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HALE Fri Apr 4 19:01:26 1997
Searching for Hale, last info 1920 census Hale,Mary and son Donald. Looking for father Carl Hale, last possible info:1900 census; Oswego Co. Polaski,NY. b:1882. Mary moved from Mexico,NY. Her last name was Bengard. She was buried there as Mary Hale in her X husbands plot. This one has been and will continue to be quite a challange!

HALL Sat Oct 19 19:49:28 1996
Looking for Thomas Hall of Albany, c.1780's. Had seven daughthers, with youngest being Sarah Ann Hall, b.1770

HALL Wed Dec 4 15:12:23 1996
Looking for any descendants of Thomas Hall born c.1720, and one of his seven dau.s, Sarah Ann Hall, b.1770. Lived in Albany Co. until 1800.

HALLENBECK Thu Apr 24 08:53:57 1997
Columbia Co. info needed. Looking for info on Teunis HALLENBECK and his wife Susan OSRREY. Need parents of both. Teunis born Greenport Ny around 1817. Susan born 1816. Also John AKINS born Hudson NY Columbia Co around 1791 and his wife Maria(Polly) SHEWMAN born abt 1794. Also Russel KELSEY born 1818 and his wife Jane M. (or MaryJane) Akins born 1824. Would like parents names on all of the above.

George Vincent HALLENBECK b. July 14, 1908, d. November 29, 1979, married Mary Carboneli-November 9, 1940. Born in Albany Co. lived most of life in Fulton Co., first Johnstown then Gloversville. Parents were Francis Augustus HALLENBECK and Delia Veronica Bridget RIELLY. Children-Mary Ann HALLENBECK and Rose Margaret HALLENBECK both born in Fulton Co. Gloversville, NY. I am looking for information on my fathers parents Francis Augustus HALLENBECK and Delia Veronica Bridget RIELLY. I think Francis was born in Albany, NY, he died in 1882. Delia was born in Ireland, but how do I find out how and when she came to America? Where were they married?

HARTELL Sun Dec 29 20:56:36 1996
Would like to find more information about ancestors Jacques Hartell(Tautsh) and Ots-toch; Cornelius Antoissen Van Slyke of Mohawk Valley, NY.Have extensive Coppernoll geneology from Van Slyke to present.Thanks!

HARRIS Thu Oct 9 05:50:55 1997
Need parents name and date of marriage. If possible, DOB oif both. Ifknown, place of origin, and original surname if changed. Place of birth of Harris I have is Gibsonville, NY, could be Gibbsonville, NY. DOB of Harris is Dec. 30, 1832. I think fathers name is Peter, but not sure.

HARRISON Oct 27 1997
Edward Leay HARRISON b. 1870 Albany NY. His mother was Sarah McDONALD and his father was George HARRISON. He had a sister Lucille that was about 2 years older than he was. Any help would be appreciated.

HAUCK Sat Sep 27 20:55:59 1997
HAUCK, Jacob of Albany, NY Married Catherine BUSCH and had adaughter ( one of 13 children ) Hannah HAUCK born July 16, 1826She married George Frederick BOITEAU in Syracuse on Dec. 31, 1850. She died in Bay City, MI Feb. 1, 1912.I am interested in any more info about Hannah, her siblings, andparents.

HAUCK Sun Oct 5 21:43:56 1997
HAUCK, Hannah Born in Albany July 16, 1826. Married George FrederickBOITEAU in Syracuse Dec. 31, 1850. Died in Bay City, MI Feb. 1, 1912. She had 3 children born in Syracuse. Henry August BOITEAU 1851, George Conrad BOITEAU 1857, Lester Judson BOITEAU,1859. Any info will be appreciated but am especially interested in anything about Hannah. She was one of 13 children by Jacob HAUCK and Catherine BUSCH.

HAZARD Sun Mar 16 12:20:31 1997
I am looking for any information concerning the father/mother/siblings of Caleb Hazard. Caleb was my GGG Grandfather. I have much information about the Hazard family going back to 1060's in Europe; but, I am missing the link between Caleb's Dad and the rest. :-( Caleb was born in R.I. on the second day of October in the year 1789 and was raised in Cambridge, Washington Cty, NY. His father is one David G. Hazard which is listed in the 1810 census as having 6 sons and 5 daughters. I am running into a blank wall on any information about this David G. Hazard from that point back. I would appreciate any help. Thanks. AWH

HEADY Mon Jan 27 08:24:08 1997
I have info on the following families in Plymouth, East Pharsalia, Pitcher and Headys Corners from the 1800's: Heady, Bosworth, Edwards. Anyone seeking info may contact me.

HECTOR Tue Dec 17 10:20:37 1996
My grand father was born in Hector, NY in 1834. What county was Hector in then? And what county are the record in NOW?

