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BABCOCK Thu Dec 12 17:34:36 1996
Looking for parents/siblings of Jonathan G. Babcock, b. 25 Apr 1812 Oneida, NY d. 25 May 1883 Parish, NY m. Lucinda/Mary Eliz. Bowen, b. 5 Mar 1812 OH, d. 20 Nov 1858. Jonathan's father served in the Revolution and War of 1812. Can provide lots of info about descendants!

BAKER 1-97 Seeking descendants of Byron Baker b. 1850 in England.

BAKEMAN Mon Jan 20 11:57:22 1997
Looking for information on Samuel BAKEMAN b. abt. 1775. He was thought to have been born in Boston, MA and had a son known as Samuel BATEMAN, Jr. who may have resided in Albany, NY from 1820-1840. They were people of color. And since his name was sometimes spelled Bakman or Beekman, he could have been mixed with Dutch. There was also a George and Richard BAKEMAN in the family.

BAKER / BLAIR Nov 12 1997
Believe he was in the Albany area during the revolution. I have a copy of his discharge from the First NY regiment. Could have changed name from Backer, Becker, Bacon to Baker. John Baker presumably was born around 1758 in NY. Would like to find names of his parents and wife's family.

BALDWIN / DELMATTE / SCHORING Tue Sep 16 20:29:49 1997
Seeking information on the parents and children of Andrew BALDWIN b. 1835 in Bavaria, Germany. Emigrated to America in 1846 m. Mary Anna DELMATTE and lived in Albany, NY from before 1870 to his death in 1907. Andrew's death certificate indicates that his parents' names were Joseph and Mary. He died 15 Jan 1907 in the city of Albany. He and his family lived on Lark St. Andrew's children were: Emma (1865-1866), Lila May (1867-1871), Leonard (1869-1932), Anna (b. 1872) married Arthur B. BAKER, Clara (1878-1930) married John SCHOERING, Jr., and Caesar Theodore (1886-1966) married Katherine SCHORING. I am having difficulty locating Andrew's father Joseph in any Albany censuses, nor can I find Andrew in the 1850 or 1860 U.S. census of Albany Co. as yet.

BALDWIN Mon Dec 2 11:17:23 1996
Looking for Seth Baldwin who died in the Civil War.

BARITEAU Sat Jan 18 17:51:35 1997
Seeking information about any BARITEAUs 1660-now. I am compiling one-name study on this family. Other major spelling is Barito, sometimes goes by alternate name of Lamarche.

BARTON Tue Dec 24 18:52:48 1996
I am researching the following surnames in Dutchess Co., NY: BARTON / MOSHER / MOSHIER / HIGGS / CROSHIER / WOOD. My father Frank C. BARTON was b. in Hopewell Jct in 1885. His father, Francis Edward BARTON was b. in Middlebush abt 1864. He m. Margaret CROSHIER in 1884. He was killed on ND & C RR in 1886 when my father was 9 mos old. His father was Cornelius BARTON b. abt 1825. He was 25 in the 1850 census of Fishkill. He married Julia Ann MOSHIER whose parents were John MOSHIER and Ann Maria HIGGS. John's father was proported to be a Daniel MOSHIER, possibly a son of Wright MOSHIER. Ann Maria HIGGS' parents were Benjamin HIGGS and Julia WOOD. Margaret CROSHIER was the dau of John CROSHIER and Phebe R. MOSHER. Phebe was the dau of Samuel MOSHER and Emma HIGGS.

BEAM / BEEM Mon Jan 6 19:44:30 1997
Jurrian (Jury) Beam (BEEM) m. Elizabeth Harter, Kingston, NY 1719. Children: Adam b. 1722, Willem (William) b. 1724, Hendric Beam b. 1726, Adam Beam b. 1727, Jury Beam b. 1728, Albert Beam b. 1733, Zacharias Beam, b. 1735, Elisabeth Beam b. 1737. All born in Kingston, Ulster Co., NY. Have info on Jurrian and Wife - need info on children and their families. Also need info on Jurrians Parents Johann Beam and Maria Appolloni??, who immigrated to NY from Germany in early 1700s.

