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Genealogies of the First Settlers
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Ancient County of Albany,
from 1630 to 1800,
by Prof. Jonathan Pearson.

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Links to the genealogies are at the bottom of this page; just click on the letter of the surname you're looking for. I do, however, recommend that you read the "Preface" and "Key to Names" for valuable information about the structure of Dutch names.

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In the Early Dutch Records of Albany and Vicinity


The student who searches the early Dutch records meets with many difficulties, none of which are more vexatious than their personal names. The majority of the First Settlers ordinarily used no surnames, some evidently had none. In these cases individuals were often distinguished by personal peculiarities, trades, &c., which, though sufficient for the time, gave little or no aid to one tracing the pedigree of a family. It is only after great familiarity with the early writings and a careful noting of the use of surnames as they are sometimes subscribed to wills, conveyances, and other important papers that any connection can be established between a first settler and his later descendants.

But while many individuals had no surnames whatever apparently, a few families had two or more. Marcelis Janse Van Bommel was a farmer of the burger and tapster's excise of liquors in Beverwyck many years. Some of his children took Marcelis as their surnames, others Van Iveren; without a knowledge of this fact it would be quite impossible for his descendants to trace back their pedigree to him. A similar case occurred in the Albany branch of the Bratts. In the passage over from Holland one child was born at sea in a storm and he was named Storm Van Derzee, which epithet he and his descendants have since used as a surname.

It was not uncommon for the same individual to have two or more surnames and to use them indifferently. Jan Barentse Wemp [Wemple] was sometimes called Poest; he had a mill on the Poesten-kil which perhaps derived its name from him rather than from the Dutch word poesten. After his death in 1663 his widow Maritie Myndertse married Sweer Teunise. He had two surnames, Van Velsen and Van Westbroeck. Jan Fort of Niskayune had the following aliases: Jan La Fort, Jan Vandervort and Jan Libbertee.

The change in the spelling and pronunciation of names is likewise a source of considerable embarassment. Who would recognize the ancient Du Trieux (pronounced Du Troo) in the modern Truax, or Beaufils in Bovie, or Barrols in Barroway, or finally the familiar names of Jones in such laughable disguises as Tsans, Tjans, and Shawns.

The system of nomenclature in common use among the early Dutch settlers consisted in prefixing the child's to the father's Christian name, terminating in se or sen; in baptism but one name was usually given; the patronymic was used by custom in all cases, and in the absence of a surname was sometimes adopted as such. Thus the children of Rutger Jacobsen (Van Schoenderwoert or Van Woert) were respectively Margaret Rutgers, Engel Rutgers, and Harmen Rutgers, and Rutgers was subsequently assumed as the family name. The two sons of the First Settler Wynant Gerritse (Vander Poel) were Melgert Wynantse and Gerrit Wynantse. The First Settler, Harmen Tomase Hun (Van Amersfort) had a son named Tomas Harmense and a daughter Wyntie Harmense. The First Settlers Philip and David Schuyler, were more commonly called Philip and David Pieterse, being sons of Pieter Schuyler.

Occasionally two patronymics were used, as Samuel Arentse Samuelse Bratt; i.e., Samual Bratt son of Arent, who was the son of Samuel.

The use of surnames gradually increased among the Dutch from the time the Province was occupied by the English in 1664, and after the first quarter of the following century few names were written without the addition of a family name.

The following list is intended to serve as a key to such surnames as are occasionally or almost constantly omitted in the ancient Dutch Records of Albany and Schenectady. It is as nearly full as the compiler, after a somewhat careful reading of these documents, can make it. The names of persons without surnames, or if having them were not entered in those records, will not of course be found here; unfortunately these are somewhat numerous. Another embarrassment in the identification of persons arises from the fact, that some bear the same Christian name. When such cases occur in the following list, the dates annexed will sometimes aid in solving the difficulty. Thus the surname of Jacob Abrahamse, found in documents dating 1665-84, was Vosburg alias Kuyper; in those of date 1706, it was Van Deusen. But where there is little or no difference in the dates this help fails, and all is left to conjecture.