HERB Sat Jan 11 19:42:12 1997
Looking for information regarding JOSEPH ADAM HERB beleived to be born in Buffulo in 1900. Lived with a family named SHEAR in Binghamton after 1917. Mr SHEAR operated a well drilling business. Mr. SHEARS' wife was Catherine possibly the sister of JOSEPH HERB. JOSEPH HERB was married to DAISY SEEGER between 1926 and 1930. It is believed that DAISYS' brother operated a local funeral home. I would appreciate any info in regards to this query no matter hoe remote.Joseph Herb was my father and I have been looking for a long time.

HERRINGTON Sat Oct 26 14:30:00 1996
HERRINGTON William and family. I am looking for anyone who may be a relative of or have information on a William Herrington living in Montgomery and Herkimer Counties between 1796 and 1840. I believe these people may be my ancestors. William senior, came to Canada in the 1840's. Any clues would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Debbie

HENDEE Fri Dec 6 08:21:38 1996
Seeking information on and parents of: CHARLES W. HENDEE, b. circa 1830, resided in COHOES, who married ELIZABETH LANSING (b.1833,d. of JACOB LANSING (JACOB,ISAAC,JACOB, GERRIT) and ANN.

HEWITT Wed Jan 22 16:13:48 1997
seeking all references to Hewitt, Wilbor, Lesure/Leseur/Lysure families from 1800 to 1850. All references will be of great help. Thank you.

HINDS Wed Jan 29 07:50:03 1997
I am looking for any reference to a Don (Donald) Hinds in NY state from the early 1800s on. He was married to Bertha Sunday (or Sundroff) of Arkwright, NY (in Chautauqua County) in the early 1900s. Also has anyone ever heard of a Schuyler Lake, NY? (This is one possible location given for Don Hinds' place of birth.) Any information (no matter how vague) would be greatly appreciated.

HOENIG Sat Jan 25 15:36:30 1997
My German ggrandparents(Sebastian & Anna Eva Haag Hoenig) lived in Albany,NY after emigrating from Germany in the 1870-1880 period. They belonged to the Badener Volks Verein in Albany until their deaths in the early 1900s. Does anyone have any information on this German-American association or where its archives might be stored? I would greatly appreciate any information on this association as it was an important part of their lives. Bob

HOENIG Wed Dec 1116:21:11 1996 BADENER VOLKS VEREIN. My German ggrandparents(Sebastian & Anna Eva Haag Hoenig) lived in Albany,NY after emigrating from Germany in the 1870-1880 period. They belonged to the Badener Volks Verein in Albany until their deaths in the early 1900s. Does anyone have any information on this German-American association or where its archives might be stored? I would greatly appreciate any information on this association as it was an important part of their lives.

HOGABOOM Sat May 3 12:02:29 1997
I am looking for info on some of my ancestors that came from the Claverack area. Catherine Hogaboom (Hogeboom)was born in 1765 in NY and died in Claverack Oct 1805, her mother was Hillitje Muller and father was Stephen Hogeboom I think Hillitje Muller's father was a Cornelis Muller born in Claverack in 1721.

HOGAN Sat Dec 28 15:08:43 1996
Isaac HOGAN was born in Albany County, NY in abt 1810. He is most likely a descendent of the early HOGAN of Albany County. I am searching for the ancestry of this Isaac HOGAN. His father may have been Peter HOGAN.

HOLBROOK Mon Dec 2 14:02:05 1996
William Holbrook Moved from Watervliet, Albany County to Canandaigua, Ontario County in about 1920s or 30s.

HOLBROOK Thu Dec 5 20:15:52 1996
I am interested in finding any genealogy of: William Holbrook born: 04/03/1868 died: 06/23/1944 (Lived in upstate NY in the vicinity of Binghamton)

HOLLAND Sun Aug 31 09:57:54 1997
Luisa SILTZ-B.-May,1892,HOLLAND-d-16,Jan,1908.Albany,Albany, New YORK Husband-Julius Otto KNUTH

HOLZMACHER Nov 30, 1997
Seeking information on Theodore HOLZMACHER born 1837 in Luxembourg and died 21 Aug 1893 in AlbanyNY. He was a taylor. He was son of Peter and Catherine. His sister was Mary (Hansen) born 1846 and a possible sister was Sophia. If you have any information please contact me.

HOMOCKER Thu Feb 27 20:06:43 1997
I'm looking for information about the family of Samuel Hogle and Paulina Hornocker. I know she died about 1901 in Schenectady

HONIG Mon Dec 16 15:48:12 1996
Searching on information on William Mary HONIG for a friend in Romagnat, France. He is thought to be the son of Milton Honig and Mauel ROBINET HONIG. I have no idea of the county he was from. He was also thought to have been born in the early 1900's

HOOGEBOOM Sun Jul 20 18:39:08 1997
I am trying to find a HOOGEBOOM family living Hoog'd Corner near Crown Point in the 1740-64 time period.