BEEBE Wed Oct 30 06:55:24 1996
Seeking ancestry/descendant information for Charles William Beebe (1877-1962), developer of the Bathyshpere. Charles was born in Brooklyn, NY and was educated at Columbia University. My mother, Evelyn Beebe Lovelace, is related in some fashion to Charles (so the family story goes). My mother is the great granddaughter of William A. Beebe (1833-1904), granddaughter of John David Beebe (1866-1933), daughter of Raymond Beebe (1901-1972). William and John born in Illinois (Henderson, it is believed). William and John passed away in Kingfisher Co., OK. Raymond passed away in Kansas.

BEERS Fri Feb 14 07:47:32 1997
Seeking maiden name of mother of Clara BEERS b. 1895 d. July 29,1896. John ALBERT & Anna BEERS lived in Cassville, NY, moved to Utica until 1907.

BENHAMThu Nov 14 16:43:37 1996
Looking for Joseph Benham b. bef 1630 in England d. 1703 in Wallingford, CT m. 15 Jan 1656/57 in Boston, MA to Winifred King, birthplace and birthdate unknown. She died aft 1697 in Wallingford, CT. She was accused of witchcraft in New Haven County. The case was dismissed. She was again charged in 1693 and again in 1697. After that time they were said to have left New Haven for New York. I have no idea what county or if they did go to New York. This information came from a book called The Devil in the Shape of a Woman by Carol F. Karlsen (professor of history at the Univ. of Michigan). Anybody know anything relating to them? Reference for this information is from Chapter 1, Calef "More Wonders of the Invisible World", p. 385 & "Conn. Assistants Records", p. 262-65. Suffold Court Files.

BENNETTNov 12 1997
Seeking information on the parentage of Luther BENNETT, b. 1785, and Luthena Vorce (or Vorhees) b. 1790, married 1814. I am trying to find their parents. Luther and Luthena had 4-5 children before 1820, possibly in Albany or Oneida County.

BERGIN Mon Sep 15 14:30:54 1997
Seeking information on Charles BERGIN and his son Keyran BERGIN. In the 1840 census they are in the twp. of Florida, Montgomery Co., NY. In 1842 I find Keyran's Petition for Naturalization in Albany Co. It states that he and Charles both live in Florida, Montgomery Co., NY. In the 1850 census Keyran BERGIN has married Elizabeth NEWMAN and they are living in Florida, NY with their 4 children. This couple was from Ireland and would have married in the local Catholic Church.

BERRY Sat Oct 26 22:06:04 1996
Seeking information on my father's people in Steuben county. James Berry came from New England, had a son Dexter Berry , who had at least 4 daughters including Emma Mary Berry who married Adam Miller. The Berrys were found first on the 1850 census.The Johnstons - Isaiah and Cornelia (Bruce) Johnston came to Steuben county in 1860s. Had a son, William Augustus Johnston. The Welllmans, John Russell and Anne (Histed) Johnston were in the county in 1860s, both died there in early 1900s. They came from Otsego county.

BIGINSKI Thu Oct 1716:19:54 1996
Seeking information about the BIGINSKI family.

BITTNER Sun Sep 2807:49:28 1997
Seeking birth parents. I was born 6/29/60 in Memorial Hospital, Albany, NY.

BIVENS Nov 11 1997
Seeking information about the family of William BIVENS and his son John Jacob BIVENS b. 5(or7) April 1839 Knox (or Berne), Albany Co., NY. Moved with his father to Schoharie Co., NY when still a boy d. 1 Mar 1917 Schoharie Co. NY m. 1860-1862 to Mercy (Mercia) Ann Smith b. 1842 Schoharie Co., NY d. 31 Dec 1919 Schoharie Co., NY. Will share information.