J. P.
Schenectady, Oct. 18, 1870.


Hendrick Abelse Riddershalve or Riddenhaas, 1680-4.

Abraham Abrahamse Schuyler, 1709.
Christina Abrahamse Schuyler, 1709.
David Abrahamse Schuyler, 1709.
Dirck Abrahamse Schuyler, 1709.
Engeltie Abrahamse Van Deusen, 1700.
Gerrit Abrahamse Lansing, 1728.
Jacob Abrahamse Kuyper )
Jacob Abrahamse Vosburgh ) Same? 1665-84.
Jacob Abrahamse Van Deusen, 1705.
Jacobus Abrahamse Schuyler, 1709.
Melchert Abrahamse Van Deusen, 1683-1705.
Willem Abrahamse Tietsoort, 1686.
Teuw(n?)is Abrahamse Van Deusen, 1700.

Aaltie Adamse Dingman, 1700.

Gysbert Adriaanse Van Bunick, 1638.
Jacob Adriaanse Van Utrecht, 1630.
Jacob Adriaanse Soogemakelyck, or Van Wogelum, 1638-55.
Jacob Adriaanse Raedemacker, 1653
Pieter Adriaanse Soogemakelyck, alias, Gemakelyck or Van Woggelum, 1681.

Brant Aertse Van Slichtenhorst.
Jacob Aertse Wagenaar, 1642.
Jan Aertse Van Bergen op Zoom, 1677.
Wouter Aertse Van Nieukerck, 1660.

Dirck Ahasueruse Roseboom, 1749.

Andries Albertse Bratt, alias De Sweedt, 1674-82.
Barent Albertse Bratt, 1670-1700.
Dirk Albertse Bratt, 1678-9.
Eve Albertse Bratt.
Engeltie Albertse Bratt.
Engeltie Albertse Slingerland, 1725.
Gisseltie Albertse Bratt.
Harmen Albertse Vedder, 1659.
Jacob Albertse Planck, 1634.
Jan Albertse Bratt, 1677-85.
Jan Albertse Planck, 1631.
Johannes Albertse Slingerland, 1725.
Lambert Albertse Van Neck, 1659-62.
Storm Albertse Bratt, alias Van der Zee, 1663-97.
Teunis Albertse Slingerland, 1725.
Thomas Albertse Slingerland, 1725.
Willem Albertse Van Munichendam, 1654.
Wouter Albertse Van den Uythoff or Wytenhoff, 1663-74.

Albert Andriesse Bratt or De Noorman, 1630-82.
Andries Andriesse Gardenier.
Andries Andriesse Huygh, 1705.
Anna Andriesse Huygh, 1705.
Annatie Andriesse Casparus, 1700.
Arent Andriesse Bratt, 1664.
Arent Andriesse Van Frederickstadt, 1636.
Ariaantie Andriesse Scherp, 1699.
Arien Andriesse Gardenier.
Burger Andriesse Huygh, 1705.
Cathalina Andriesse Huygh, 1705.
Catryna Andriesse De Vos, 1664-91.
Claas Andriesse De Graaf, 1682.
Cornelia Andriesse Scherp, 1703.
Cornelis Andriesse Huygh, 1705.
Engeltie Andriesse Witbeck, 1683.
Geertruy Andriesse Van Doesburgh, 1661.
Geertruy Andriesse Dochter, 1679.
Gysbert Andriesse Scherp, 1700-2.
Hendrick Andriesse Van Doesburgh, 1654-64.
Jacob Andriesse Gardenier.
Jan Andriesse DeGraaf, 1650-9.
Jan Andriesse Iersman (Irishman) Van Dublingh, 1664.
Jan Andriesse Douw, alias Kuyper, 1646-86.
Johannes Andriesse Schaap, 1695.
Johannes Andriesse Witbeck, 1706.
Johannes Andriesse Huygh, 1705.
Jochem Andriesse Huygh, 1705.
Lambert Andriesse Huygh, 1705.
Margarita Andriesse Huygh, 1705.
Maria Andriesse Huygh, 1705.
Willem Andriesse Rees, 1672.

