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LAMOREUX, James 1795-1863 and his wife Mary lived in the city of Albany most of their lives, he was a judge and a lawyer. They had two children Wendell and Almira. I would like to find out the names of the parents and siblings of James.

LAMPING, Anthony lived in 1790. I am looking for Anthony Lamping and also other Lamping family members. They lived in Pennsylviania and moved to New York in the Albany County area: town of Messena. Anyone know more? There is also a website about the LAMPING's

LANAHAN Thu Jun 12 18:27:43 1997
Looking for information on father and grandfather (both deceased), William Lanahan and James William Lanahan, of the albany, NY area.

LaROCK Mon Dec 2 11:52:21 1996
Looking for family information on Anna Gumlaw who married Henry LaRock in the Plattsburg, NY Area in the 1890's probably around 1896. They had several children including Russell Henry LaRock born in 1930 or 1931. I am the The Great Grand daughter I believe the family of Gumlaw to date back to colonial times, and native american Heritage. Also I am seeking information on the family of Bessie and Essie Lovely, Bessie married Forrest Hermann in the early to late 1890's she was born and raised in the CHazy NY area, Her sister Essie was her identical twin, believe that some of Essies children still live in the Chazy, Plattsburg area, Bessie and her husband Forrest had 2 children Marie and Robert, Marie Hermann married Russell LaRock in 1950 they had 4 children Linda May, Ricky, (Angela and Rebecca Both died of cystic fibrosis as children and are buried in the Riverside Cemetery.) I am the great grandaughter of Bessie Lovely, Forrest Herman, Anne Gumlaw and Henry LaRock.

LASHER Fri Oct 11 08:11:10 1996
Need lots of help with our LASHER line. The earliest ancester I have is John LASHER. He is listed in the Albany City Directory for years 1869-1873 as working in Columbia and living in Greenbush. He is listed as a shoemaker. 1878 and 1879 he is listed at 65 Broadway, Greenbush. 1880 he is listed at 31 Broadway Greenbush. 1881-1883 he is listed at 16 Columbia, Greenbush. In 1884 he is not listed and in 1885 he is listed at 38 S. Lansing. He is listed on his daughters death certificate as being born in Nassau, New York. Her mother is listed on the death certificate as Sarah Loree (could be Loren or Lorer) but I beleive it is Loree. I need help on that line also. Their daughter Marcia Lasher b. 16 May 1845, d. 5 Sep 1919. m. William H. MACINTOSH. (I will make him the subject of another query). Jennie MACINTOSH, their daughter, b. 8 Jan 1862, d. 1942 m. John B. DUBOIS, b. 1 Dec 1834, d. 11 Jul 1917. Marcia Louise Dubois, their daughter, b. 8 Dec 1890, Stamford, CT d. 22 Apr 1969, m. 4 Jun 1910 Ira JONES b. 9-19-98 Sound Beach, CT. Marcia Louise DUBOIS was my husband's maternal grandmother.

LATHROP Tue Feb 11 11:48:10 1997
1. Sally H. Lathrop b 11 JUL 1809 Columbia County New York 2. Daniel Phillip Gressley b 10 APR 1837 New York State 3. E. Wilcox b ~1800 New York State 4. Charles P. Higby b 2 APR 1837 New York State

LAWRENCE Mon May 12 16:34:54 1997
Am looking for information on the ancestry of Alpheus LAWRENCE, born about 1802 in Albany County, NY. Moved to Rock Island County, IL and then on to Black Hawk County Iowa. He died at the age of 71 while delivering groceries to the Indians in Fox County, Oklahoma. Any information on any LAWRENCE family in Albany county would be greatly appreciated.

LAWSON Tue Aug 5 18:39:08 1997
LAWSON, Cornelius b. 1793, married Caroline Lawrence b.1798,Quakers in that county, No records found in Quaker records available. s. Harvey B. b. 6/4/1820 m(1) Betsy Rundel m(2) Maria E. Stewart. Have records after they left New York state and through Peter Loosing in Dutchess County. Looking for father.