BLAKEMAN Nov 5 1997
Looking for Joel BLAKEMAN b. about 1835 in NY. I think he was from Albany Co. because of a poem written about a BLAKEMAN family reunion in which Albany is listed as "home."

BLAUVELT Sun Dec 15 14:30:05 1996
BLAUVELT, Mary Linda b. abt. 1878 NY m. Frederick Charles YOUNG b. abt. 1873 NY. Farm near Interlaken, NY. Had 3 children: Fredrika, b. abt. 1907 NY, Maynard Delaney b. abt. 1910 NY, Stanley LaVerne or Verne b. abt. 1915 NY.

BLIGHTON Tue Feb 11 17:38:50 1997
Seeking any information on the Thomas Blighton/Bliton/Blyton and his family that lived in various counties in New York from 1810 to late 1800s. His children were William Blighton, Christopher Blighton, Elijah Blighton, Thomas N. Blighton, John Blighton, Russell Blighton, Polly Blighton, Betsy Marie Blighton, and Hiram C. Blighton. Thomas's wife was Cornetje Sharpe (Nellie).

BLOOM Tue Jan 21 19:40:47 1997
Seeking information about my maternal grandmother, Mabel Bloom b. New York City area in 1899. Would like to know her parents' names, and religious background. Her father immigrated from Alsace Lorraine.

BODETTE Thu Jan 30 22:41:43 1997
Seeking info on parents, siblings or any relation to Edward T. BODETTE. Father's name said to be Nelson Bodette. Said to have been born in Trois Rivieres, Canada, however I now find there is a Three Rivers in New York not far from where he is said to have lived in Churchville, New York.

BOGARDUS Sat Nov 16 21:52:27 1996
Seeking any information on Everardus BOGARDUS and Anneke JANS.

BOITEAU Sun Oct 5 21:24:13 1997
Seeking any information about this family. Jacques BOITEAU brought his family to the US from Douay, France in 1835. Emma went to CA in the 1850s and was lost track of. George Frederick became a shoemaker and married Hannah in Syracuse, NY Dec. 31, 1850. Hannah was one of 13 children of Jacob? Hauck and Catherine Busch. Catherine was a descendant of Anneke Janse.
Descendants of Jacques Boiteau
1 Jacques Boiteau
......... 2 Emma Boiteau
......... 2 George Frederick Boiteau 1826 - 1899
............. +Hannah Hauck 1826 - 1912
.................... 3 Henry August Boiteau 1851-1913
........................ +Lurana Beecher 1854 - 1921
.................... 3 George Conrad Boiteau 1857-?
.................... 3 Lester Judson Boiteau 1859-?

BOLSTER Mon Dec 30 07:46:32 1996
Seeking any information about BOLSTER, Harris T. (Harrison T., Harras G., Harris T., or Thomas) b. 1814 NY (as cited in 1870 U.S. Census, Washtenaw Co., Manchester, MI) and HERTZ, Mary C. b. 1820 in NY (as cited in 1870 U.S. Census, Washtenaw Co., Manchester, MI) and on MI death certificate of Orlando Pascal Bolster, dated 1949. They are possibly my great-great grandparents.

BOLSTER Fri Apr 4 10:22:39 1997
Seeking any records on Lot BOLSTER, Lot BOLSTER, Jr., John BOLSTER, Abner BOLSTER and Amos BOLSTER. Lot, John, Amos were listed as farmers in Nunda Twp., Livingston Co. in the 1820 U.S. Census. In the 1810 U.S. Census, Lot BOLSTER, Jr., Lot BOLSTER and Abner BOLSTER were listed in German Twp., Chenango Co. In the 1800 U.S. Census, Lot BOLSTER was listed in Petersburgh Twp., Rensselaer Co. In THE 1790 U.S. Census , Lot (LOtt) BOLSTER and John BOLSTER were listed as being in Stephentown Twp., Albany Co. Prior to that Lot BOLSTER was listed in a 1774 census living in Coventry, Kent Co., RI. Lot BOLSTER b. 1751-1752 Glocester, Providence, RI.

