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JACOBS Thu Feb 6 15:35:25 1997
1925-27 John Mitchell Jacobs married Eleanor Reinecke in Albany NewYork. I am looking for information about the Jacobs and Reineckes. Jacobs may be French Canadian with Indian background.

JANSEN Sun Nov 10 16:12:33 1996
I am a decendent of Jan Jansen from Holland. Any info would be appreciated.

JAY Sun Jan 26 23:46:58 1997
I am tracing the Jay Family; trying to get beyond Wiiliam Stewart Jay, Born May 24, 1824 in Elmira, NY, died 1913 in Minnesota. Below is home page with more info., we have been told his father might have been Andrew Jay. If you have any info please contact me.

JENKINS Thu Jan 23 09:13:30 1997
I am searching for Inez M. Jenkins, who would be in her mid-ninetys if she is still alive. Last know area of existence was New York City or one of the bourroghs. She had a daughter born on July 25, 1927, this daughter rode the Orphan Train. I am also looking for George Phillips (Philips) and Edith Moyer both would have lived in the area of Williamsport Pa. Edith would have given birth to a daughter in that area on Sept. 21, 1945. There was mention of a connection to the Florence Crillenton Home for Unwed Mothers. I can't seem to locate her in Pa. so I will try NY.

JOHNSON Fri Mar 7 13:49:00 1997
JOHNSON- I would like to find out more about the John R. JOHNSON family. He married Lucy MERWIN in Oneida,NY on 3 Apr 1831 and their first two children Timothy born 1831 and Mary born 5 Jul 1834 were born in Sheridan, Chataugua County, NY. James was his fathers name and I would like to learn the name of his mother and 4 brothers and sisters.

JOHNSON Wed Oct 30 06:30:03 1996
JOHNSON - Justice B. Johnson was born on 29 Feb 1802 in Schoharie Co. He married Malinda (Matilda?) but not sure if 1st or 2nd. He married Priscillia Smith, but prob. after he left Schoharie Co. He died 12 Jan 1883 in Marathon, Cortland Co., and is buried there. Dates of Justice come from his cemetery monument. I have no further information.

JOHNSON Sun Jan 19 19:26:31 1997
I am looking for the parents of William R. JOHNSON who was born August 18, 1848 in New York per the 1880 Texas census. He was married April 30, 1878 to Janie B. GRIFFIN in Gregg County, Texas. He died October 29, 1891 in Smith County, Texas. On the 1880 census William was living with Dan CRATSENBERG who was also from New York. If anyone has any clues to his parents or where in New York he was from, I would greatly appreciate the information.

JOHNSON Dec 8, 1997
Searching for William H. JOHNSON who lived in Albany. He married a Margaret around 1853. William joined th 7th NY Heavy Artillery and was stationed at Ft. Reno. William died 9/2/1864 at Decamp Hospital, NY Harbor. William and Mary had at least five childred- William, Alfretta, Charles, and Elizabeth. Any help would be appreciated.

JOHNSON Dec 16, 1997
Looking for information on the parents of Henry I. Johnson b. April 17, 1804 in Knox, Albany Co. NY and d. Dec 25, 1884. He married Eliza Ferguson in Watervilet, NY who was b. Nov 24, 1813 and died Dec. 15, 1902. They had 10 Childred-Isaac, Gilbert, Peter, Sarah, John, Marym Charles, Caroline, Abbot, and Edgar. Henry's parents were Peter JOHNSON and Hannah BALL. Peter's father came from Holland and settled on Long Island. Peter was in the Revolutionary War and moved to Knox, Albany Co. NY early in life. I would like to know more about Peter Johnson and Hannah Ball and who their parents were.

JOHNSTON Tue Jan 14 07:38:08 1997
Where are the records for HECTOR, NY? It has changed counties serveral times. Also am looking for the birth records for Thomas Johnston. What nationality was he?

JOHNSTONE Sat Apr 19 20:34:21 1997
Seeking parents of Mary JOHNSTONE b. ca. 1760 m. 23 Oct 1814 Levi BLAISDELL, d. ?. Father ? JOHNSTONE, mother Mary FARR. Children: Westley b. 12 Oct 1815, Coeymans, Albany, NY; Fletcher b. 20 June 1817, Coeymans; and Ariantje Verplank Gardinier b. Coeymans.

JOSLIN Fri Jan 31 17:29:37 1997
I am looking for any information on "mary ann rine joslin" who resided in Berne, NY in the 1860-1880-s.

JOYNT Wed Feb 26 07:41:22 1997
Looking for any information on Jane M., Mary and Michael JOYNT listed in Albany Co. 2 W. Albany in 1860.

JUDSON Thu Feb 20 10:51:11 1997
Writing a JUDSON history; wish to exchange data with anyone researching the JUDSON surname.

JUMP Tue Dec 17 20:05:41 1996
I am looking for information on Joseph Jump who lived in Westchester Co. prior to Revolution, during which he died at Danbury, CT, 1776. Also, his son Reuben Jump(married to Azubeth Rice) and Reuben's son Morris Jump born who I believe to have been born on June 3, 1790 and died June 22, 1851 in Greenville, NY. He was married to Mary Calder from Edinburg, Scotland. They are buried in Greene Co.

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