LAWSON Wed Sep 10 12:46:32 1997
LAWSON, Cornelius b.1793, believe to be in Albany Co., later Duchess Co., m. Caroline LAWRENCE b.8/6/1795, Westerlo, Albany Co.N.Y., Quakers, rec. 17 Jan. 1825 into group, da. of Oliver LAWRENCE and Patty Ann WAIT. Parents of Cornelius unknown. Possibly John LAWSON and Elizabeth WAITE.

LEAVENS Fri Apr 4 05:09:54 1997
Researching Joseph LEAVENS (12 Jan 1757, Killingly, Windham Co., CT - 9 May 1840, Chestertown, Warren Co., NY), a Revolutionary Soldier, son of Samuel LEAVENS and Elisabeth JOHNSON. He is believed to have been married 27 Feb 1797 in Albany, NY to Apphia Delia BOWEN (14 July 1773, Haverhill, Grafton, NH - 5 May 1832, Chestertown, Warren Co., NY) They had 9 children: Joseph Bowen, who married Hannah MOON; Apphia Delia, who died at 5 yrs of age; Elizabeth Johnson, who died at 7 yrs of age; Samuel Smith, who died at 1 year of age; Maria Bowen, wife of Luther NELSON; Malissa, who never married; John James, who died at 22 years of age; Valeria Ann, who never married; and Leander.

LEAVENS Fri Apr 4 06:04:45 1997
Want to know more about my 3rd great-grandparents, Joseph Bowen LEAVENS (born 7 July 1798, Albany or Saratoga Co., NY- died circa 1887-1889, unknown location in New York) and Hannah MOON (born 20 Aug 1799, Albany or Dutchess Co., NY - 17 May 1874, place unknown in NY) Joseph was a son of Joseph LEAVENS (Rev. War soldier of Chestertown, Warren Co., NY) and Apphia Delia BOWEN. Unsure of Hannah's parents, but know she was somehow related to John MOON of Queensbury and Chestertown, Warren Co., NY. Joseph B. and Hannah LEAVENS lived in Saratoga, Warren, Monroe and Orleans Co., NY, and had 8 children: John Moon, of Imlay City, MI, husband of Celinda PAYNE; Apphia Delia, wife of a Mr. PATTERSON; Julia Ann Maria of Orleans Co., NY, wife of Sanford BENTLY; Samuel Bowen, of Orleans Co., NY and Barry Co., MI, who was married to Mary CRANDALL and Parria Sadie Ann KEELER; Hannah Elizabeth, wife of Daniel DICKINSON of Charlotte, MI; Joseph Bowen, Jr., who married Hattie; Sarah Agnes, wife of Charles H. STOCKING, of Charlotte, MI; and Mary Etta, a midwife, who was married to men by the last name of SHELDON, PITTMAN, and FENTON.

LEISCHER Sat Feb 1 14:29:24 1997
Any information on SUSANNA LEISCHER (LISSER, LITCHER,LASHER, LYCHER, LEYCHER) who married PIETER VAN OLINDA July 27, 1736 Who were her parents? Were they German Palatine? I am willing to share what information I have.

LEHMAN/LAYMAN Fri May 2 12:55:36 1997
LEHMAN / LAYMAN I am looking for the parents of Peter Lehamn, born about 1760, possibly Albany County. He married Catherine Moak in 1803. She was the daughter of Jacob Moak, Jr. and Margaretha McGee both of Albany County. Peter and Catherine's children were 1.Elizabeth married Jacob Groft 2. Catherine married George Hiller 3. Peter. Jr. married Catherine Otman 4. Azariah married Frances Staley 5. Elvira married George Shaver (schaeffer)

LEONARD Mon Mar 31 15:13:31 1997
LEONARD, William-looking for death/burial after 1854 to early 1860's. Wife's name was Ellen MURPHY of County Cork, Ireland. Son William LEONARD was born in Albany in 1854, married Annie Jane PRENDERGAST from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

LEONARD Sun Apr 13 16:31:54 1997
Looking for information on last name LEONARD, my grandfather was Frank Leonard from North Albany. His father was John Leonard, a teamster in Albany;. Also need info on a "BLACKIE CORBETT" who owned a bar in North Albany in the 1920's or 30's

LELLMAN Thu Dec 5 15:03:45 1996
IGI and sporadic clues place Lellmanns in New York as early as 1850s. Seek any documentation supporting presence of individuals surname LELLMAN or LELLMANN.