BOOTH Thu Mar 20 07:38:33 1997
Seeking information about the family of Alfred Booth, 1821-1895 m. Ann Parker 1825-1895, who lived in Albany. We need names of children and their vital facts. Also need info regarding Ann's mother, who went by the name of "Granny" Gibson, and the Andrew C. Roe b.1804 Germany d.1880 family. He m. Madeline L.____, 1806-1899. The William White family also lived in the Albany area. I need all the details I can get on them. He married Martha Capron. I have been told all these people lived in the town of Albany, Albany Co., or very close by. Many of them are buried in Albany Rural Cemetery.

BOUCK Sun Apr 6 23:03:52 1997
Interested in Bouck histories and missing dates. My ancestor was John Adam Bouck, from Christian Bauch.

BOVIE Tue Jan 7 18:42:11 1997
Seeking information about Matthias Bovie and Catherine Barrois. Father was possibly Jerome Bovie. According to Munsell"s original spelling of name was "BEAUFIlS". Family was first in Bergen Co., NJ, then later moved up to Albany and Schenectady area. Also many in Hoosic, NY.

BOVIE Sun Mar 16 04:53:26 1997
Seeking nformation on the family of Matthys BOVIE and Cathrine BARRIOS (original spelling for Matthys last name is BEAUFILS). A large family of 10 Children. They are as follows: Matthys, Jr. circa 1688, Catarina circa 1690, Nicholas circa 1692, Anthony circa 1696, Maria circa 1699, Anna circa 1702, Catrina circa 1705, Antoine circa 1707, Philip circa 1710 and Francuis circa 1713. Matthys and Catherine m. abt. 1687-88.

BOWEN Fri Apr 4 05:12:37 1997
Who were the parents of Apphia Delia BOWEN b. 14 July 1773 Haverhill, Grafton, NH d. 5 May 1832 Chestertown, Warren Co., NY), who was married 27 Feb 1797 in Albany, NY to Joseph LEAVENS b. 12 Jan 1757 Killingly, CT d. 9 May 1840 Chestertown, Warren Co., NY), a Revolutionary War soldier. They had 9 children: Joseph Bowen, who married Hannah MOON; Apphia Delia, who died at 5 yrs of age; Elizabeth Johnson, who died at 7 yrs of age; Samuel Smith, who died at 1 year of age; Maria Bowen, wife of Luther NELSON; Malissa, who never married; John James, who died at 22 years of age; Valeria Ann, who never married; and Leander.

BOWERS Wed Jan 8 14:34:06 1997
Looking for the names of Lymon Bowers' parents and/or ancestors. He was born in New York in 1802. I do not know which county.

BRANDQUIST Thu Aug 28 14:12:58 1997
Seeking information on Frank and Matilda BRANDQUIST, who lived in Jamestown. Their children are: Oscar BRANDQUIST, Walter BRANDQUIST, Fred BRANDQUIST, Carl BRANDQUIST, Katie BRANDQUIST LARSON, Annie BRANDQUIST BERQUIST, Ebba BRANDQUIST CARLSON and Florence BRANDQUIST.

BRADY Sat Jun 21 17:52:25 1997
Seeking information on Patrick Brady, single and living with the Digman family in 1850 in Summit. Married to Mary L. and living in Summit in 1860. He married a Mary Lavina Orr. Children born in Schoharie are Mary E. Brady b. 1859, Margaret J. Brady b. 1860. In 1880 they were in MI without Mary and Margaret.