HOOGHKERK Fri Jan 17 19:32:45 1997
Working on the following surnames: HOOGHKERK, RYCKMAN, VAN SANTEN, FONDA. My goal right now is to determine if Gerrit HOOGHKERK b.Aug 8, 1778 and wife Sarah RYCKMAN b. Dec 15, 1784 had a son Gerritt R. HOOGHKERK b. 1806. Do know that Gerrit b. Aug 8, 1778 has parents Isaac HOOGHKERK and Rachel VAN SANTEN Isaac's parents are Lucas (VAN) HOOGHKERK and Rebecca FONDA. I have dates on many of these people and I am excited to link up with anyone working on these names

HOOP Oct 29 1997
Adam HOOP- in 1828 Adam HOOP of Watervliet, Albany NY put 1000 acres of land in Highland County Ohio in trust for a school in Hillsbrough, Ohio. Need information on Adam HOOP or any other HOOP family members.

HOPKINS Thu Jun 5 22:05:08 1997
I am looking for information on an ancestor JOHN HOPKINS, who, with his father, step-mother, and 2 brothers, ERCEBALD HOPKINS and WILLIAM HOPKINS immigrated from Ulster, Ireland in around 1750. The family settled in Albany, then moved on to Baltimore, MD. Any help in locating them, their ship of arrival or port of departure in Ireland would be greatly appreciated. The same JOHN HOPKINS later distinguished himself in the Rev. War fighting out of Virginia.

HORNING Tue Mar 11 09:29:25 1997
Seeking HORNING. I have extensive information on Ezra Nicholas HORNING and his descendants. Am seeking proof of Ezra's birth, (October 5, 1840, unsure if year is accurate) and any information on his parents. Parents are Adam HORNING, born in NEW YORK and Mary A. WALDRON, born in NEW YORK. Ezra was born in Albany. Would appreciate any information you have or suggestions to further my quest for HORNING info.

HORTON Thu Jan 30 10:11:09 1997
I am researching my Horton ancestry which I have traced back to Thomas Horton, born 1781 in Orange County, N.Y. I am looking to buy a book entitled "Hortons in America," published in 1929 by Sherman Printing & Binding Co., Seattle Wash. The authors are Herson D. & Adaline Horton White, and it appears to have 7 generations back from around 1929 into England. Can anyone help? Thank you.

HOULIHAN Tue Jun 17 11:28:50 1997
I am looking for either William Wager or Mary Houlihan during the time frame of the late 1800's. William Wager lived in Cohoes, NY and was married to Mary Houlihan. Their children were: Norine WAGER, Mary WAGER, Estelle WAGER and James WAGER. I am especially interested in any information on William Wager's parents, etc.

HOWATT Mon Dec 23 14:43:43 1996
My 3rd great grandfather, Gerald Howatt and his wfie Elizabeth, lived on a farm in Newburgh with his in laws, John & Idonea Eversden, during the 1860 census. Starngely, Elizabeth's name showed on the index, not Gerald. Maybe that was because her parents owned the farm. My 2nd great grandfather, George Howatt, was born there in 1861 but I've been unable to get a birth certfificate yet. I have been unable to locate them in the 1870 census making me think the Eversden's died or sold the farm. So, I requisitoned a half dozen reels of micriofilmed cemetery and land sale records from the Family History Center for Orange County for the 1850-1880 period, but have found nothing.

HOY Thu Oct 9 19:19:31 1997
Looking for information on Jane Eugenia HOY b 1 Oct 1814 or 11 Oct 1814 in Albany, NY.She died on 18 Jan 1904 in Gilboa. She married Hiram Abitt LEMILY on 18 Aug 1833 in Albany NY. They had five childern, Winslow P LEMILY b 1839, Platt LEMILY b 1841, George W LEMILY b 1844, John B LEMILY b 1847, Sarah E LEMILY b 1851. Her parents where Richard HOY b 1784 in Kings Co. Ireland, Sarah FANNING b 15 Oct 1785 in Preston Co. Ct.

HUBBLE Wed Jul 23 08:01:47 1997
I am looking for info on a Matthew Hubble who was raised in Albany County mid 1700s. I am trying to find out who his parents were and somehow connect him to my relatives. If you can post this for me I would appreciate it. Maybe someone else is working on the HUBBLE surname.

HUGHS Fri May 30 08:27:43 1997
Looking for any info on the HUGHS family. My family includes Harvey HUGHS (born c. 1795-1815). Harvey married a daughter of Michael and Mary Dox. Harvey and his ancestors were from Schoharie Co which was originally Albany County. He is related in some way (possibly son) to Jonathan Hughs. There are HUGHS listed in an index to the Albany County, NY census in 1800. Any info on the HUGHS family appreciated.

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