Cornelis Antonissen Van Slyck, alias Broer Cornelis, 1641-57.
Adam Antonissen Swart, 1690.

Andries Arentse Bratt, 1695.
Benony Arentse Van Hoeck, 1700.
Dirk Arentse Bratt, 1685.
Engeltie Arentse Slingerland, 1713.
Gerrit Arentse Slingerland, 1713.
Leendert Arentse Graw, 1689.
Rutger Arentse Schoemaecker, 1679.
Rebecca Arentse Vedder, 1715.
Samuel Arentse Bratt, 1685.
Sara Arentse Slingerland, 1715.
Teunis Arentse Slingerland, 1715.

Johannes Arie Oothout, 1756.

Joris Arissen or Aertse Vander Baest, 1670-90.

Lysbet Arnoutse Viele, 1699.
Maria Arnoutse Viele, 1684.

Catrina Baltuse Van Benthuysen, 1720.
Elizabeth Baltuse Van Benthuysen, 1720.
Jacobus Perrcker (Parker?) Baltuse Van Benthuysen, 1720.
Johannes Baltuse Van Benthuysen, 1720.

Andries Barentse Coeymans, 1695.
Annatie Barentse Van Rotmers, 1682.
Antony Barentse Bratt, 1682.
Ariaentie Barentse Coeymans.
Cornelis Barentse Ditmarse, 1692.
Dirk Barentse Bratt, 1682-3.
Frans Barentse Pastoor, 1654-61.
Geertruy Barentse Van Dwingeloo, 1682.
Jan Barentse Wemp, 1645-61.
Jan Barentse Kunst, 1662.
Jan Barentse Dulleman, 1661-2.
Jan Barentse Poest (alias Wemp?) 1664-7.
Jan Barentse Timmerman, 1660.
Jannetie Barentse Coeymans.
Johannes Barentse Bratt, 1692.
Pieter Barentse Coeymans.
Pieter Barentse Cool, 1687.
Reinier Barentse Van Iveren.
Samuel Barentse Coeymans.
Teunis Barentse Cool, 1687.
Tys Barentse Schoenmaker Van Edam, 1636.

Jacob Bastiaense DeWit, 1700.
Jan Bastiaense Van Gudsenhoven, 1658-65.
Harmen Bastiaense Visscher or De Vyselaer, 1675-83.
Hester Bastiaense Visscher, 1700.

Cornelis Brantse Van Nieuwkerck, 1664.
Evert Brantse Van Amersfort.

Hans Carelse Noorman, 1673.

Carsten Carstensen Noorman or Van Norwegen, 1658-79.

Agnietie Casparse Conyn, 1703-21.
Caspar Casparse Conyn, 1721.
Collette Casparse Winne, 1783.
Commertie Casparse Conyn, 1721.
Elizabeth Casparse Conyn, 1721.
Eva Casparse Conyn, 1721.
Isaac Casparse Halenbeck, 1706.
Jan Casparse Halenbeck, 1725.
Janneke Casparse Conyn, 1701.
Leendert Casparse Conyn, 1721.
Maritie Casparse Conyn, 1721.
Pieter Casparse Conyn, 1721.
Ragel Casparse Conyn, 1721.
Willem Casparse Halenbeck, 1729.

David Christoffelse Davidts.
Joris Christoffelse Davidts, 1673.