BRANDT Wed Aug 20 08:01:16 1997
I would like to exchange information with anyone on the family and descendants of Albert Andreisen BRADT (1607-1686). He was born in Fredrikstad, Norway and died in Albany, NY. He was married to Annetje Barents van ROTTMER, Pieterje JANS and Geertruy Pieterse VOSBURGH. I am descended from Albert & Annetje's daughter, Eva, who married Anthony de HOOGES in 1647.

BRATE Fri Oct 10 17:50:08 1997
Seeking information about Cordelia BRATE b. 1856 in Berne, NY. Mothers maiden name Mary Angeline Smith. Fathers initials might be M.J. Brate. Cordelia married Christian Schreiber on March 25, 1873. Cordelia lived on Garden Street.

BRAYMAN Tue Sep 16 11:08:17 1997
BRAYMAN, John W. b. 17 Apr 1792 d. 21 Jan 1879 bur. Cobleskill, NY. Married Elizabeth Wetzel b. ? d. 24 Dec 1865 bur. Cobleskill, NY. BRAYMAN, William b. 23 Feb 1766/67 Dutchess Co., NY d. 17 Aug 1856. Resided Cutchess Co., moved to Schoharie in 1794. Married Rebecca Delamater b. 1767 Columbia Co., NY d. Feb 1837.

BRONK Tue Feb 18 09:34:22 1997
Researching ancestors of William Rea Bronk and Ira Sherman Bronk of Greene Co., NY. Both men born mid-19th century probably in or near Coxsackie or New Baltimore, Greene Co.

BROOKS Fri Aug 22 06:49:31 1997
Seeking info on Maria DEVOE d. 1778 Albany, NY m. George BROOKS 1803 Helderburg, Albany Co., NY.

BROWN Tue Aug 19 16:43:35 1997
BROWN, Henry and wife Lydia SMITH, had dau. Abigail b. 17 Jul 1819, near Syracuse, NY. The family moved to Richland Co. OH, and were in Williams Co.. OH by 1840. Abigail had a sister Lydia and brothers George, James, and Justin plus others. Lydia (SMITH) BROWN m. 2nd Justus ROCKWELL, 1 Feb 1846.

BROWN Nov 22 1997
Searching for the family of William BROWN of Albany Co. He m. Elizabeth BROUGHER/BROOKER abt. 1790. He was a member of the New York General Assembly. His wife and children went to Canada just prior to the War of 1812. When the family was in Canada, they heard that their husband/father was ill. The eldest son, James BROWN, left on horseback and traveled straight through to make it to Albany to get his father. He didn't make it before his father passed away. The family then left Canada and went to Ohio, probably Madison Co. The children all born in Albany Co., NY were: Jonathan BROWN b. ca 1793; James BROWN b. 21 Jun 1795 at German Flats, Albany NY m. Mary Ann BURNSIDE 13 Nov 1823 d. 13 Mar 1875 Madison Co., OH; Oliver BROWN b. ca 1797; Cornelius (Orrie) BROWN b.1799; Amy BROWN b. ca 1802; Dyer BROWN b. 7 Nov 1804 m. Jane MCMULLEN 7 Feb 1828 Champaign Co., OH d. 13 Mar 1889 Burneyville, San Joaquin, CA; Sarah BROWN; Elizabeth BROWN.

BRUNELL Wed Jan 22 11:41:06 1997
Seeking information about Francis H. BRUNELLE, possibly born in Plattsburg or Plottsburg, NY abt. 1830s.

BUCK Thu Jan 2 20:00:08 1997
The town of Albany, IL was settled in 1837 when a group from Albany, NY moved there. Was it common for a large population of a town to move together? Families were those of Mary BUCK, Duty BUCK, Ivy BUCK, Joseph OSTRANDER, D.N. OSTRANDER, Susan ISNE.

BUCKHOUT Wed Oct 9 21:21:14 1996
Seeking info on my grandparents' marriage. He was Emory Edward (or Robert) Buckhout b. 1888 Red Bank, NJ. She was Gertrude Sullivan b. 10 Feb 1898 somewhere in Ireland. She came here as an orphan about 1913. I believe they were married between 1913 and 1917. I think they were married in Queens, Manhattan, or Brooklyn.

