daughter Susanna, married Barant Bradt (1634-1716. Susanna died May, 1722, Albany County.

MICHEL / MICKEL Sun Feb 2 06:14:33 1997
Looking for any Michel (Mickel) branches that may have lived in Dutchess Co. Family lived in Columbia Co. from 1709 Father, Nicholas Michel Mother, Anna Barbara Schonin. they had 8 children in Columbia Co. My branch eventually moved to Otsego Co. Names; Johann Georg, Maria Elisabetha, Georg Andreas>his decendants moved to Rensaller Co. , Elisabetha Margaretha, Eva Catharina, Johannes>his decendents moved to Otsego Co., Maria Magdelena, Cathearina

MILK Tue Nov 5 18:17:03 1996
Seeking 2 marriage certificates for Michael Milk (born October 5, 1849)- 1st wife: (Elizabeth?) Lizzie Ellinger (est. marriage date - 1870) in NYC for 10 yrs. Also seeking her Death Cetificate (est. death - 1880 in NYC) 2nd wife: Minnie Wunner marriage date March 25, 1883 at 49th Street Catholic Church, NYC.

MILLER Dec 4, 1997
Charles MILLER died in an accident while working for the railroad (NY Central?). This occured on Set 16, 1890 on West Albany St., Watervliet. His death certificate states that his head was crushed by a train. He was a resident of Watervliet, his mothers name was Margaret born in Ireland, father Charles also born in Ireland. Wife Mary Jenkins (Shimkins). Children: Thomas, Michael, Joseph, Mary, Charles, John and Nellie. Charles was 62 years old at his death b. 1828 in Ireland.

MILLIMAN Sat Mar 8 09:28:56 1997
I am searching for information on William MILLIMAN, b.c 1811-1812 in or around (I think) Hoosick Falls or New Hoosick. He had a brother , Asa MILLIMAN b.c 1812-1813. They moved to Branch Co. Michigan, c. 1835. I am search for birth, marriage information on these two MILLIMAN's as well as information on their parents, birthplace, dates, etc. There are several people with whom I am corresponding that have more information on the descendents of William and Asa MILLIMAN. Thanx:>

MILLS Fri May 23 19:14:50 1997
According to a typewritten manuscript entitled"Reminiscences of Warren H. Mills", dated 8 July 1889,"Jonathan MILLS was born near Albany and at early manhood moved toSkinneadalus, Onondago Cy., NY". Looking for proof that Jonathan exisited, and possibly parents. Any help appreciated.

MILLS Thu Dec 12 04:40:50 1996 DAVID MILLS born around 1811 in New York State, don't know the county. Around 1834 he married Zezowiah(sp). She was 2 yrs older than he was. She could have been married before and had Amanda and Unis Nobles who were born around 1829 and 1831. I know that their kids together were born in Ohio the oldest born in 1834-35. Any info on Davids family,place of birth etc appreciated. Zezowiah was not born in NY, possibly born in Mass, can't read it! Thank you for any help.

MILLS Thu Jan 23 15:49:09 1997
MILLS FAMILY of Albany 1850 & 60: JOHN MILLS, b., Scotland abt. 1795; wife ELIZABETH, b. Sctld abt.. 1900; son, JOHN, b. Sctld abt 1824; dau ELIZABETH, b. Edinburgh, Sctlnd 12 Aug 1824; dau GRACE, b. N.Y. abt. 1812

MILLS Mon Oct 6 09:44:11 1997
MILLS-Albany-Long Island I have a copy of family history that lists the following is taken. I am interested in proving or disproving any relationship to my MILLS ancestry. Any help will be appreciated. "Traditionally the family seemed to inherit the speculative genius of their forefathers who early in the seventeenth century came from the Highlands of Scotland to America in quest of fortune. There were three brothers, the two eldest of which landed at New York. One of these settled on Long Island which the numerous family of that name bears witness. The other migrated to Albany from which arose our stock, the progenitor of many celebrated financiers not least among which is D. O. Mills, the California millionaire." by Warren H. Mills, 1889 Any Info appreciated Thanks Mary in Phoenix Please Send long files and attachments to:

MONROE Mon May 26 12:41:40 1997
Seeking information on Uriah P. B. Monroe, born ca. 1810 in NY.

MOON Fri Apr 4 06:08:25 1997
Who werre the parents of my 3rd great-grandmother, Hannah MOON (born 20 Aug 1799, Albany or Dutchess Co., NY - 17 May 1874, place unknown in NY)? Hannah is somehow connected to John MOON, whose estate in Warren Co., NY, her husband, Joseph B. LEAVENS, was executor of. Family records show that Hannah's parents were John Moon and Elizabeth Brown, however, she was much younger than his other children and John Moon's probate does not indicate she was his daughter. It is more likely that she was a granddaughter, perhaps the daughter of his son, William. \

MOORE Nov 12 1997
I am trying to locate ancestors, specifically mother and father of my grandfather William A.. MOORE b. 1860. He married Georgia M. Dial 13 Feb 1889 in Pottawattamie Co. IA. He died in the same county and is buried in the Hazel Dell Township cemetery, 12 Sep 1889. At the time of his death, he had a son from a previous marrage living in Omaha, NE. The 1880 Federal census of Montgomery Co. IA town of Red Oak lists a William MOORE 20 years of agem single having been born in NY, Parents also born in NY. Listed next to him is an Edward McGraw also from NY. It is believed that both of these men migrated west from Albany NY. Any help would be appreciated.