Adriaen Claese Vryman, 1654.
Anna Claese Vander Bogart, 1724.
Barber Claese Groesbeeck, 1695-1707.
Carsten Claese Timmerman, 1658.
Cornelis Claese Van den Bergh, 1651-1701.
Feitie Claese Van Schaick, 1696.
Frans Claese Van der Bogart, 1724.
Gerrit Claese Kulerman, 1670.
Gerrit Claese Van Nieukerck, 1662.
Gysbert Claese Van Amsterdam, 1636.
Jacob Claese Egmont, 1683.
Jacob Claese Groesbeeck, 1707.
Jacob Claese Van Woert, 1736.
Jan Claese Bakker Van Oosanen or Oostrand, 1658-64.
Jesse Claese Degraaf, 1699.
Johannes Claese Groesbeck, 1701-3.
Lourens Claese Van Schaick, 1695-1700.
Lourens Claese Van der Volgen, 1720.
Lourens Claese Tolk, 1702.
Pieter Claese Kaye Van Oostzanen, 1661-3.
Pieter Claese Bout, 1659.
Rebecca Claese Groesbeeck, 1707.
Ryck Claese Van Vranken, 1684.
Stephanus Claese Groesbeeck, 1707.
Symon Claese Turck, 1664.
Tjerck Claese Dewit, 1663.
Willem Claese Groesbeeck, 1681-1707.

Hans Coenraetse Backer, 1674.
Hans or Jans Coenraetse Van Neurenburgh, 1660.
Hendrick Coenraetse Van Bon, 1660.
Jacob Coenraetse Ten Eyck, 1732.

Ackes or Jacques Cornelise Van Slyck, 1663-7.
Adriaen Cornelise Van Vespen, 1671.
Adriaen Cornelise Van Bersingeren, 1642.
Arnout Cornelise Viele, 1661-91.
Claes Cornelise Van den Bergh, 1660-2.
Claes Cornelise Van Voorhout, 1642-62.
Claes Cornelise Swits, 1663.
Cornelis Cornelise Vernoy, 1667.
Cornelis Cornelise Van Schoenderwoert, alias Vosje.
Cornelis Cornelise Bogart, 1660.
Cornelis Cornelise Van Voorhout, 1642-64.
Cornelis Cornelise Van der Hoeven, 1676-82.
Cornelis Cornelise De Vos, 1653-7.
Cornelis Cornelise Viele, 1661-83.
Cornelis Cornelise De Boer, 1659-61.
Cornelis Cornelise Slyck, 1659.
Cornelis Cornelise Van Sterrevelt, 1657-62.
Cornelia Cornelise Van den Bergh, 1714.
Dirck Cornelise Van Vechten, 1709.
Dirck Cornelise Duyster, 1626.
Eldert Cornelise Tymesen, 1709.
Geertie Cornelise Van den Bergh, 1714.
Gerrit Cornelis Van Nes, 1697.
Gerrit Cornelise Van den Bergh, 1714-19.
Goosen Cornelise Van den Bergh, 1714.
Gysbert Cornelise Wesop, 1667.
Gysbert Cornelise Bogart, 1661-86.
Gysbert Cornelise Van Wesp op de Berg or Aende Berg, 1645-1667.
Gysbert Cornelise Van den Bergh, 1714.
Isaac Cornelise Swits, 1664-90.
Jacques Cornelise Van Slyck, 1663-7.
Jacob Cornelise Vos or Bogart, 1683-97.
Jacob Cornelise Van der Bogart, 1685-95.
Jacob Cornelise Schermerhoorn, 1742.
Jan Cornelise Van Nes, 1697.
Jan Cornelise Van der Hoeven, 1681-5.
Jan Cornelise Van Houten, 1640.
Jan Cornelise Buys changed to Jan Jansen Damen, 1634.
Jan Cornelise Van Hoesen, 1681.
Jan Cornelise Roodt, 1670-91.
Jan Cornelise Kleyn, 1660.
Jan Cornelise Timmerman, 1660.
Jan Cornelise Vyselaer, alias Gow, 1660-1702.
Jan Cornelise Van der Heyden, 1660-4.
Jannetie Cornelise Van Schaick, 1703.
Hendrick Cornelise Van Nes, 1697.
Hendrick Cornelise Van Buren, 1662.
Hendrick Cornelise Maasen, 1663.
Maas Cornelise Van Buren, 1662.
Maes Cornelise Koperslager, 1675.
Maritie Cornelise Mingael, 1666.
Maritie Cornelise Van den Bergh, 1714.
Maria Cornelise Muller, 1702.
Marten Cornelise Van Ysselstein, 1661-8.
Marten Cornelise Vlas, 1681.
Marten Cornelise Van Buren, 1662-1703.
Matthias Cornelise Van den Bergh, 1714.
Pieter Cornelise Van Munichendam, 1636.
Pieter Cornelise Viele, 1670.
Pieter Cornelise De Jongh, 1659.
Poulus Cornelise Van Flensburgh, 1672.
Poulus Cornelise Van Abcoude, 1660.
Roeloff Cornelise Van Houten, 1638.
Ryer Cornelise Soesbergen, 1660.
Salomon Cornelise Van Vechten, 1698-1700.
Seger Cornelise Van Voorhout, 1642-62.
Styntie Cornelise Van Buren, 1672.
Teunis Cornelise Slingerland, 1658-70.
Teunis Cornelise Spitsbergen, 1663-75.
Teunis Cornelise Van der Poel, 1661-87.
Teunis Cornelise Van Rossum, 1662.
Teunis Cornelise Van Vechten, 1637-83.
Teunis Cornelise Swart, 1661.
Tobyas Cornelise Van Buren, 1662-1703.
Tryntie Cornelise Van den Bergh, 1714.
Weyntie Cornelise Bosch, 1690.
Willem Cornelise Coster or Koster, 1643.
Willem Cornelise Van den Bergh, 1706.
Wynant Cornelise Van den Bergh, 1714.