LENNOX/LENOX Mon Aug 4 08:05:23 1997
Looking for information re Lionel/Lionell Udall/Udell LENNOX/LENOX of Albany, NY. Born abt 1832; married 29 March 1864 at Albany, NY to Josephine Leontine REMOND of Albany; one child, Lionel Remond LENNOX/LENOX born 8 March 1865. Also looking for information re John LENNOX (born abt 1801) and wife Anne UDELL/UDALL (born abt 1805) of Albany, possible parents of Lionel Udall LENNOX. Also looking for information re Narcisse REMOND and wife Mary J. MABEN of Albany, parents of Josephine Leontine REMOND.

LEWIS Fri Oct 3 17:39:08 1997
Looking for ancestors of Abram (Abraham) LEWIS (1815-4/12/1894) who lived in Knox, Albany Co. with his wife Lavina (WARD) LEWIS (7/26/1814-1/21/1886) d/o John and Nancy (MILLER) WARD. Death certificate says his father was Barney LEWIS but no further info is known about him.

LIGHTHALL / LYTHALL Sat Apr 5 14:29:00 1997
LIGHTHALL - Nicholas Francis (Claus Frans) LIGHTHALL - b.1781, son of Abraham and Annatje (VAN BER BOGART) LIGHTHALL, married Sara _____. Among their children was William Abram LIGHTHALL, b.1805 in Albany, NY. Who were the parents of Sara?

LILLER Fri Sep 19 17:16:02 1997
Death record for Albert LILLER? Marriage record for Adrian or Albert Liller?

LINDING Fri Nov 1 11:55:11 1996
LINDING, G. was 54 when she arrived in NY on the 24th of April, 1857 aboard the Fosca Helena out of Amsterdam, Holland. The record indicated she was joining her husband who resided in NY. She was travelling with Jacob D. Kerklingh, his wife, daughter, and mother-in-law. Any information would be appreciated.

LITTLE Wed Dec 4 19:44:43 1996
I am searching for information on a JANE LITTLE who came from Ireland in 1822, settled in ALBANY, NY , maarried a JOHN WALKER in 1826 and settled in Coshocton Cty., Ohio in 1827. I am trying to find out where in Ireland she came from and also other relatives who may or may not have travelled with her. She is the daughter of a DAVID LITTLE born 1777 in Ireland, died 1856 in Muskingum Cty., Ohio. ANY info on this family would be ever so appreciated. Thanks so much, Kathy

LITTLE Sun Apr 6 15:24:19 1997
I have 600 names for the families of Little and Delameter, my parents who lived in DeLancey, NY. I am seeking information about others who are searching the families. I have data back to late 1700's. I am interested in filling some gaps and am willing to share. The key names are descendents of David Cornelius Delameter and Robert Little.

LIVINGSTON Sun Jul 6 10:07:32 1997
I am searching for information pertaining to John Pliny Livingston born in 1860. I assume that he was born in New York State, although Southern Vermont is part of this question. Also he may well have been married more than once. Any assistance in this query will be appreciated.

LENT Nov 23 1997 Herculus LENT b. 1765-1770 son of Richard LENT (who was in Greenbush, Albany Co., NY in 1790) Hercules m. in April 1789 in Albany Co. NY Elizabeth PROPER b.1768 daughter of Jacobs PROPER and Eva Catherine ALTHEISER/ALTAUSER. Hercules and family moved to highgate, Franklin Co. VT. by 1795 and then to Salt Creek Twp. Wayne Co. OH in area which became Holmes Co. in 1824. Hercules may have spent a few years in Herkimer Co., NY before going to Ohio. Hercules sold his land in Holmes Co. 1835 and left for parts unknown?? Children of Hercules and Elizabeth were Richard, David, Peter, Elizabeth, John, Charity(m. Lorenzo WARNER), and perhaps Chester as well as several other names unknown. Would appreciate hearing from anyone with possible connections.

