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KALMES/CARBEAN Sun Aug 31 12:01:01 1997
I'm looking for Peter KALMES and his wife Kalharina CARBEAN. Peter was said to have been about 1828 an Kalharina in about 1827, she was said to have died in 1893.Their children were:Andrew,Christian,Keengunda. They lived in Albany,Albany, New York. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

KEENAN Wed May 7 16:09:14 1997
I am researching KEENAN and HENNESSEY from Watervliet(originally West Troy) NY. JOHN KEENAN b.abt1840 in West Troy(Watervliet NY) m. ANNIE LYNCH abt1870,probably in NY. Family verbal history has it that he was the captain of a whaling ship,and that an island is named for him off the East Coast. I think someone in this lineage was a whaling captain, but I don't think it is him. I believe they both died in NY, probably West Troy(Watervliet NY). JOHN KEENAN and ANNIE LYNCH had three children, I think. I am sure of two of them: CHARLES FRANCIS KEENAN(1872/1948) b.West Troy(Watervliet NY) m. GENEVIEVE LEWIS(1875/1910) in 1896. They lived in Chicago. They are my grandparents. JOHN KEENAN(abt1874/unkown), I am not sure of this child. CATHERINE (AUNT KATE) KEENAN (abt1875/abt1937) m. JAMES HENNESSEY abt 1895. I know they lived in Watervliet NY. I believe he died there. I believe she was born and died there.

KELSO Tue Aug 19 08:00:04 1997
Searching for information and family connections on my ancestor, John KELSO and his wife Almira. They arrived in Albany Co., N.Y. sometime around 1830 from Otsego Co., N.Y. Known children: Horace and Elizabeth. Elizabeth was born 15 April 1807 and was married to William WRIGHT. Any information welcome. I am willing to share what information I have.

KENNEDY Nov 24 1997
Looking for information on Orrison Henry KENNEDY, b. March 23 1871 in Albany NY. He is my Gr. Grandfather. It says on his marriage Certificate that his father is O.H. KENNEDY.

KEVALLEY Nov 22 1997
Cookley LEVALLEY is found in the census records in Albany County in 1800. Is it the same Cook LEVALLEY who is found in Schoharie County in 1810 and 1820? I would be interested in hearing from anyone who is researching this family.

KILCOYNE Tue Dec 31 14:44:57 1996
John Joesph Kilcoyne b 1883-84 Brooklyn NY d 1966 Lookng for relatives.

KING Nov 24 1997I am seeking information on the ancestors of James and Mary (KELLY) KING. Both were born in Ireland about 1799 and came to Albany before 1840 with their daughter Mary. James and Mary KING had a son named Thomas A. KING who was b. October 9, 1840 in Albany NY and who married Catherine J MEEGAN about 1861. Catherine J. MEEGAN Was b. July 12, 1840 in Albany NY and was the daughter of Patrick and Rose (LAGUE) MEEGAN. Patrick and Rose MEEGAN were also born in Ireland.

KIRKLAND Sat Jan 4 22:36:19 1997
William Kirkland letters of admin filed 4-8-1803 adm. Alexander Kirkland & William Kirkland his sons. He was a mason. I am seeking more information regarding either this William or his family. Albany, Albany Co., NY

KIRTLAND Sun Dec 1 11:24:37 1996
"Henry Thomas Kirtland"- Was born on the boat, 4 days out of England, about 1828-1838. Mother died giving birth. Name of father and 3 siblings are unknown. Port unknown but on east coast. Placed in orphanage until 12 and then headed west to Wisconsin & Minnesota. "Timothy Hand Morris"- Born New York 1821. Not sure whether birth-place is state or city. Moved to Wisconsin. Died in 1862 at Civil War battle at Shiloh. Parents & other siblings are unknown.

KNEUPPEL Nov 30, 1997
Donald KNEUPPEL b. April 26, 1926(Birth Name) Albany, d. Nov 20, 1990, was placed with Children's aid Society for adoption on June 5, 1926. Was placed with a family in Kansas(Orphan's Train) Was legally adopted by Wade family when he was 13(1939). His children are seeking information about birth parents.

KNICKERBOCKERS Tue Nov 5 20:08:32 1996
Looking for info on Knickerbockers that lived in WAWARSING 1850 and around that time.Large family of 15 children. Some of them stayed in the area of Denning and Sullivan CO I have a affidavet signed by Calvin Knickerbocker from Livingston Manor. Father John born circ1810.

KNIFFEN Wed Jul 16 08:06:36 1997
John Brundage KNIFFEN:Born 1792 Albany Co. Married Sophia______. Died 1847 possibly at Middleburgh,NY Schoharie Co. Father of Shubel, Anna, Elizabeth, Hannah, Jane, Marget, John KNIFFEN, and Gilbert.Buried in Middleburgh Cemetery. Seek info on parents and siblings in particular. Please note, KNIFFEN is sometimes spelled 'NIFFEN".My sincere thanks to all who respond. H. Vedder

KOHN Mon Apr 21 23:58:50 1997
Anton KOHN and Johanna SCHMIDT were married in Albany on April 21, 1851. I am looking for the name of the church (catholic) in hopes of obtaining marriage certificate which might give more information about their place of origin. I know that johanna came from Luxembourg and Anton from the Trier, Germany area.

KOUNTZ(COONS) Sun Nov 3 00:18:19 1996
Seeking information on Ellisue Kountz (Coons). Family stories state he immigrated from the valley of the Rhine to the valley of the Hudson in 1688. Ellishue had at least on son Conradt. Conradt had 5 sons John , Jacob , Henry , Gasper and George all born 1759-65. Conradt and sons farmed in upstate NY ( mentioned Fonda area ) before the American revelution of 1775 , they served in Kings Royal regiment during revelution and settled in Upper Canada (now Ontario) as United Empire Loyalists after the revelution. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.

KRASKO Mon Dec 30 20:55:27 1996
looking for DeSTEFANO, KRASKO, CRANSTON, AND PENELLA. Yonkers area. Joseph DeStefano, married ? Penella. John Joseph Krasko married Mary Elizabeth Cranston. Son Richard DeStefano and wife Barbara Krasko moved to Norfolk VA. Thanks.

KRAUSLER Sun Apr 6 23:25:31 1997
Interested in hearing from ancestors of KRAUSLER / CRYSLER/ KREABLER, and other spellings my ancestor was JOHANN HIERONYMUS KRAUSLER: 3/6/1713 SCHOHARIE N.Y. WIFE MARIA MARGARETHA BOUCK . Father JOHANN PHILLIP KRAUSLER , mother ANNA CATHERINE BRAUN. would like some history and to fill in some missing dates.

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