Jan Coster or Costerse Van Aecken, 1659-77.

Cristen Cristyssen Noorman Van Vleckburgh, 1636.

Arent Danielse Van Antwerpen, 1720.
Daniel Danielse Van Antwerpen, 1699.
Jan Danielse Van Antwerpen, 1720.
Johannes Danielse Fort, 1736.
Pieter Danielse Van Antwerpen, 1720.
Pieter Danielse Van Olinda, 1669.
Symon Danielse Van Antwerp, 1699-1720.

Andries Davidtse Christoffelse Davidts, 1700.
Pieter Davidtse Schuyler, 1683-96.
Thomas Davidtse Kikebel, 1682.

Abraham Dirkse Van Vechten, 1699.
Adriaen Dirkse De Vries, 1654.
Andries Dirkse Bratt, 1727.
Anna Dirkse Goes, 1732.
Anna Dirkse Van Vechten.
Annatie Dirkse Bratt, 1727.
Annatie Dirkse Van Vechten, 1687.
Benjamin Dirkse Van Vechten, 1739.
Catalyntie Dirkse Ten Broeck.
Catalyntie Dirkse Bratt, 1727.
Christina Dirkse Ten Broeck.
Cornelia Dirkse Ten Broeck.
Dirk Dirkse Keyser, 1658.
Dirk Dirkse Vanderkarre, 1694.
Elisabeth Dirkse Bratt, 1727.
Elisabeth Dirkse Ten Broeck.
Elsie Dirkse Ten Broeck.
Fytie Dirkse Van Vechten, 1687-1704.
Geertruy Dirkse Ten Broeck.
Harmen Dirkse Van Vechten, 1793.
Jan Dirkse Vinhaeghen, 1663.
Jan Dirkse Van Eps, 1664-84.
Jan Dirkse Van Bremen, 1648-62.
Jan Dirkse Engelsman Van Amersfort, 1638.
Jannetie Dirkse Van Vechten, 1687.
Johannes Dirkse Bratt, 1727.
Johannes Dirkse Goes, 1732.
Johannes Dirkse Ten Broeck.
Johannes Dirkse Van Vechten, 1687.
Johannes Dirkse Van der Heyden, 1729.
Lena Dirkse By, 1704.
Luykas Dirkse Goes, 1732.
Lydia Dirkse Ten Broeck.
Lysbet Dirkse Van Eps, 1668-81.
Maria Dirkse Bratt, 1727.
Michael Dirkse Van Vechten, 1689.
Neeltie Dirkse Van Vechten, 1687.
Philip Dirkse Van Vechten, 1739.
Samuel Dirkse Van Vechten, 1687.
Samuel Dirkse Ten Broeck.
Sara Dirkse Van Vechten, 1687.
Symon Dirkse Pos, 1630-44.
Takel Dirkse Van Heemstraaten, 1700.
Teunis Dirkse Van Vechten, 1638-1704.
Tobias Dirkse Ten Broeck.
Wyntie Dirkse Van Vechten, 1687.