MORLEY Mon Oct 28 02:50:35 1996
Am trying to locate any information about MORLEY's in any county. Particularly a Mr. Morley, born in the late 1800's (maybe in Ireland), who was a chemist. He was divorced sometime in the 1930's or 40's. He had 3 children: a daughter born 1917, a son born around 1919, and another daughter born around 1922 whose name I believe was Catherine. Any help greatly appreciated.

MOSHER Sun Jan 12 08:41:53 1997
MOSHER / MORRISON / IRISH. Seeking any information on Abraham MOSHER, b. 1783 Albany Co., NY. He married about 1801 in NY to Betsy MORRISON who was b. 1783 unknown where. Abraham d. 1846 in Carlisle, Schoharie Co. He was the son of David MOSHER, b. bet 1755 and 1765 probably Dutchess Co. David married abt 1769, where in NY? He d. after 1810 where in NY? Davids wife was Annie IRISH. Nothing is known about her. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

MULFORD Fri May 16 19:00:56 1997
I am looking for additional information on the Dr. Ezra Ames Mulford Family. Dr. Mulford married a Zilpah Packard (parents unknown) in 1826. several of their children were born in Montgomery Co. starting in 1827. Dr. MULFORD would have been a early physician in the Co. In about 1842, they moved to Walworth Co., WI where Dr. MULFORD practiced medicne and farmed. In 1850 he was one of the signers of the Wisconsin State Consitution. I am trying to locate the parents of Zilpah Packard and make a connection to the name of their first named son: Delos White MULFORD.

MULFORD Sun Mar 30 15:46:27 1997
Seeking information about Jesse MULFORD prob. b. April 27, 1824 in New York. He was found in the 1850 census in Minisink, Orange County, New York with his wife, Anna (Annie) Brown Mulford and 3 children. He had a brother named B. Franklin. Several of his children were born in New York before they moved to Portland, Michigan. He died before 1900. Annie is buried in Portland, Michigan but Jesse seems to have disappeared. Who were his parents and other siblings? Where was he born? He was a wagon-maker as listed on the census. His children were Mary J. Mulford born 1847, m. David Trail; Frances Evaline Mulford, b. 1848, m. William H. Estep; Franklin B. Mulford, b. 6-16-1850, m. Clara Elizabeth Fowler; David H. Mulford b. 3-28-1853 in Alleghaney Co., NY, m. Celia Hammontree; Susan Alice Mulford b. 2-1-1854 in New York, m. James M. Aldrich; Ida Mulford, b. 11-15-1857, in Portland, MI, m. James Stedman; Ann Elizabeth Mulford b. 1860 in Portland, MI, m. Thomas W. Thompson; Charles Edson Mulford, b. 10-30-1863 in Portland, MI, m. Nettie Meyers, Clara Fowler Mulford. Anna's parents were William Brown and Elizabeth ?

MURPHY Fri Apr 18 08:30:06 1997
Looking for info on a Thomas MURPHY b. Ireland around 1830 - 1835 and arrived in Albany, NY about 1855. He married an Ann LYNG ?. They had 6 children that i found in the 1875 census. John, James, William, Kate, Annie, and Thomas. I can't determine if they were married before they arrived or after. At St. Agnes Cemetery in Mennands, NY the monument shows Thomas died on 3/29/1878 and buried there with his wife. There is no index card on him at the cemetery showing that he was never buried there. I have talked to the man in charge there and he agreed that he was never buried there according to cemetery records. I have looked thru all the old newspapers on microfilm for an obituary with no success and looked thru the Old St. John's Cemetery records for his name with no success. St. John's cemetery was ordered closed around 1878 - 1879 and was finally closed around 1902-1903 with a contractor being hired to remove the remains that were left. Kind of stuck at this point and any help would be appreciated.

MURRAY Tue Jun 3 20:36:18 1997
Trying to determine parents of Andrew MURRAY (b. 1758) of New Scotland, Albany Co. He d. there 1 Sep 1824. His wife was Janet ALLEN (dtr. of William ALLEN). They had two sons, John (b.1791) and William (b.Jan 1794). William md. Nellie BLESSING. They lived in Guilderland before moving to Syracuse abt. 1825.

MURRAY Wed Dec 11 21:24:36 1996
Murray/Keane family history information requested.

MURRY Wed Dec 11 21:30:16 1996 Researching family history. Grandmother Jean Murray b 3-1-14 immigrated to NY from Chelsea, England 1948. Grandfather Peter Thomas Keane b 12-28-15 (NY). Also info on Jean Grant b3-9-33, m ? Schmit 1947 (NY), had 2 daughters; Debora & Theresa Marie.

MUSSULMAN Mon Dec 2 10:21:01 1996
I am searching for a birth record for John Albert Mussulman, born in Cayuga Co, NY (I don't know what city or township), in 1824. His parents are Tobias Mussulman and Susanna Snyder, who I am also interested in finding information on. It appears Susanna died in NY (maybe Tioga Co) before 1843 because Tobias married an Arminda Johnson-Godfrey (daughter of Samual & Anna Johnson) and their first child was born in 1843. John's sibling's are Stephen, Margaret, Susan, and Jacob. Any help would

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