LLOYD Wed Feb 5 18:27:41 1997
Looking for any info on Naomi Lloyd, my grandfather's aunt. She is believed to have moved to Albany/Saratoga region from Wales prior to 1912. Also, told that she was a nurse at a hospital whose name began with a 'B'. Her brother, Ernest also came to this area, probably after her. His wife, Ellen and children - Ernest II, Ellen(Nellie), Arthur and Harold, followed him in 1912. Any info on Lloyds in Albany in early 1900s would be greatly appreciated.

LOEFFLER Tue Dec 24 17:09:42 1996
I am looking for two brothers who came from the Baden area of Germany. Surname: Loeffler. One brother was named Wilhelm, the other later called himself "Timothy" but I believe that that is not his baptismal name. They arrived in Albany before 1853 and probably after 1845. If anyone could check the Albany City Directories for these years, I would be greatly appreciative. "Timothy" married Catharine Nesch in Albany in 1853, but it might have been out in the county since I have had no luck finding it in the city of Albany. Thank you so much!

LONG Wed Nov 13 12:17:20 1996
I am looking for information about Leola E. Long. She would be in her middle 60's and was last known to live near Elmira, NY. She may have married an M. Dorsey (His name was Michael, but spelled oddly, maybe Mikhail???

LOUNSBERY Sun Nov 3 19:26:24 1996
Lounsbery Lounsberry Lounsbury Searching for Louis Lounsbery. (father of Louis E. Lounsbery 1813-1894). I know he lived in Onondaga.

LOYST Wed Dec 18 16:29:54 1996
Searching for Johan Andreas Loyst born about 1766 Johnstown (Albany Co) NY. Parents were ?Johann CHEBAN and Annoka Magdalena LYDECKER from Germany. Johan Andreas married Elizabeth Bartley born about 1763 in New York Province, daughter of Isaiah BARTLEY and Margaret FOX. This couple came to Ontario after the American Revolution as part of United Empire Loyalists and settled in Ontario about 1790. Trying to confirm parents of Johan and Elizabeth and where they lived in US.

LOWE Tue Jun 3 08:08:11 1997

LUDWIG Sat Mar 29 15:32:02 1997
LUDWIG: I am researching maternal line of family tree. My greatgrandfather was: Ludwig, Frederick born in Germany in December 1862. He was married to Mary ?? born in New York. My grandmother was Ida Ludwig born in February 1894 in Onondaga County. She married Frank Willebrands of California in California. Anyone who has possible connections or information please email me. Thank you in advance for your time and trouble.

LUFFMAN Fri Mar 7 17:26:48 1997
I am looking for information on John LUFFMAN who applied for Revolutionary War pension in 1818. His wife's name is unknown but she was widowed and had 3 children Jacob(13),Christina(9),and Sally(7) whose last name was either KEELER or REELER. John and his wife also had 2 children at the time named Thomas(4) and Eve Ann(1) LUFFMAN.

LUTHER Sun Feb 23 13:38:14 1997
JOHN LUTHER (son of John Luther and Elizabeth Roller) was born 22 June 1786 in Albany, New York, USA. He married ALIDA ZEILMAN 12 November 1815 in First Methodist Church, Albany, New York, USA by Rev. T. Drummond. Removed to Jefferson, Schoharie County where his father owned land deeded to him by Jeremiah Van Rensselaer. Children of John Luther and Alida Zeilman are: i. DOROTHY LUTHER, b. 1818, Schoharie County, New York State. ii. ELIZABETH LUTHER, b. 1819, Jefferson, New York, USA. iii. JOHN H. LUTHER, b. 1823, Jefferson, New York, USA. iv. GEORGE LUTHER, b. 1827. v. BARBARY LUTHER, b. 1829, Jefferson, New York, USA. vi. ANTHONY LUTHER, b. 1831. Related family names are KIRKER and RIVENBURGH.

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