Gillis Douwese Fonda, 1654.
Jan Douwese Fonda, 1681.

Anthony Egbertse Bratt, 1753.

Ephraim Evertse Wendel, 1690.
Evert Evertse De Goyer, 1664.
Hanse Evertse Kuyper, 1725.
Jacob Evertse Kuyper, 1725.
Jan Evertse Schoenmaker, 1661-5.
Johannes Evertse Kuyper, 1725.
Johannes Evertse Wendel, 1720-36.
Robert Evertse Wendel, 1690.
Susanna Evertse Wendel, 1690.
Tys Evertse De Goyer, 1664-8.

Aaltie Franse Pruyn, 1683-1700.
Abraham Franse Van Aalsteyn, 1700.
Claas Franse Van de Bogart, 1699-1720.
Elsie Franse Clauw or Klauw, 1683-1700.
Gerritie Franse Hardick, 1737.
Henrick Franse Clauw or Klauw, 1686-1705.
Jan Franse Hardick, 1737.
Jan Franse Van Hoesen, 1659-1703.
Jannetie Franse Clauw or Klauw, 1695.
Jurrian Franse Clauw or Klauw, 1699.
Maria Franse Clauw or Klauw, 1700.
Sara Franse Hardick, 1737.
Tierck Franse Van der Bogart, 1720.
Tryntie Franse Van der Bogart, 1724.
Volkje Franse Hardick, 1737.
Willem Franse Hardick, 1737.
Wyntie Franse Clauw or Klauw, 1683.

Carsten Frederickse Van Iveren, 1663.
Claas Frederickse Van Petten, 1664-8.
Myndert Frederickse Van Iveren, 1675-1704.
Salomon Frederickse Bouw or Bosch, 1689.
Willem Frederickse Van Leyden, 1642.
Willem Frederickse Bout, 1654-83.

Eldert or Elbert Gerbertse Cruiff, 1654-86.