BULL Tue Apr 1 12:28:04 1997
Looking for marriage date of Jeremiah Bull b. 1765 (possibly lived in Rensselaeville, NY) and Hannah Seeley.

BURCH / CHASE Tue Dec 24 10:39:17 1996
Researching Asa Burch and Hannah Chase, both born around 1750. Believed that they lived in Dutchess Co. prior to moving to Stephentown, Rennselaer Co. Asa may have been son of John Burch who lived in Dutchess Co.

SWAN Sat Sep 20 09:31:04 1997
Seeking information on SWAN families which relocated from Stonington, CT to old Albany Co. areas before 1800, including Saratoga Co. Need Stephen SWAN (son of Joshua b. 1736 who appears in 1790 Ballstown census) b.16 Aug 1772 CT m. Phebe FRINK 1800, and his son William who married Helen MORRISON 1818. Cousin Nathaniel owned sawmill mentioned in History of Albany County.

BURK / BURKE Sun Sep 21 05:09:24 1997
Seeking information about the family of Aaron BURK/E b. 14 Aug 1782 or 4 Jun 1782 Watervliet, NY d. 18 Feb 1826 m. abt. 1808 Margaret "Peggy" NANSEL. Their daughters: Hannah b. 1813/15; Sarah b. 1817; Elizabeth b. 1821; Hulda b. 1825. I found this info on the GenDex. I am trying to connect Aaron BURK/E b. abt. 1809 m. Harriet Leming. They resided in Monmouth Co., NJ by 1843. Does anyone have anything this BURK / BURKE family. I find it strange that no sons or births were listed prior to 1813. Would anyone know if my Aaron is the son of the Aaron and Peggy?

BURNS Sun Oct 27 17:18:06 1996
Seeking information regarding Frank Burns / Mary Hazel residing in the Deer Park / Greenlawn area, Long Island, NY early 1900s. Had daughter Ruth Elizabeth Burns or Hazel born 20 Jun 1909.

BURNS Tue Dec 10 08:47:02 1996
Seeking passenger list naming Andrew Burns (naturalized in Utica in 1840) with his wife Jane and son James (age abt. 7) and other Burns circa 1835 traveling to Port of New York from unknown location in Ireland, probably Ulster.

BURNS Thu Oct 2 16:30:37 1997
Seeking information on John b. 1807 Ire and Elizabeth Burns who lived in Albany, NY. They were orginally of Co. Roscommon, Ireland. Children: John Francis b. 1856 Albany; Thomas H. b. 1849 Albany; Bridget; Anne; Mary. John and Elizabeth Burns later moved to RI with sons John and Thomas. John married Mary Anne Mc Elhone; Thomas married Margaret Smith; Bridget married Mr. Hammond; Anne married Mr. Carroll; Mary married Mr. McGettrick.

BUTEAR Sat Apr 12 07:14:03 1997
Seeking marriage date of Pierre Buteau, aka Pierre Bulteau, Peter Bluto or Peter Bolton to either an Anliza Hicks or Anna Ecker in the Troy, NY area sometime in the 1840s. I am also searching birth record of their son Charles Edward Bluto (Buteau?Bulteau?or Bolton?) b. 8 Apr 1850 Troy, NY. The family was from St. Antoine, Quebec.

BUTTERFIELD Thu Feb 27 11:11:20 1997
Seeking information about John Butterfield (middle initial F or G) b. 18 Nov 1801 Berne, NY. Don't know his parents or wife's names. Family legend has it that we are somehow related to this man but we have not yet made the genealogical connection.

BYRON Sun Jan 5 08:36:04 1997
Seeking info on Byron family in Albany Co. in 19th century, especially John Byron, my great grandfather.

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