Abraham Gerritse Spoor, 1719.
Adriaan Gerritse Papendorp, 1682-7.
Aeltie Gerritse Lansing.
Ann Gerritse Spoor, 1719.
Annetie Gerritse Lansing, 1694.
Barent Gerritse Van den Bergh, 1700-5.
Barentie Gerritse Paus, 1683.
Claas Gerritse Van Vranken, 1705.
Cornelia Gerritse Spoor, 1719.
Cornelis Gerritse Greeff, 1661.
Cornelis Gerritse Van Schoenderwoert, 1642.
Cornelis Gerritse Van den Bergh, 1700.
Elisabeth Gerritse De Honneur, 1679-82.
Elbert Gerritse Lansing, 1693.
Geertruy Gerritse Van den Bergh, 1699.
Geertruy Gerritse Van Schoonhoven, 1701.
Goosen Gerritse Van Schaick, 1637-75.
Gerrit Gerritse Lansing, 1702-1742.
Grieta Gerritse Van Vranken, 1700.
Grietie Gerritse Van Vechten, 1683.
Gysbert Gerritse Van Brakel, 1699-1709.
Gysbertie Gerritse Lansing.
Hendrick Gerritse Van Meulen, 1671-80.
Hendrick Gerritse Verwy or Van Wie, 1689.
Hendrick Gerritse Van Nes, 1736.
Hendrick Gerritse Lansing, 1747.
Hilletie Gerritse Lansing.
Jacob Gerritse Van Schaick, 1756.
Jacob Gerritse Van Laer, 1670-5.
Jacobus Gerritse Brouwer, 1676.
Jacobus Gerritse Van Vorst, 1671-89.
Jan Gerritse Van Marcken, 1661-75.
Jan Gerritse Van Oldenburgh, 1662.
Jannetie Gerritse Papendorp.
Jannetie Gerritse Van Nes.
Johannes Gerritse Spoor, 1719.
Johannes Gerritse Lansingh, 1730.
Johannes Gerritse Roos, 1695.
Johannes Gerritse Van Vechten, 1692-1700.
Lucas Gerritse Wyngaart or Backer, 1670-93.
Maria Gerritse Van den Bergh, 1702.
Maria Gerritse Spoor, 1719.
Maritie Gerritse Lansing, 1694.
Marten Gerritse Van Bergen, 1630-96.
Pieter Gerritse Kleyn, 1671.
Reyer Gerritse Lansing, 1747.
Roeloff Gerritse Van der Werken, 1700.
Teunis Gerritse Verwey, 1666.
Volkert Gerritse Van Vechten, 1681.
Willem Gerritse Van Nes.
Willem Gerritse Spoor, 1719.
Willem Gerritse Van den Bergh, 1752.
Wynant Gerritse Van der Poel, 1654-99.

Geertruy Geurt Van Schoonhoven, 1700.
Hendrik Geurt Van Schoonhoven, 1700.
Hendrikje Geurt Van Schoonhoven, 1700.
Jacobus Geurt Van Schoonhoven.
Jacomyntie Geurt Van Schoonhoven, 1700.
Margaret Geurt Van Schoonhoven, 1700.

Jan Gillise Kock, 1657.

Aert Goosense Van Twiller, 1661-84.
Antony Goosense Van Schaick, 1681.
Geertruy Goosense Van Schaick, 1681.
Gerrit Goosense Van Schaick.
Sybrant Goosense Van Schaick, 1681-42.

Nicolaas Gregory Hillebrant, 1658.

Cornelis Gysbertse Van den Bergh, 1683-1714.
Frederick Gysbertse Van den Bergh, 1662.
Gerrit Gysbertse Van den Bergh, 1683-1700.
Gerrit Gysbertse Van Brakel, 1699.
Teunis Gysbertse Bogaerdt, 1658.
Willem Gysbertse Van den Bergh, 1683-1795.

Andries Hanse Scherp, 1674-84.
Andries Hanse Huygh, 1679-1705.
Andries Hanse Barhydt or Barheit, 1692-99.
Andries Hanse Van Sweden (Scherp?), 1663.
Carel Hanse Toll, 1720.
Hendrikie Hanse Dreeper, 1694.
Jan Hanse Barheit, 1701.
Jeronimus Hanse Barheit, 1685-1700.
Johanna Hanse Barheit, 1705.
Rachel Hanse Toll or Van Toll, 1697.

Ariaentie Harmense Visscher, 1701.
Bastiaen Harmense Visscher, 1683-1703.
Cornelis Harmense Knickerbakker, 1708.
Dirkie Harmense Weevers, 1678.
Evert Harmense Knickerbakker, 1708.
Frederick Harmense Visscher, 1699.
Cornelia Harmense Knickerbakker, 1708.
Harmen Harmense Van Gansevoort, 1664-75.
Hester Harmense Visscher, 1683.
Jan Harmense Backer, 1658-83.
Jan Harmense Weendorp, 1663.
Jan Harmense Van Turick, 1664.
Jannetie Harmense Knickerbakker, 1708.
Johannes Harmense Visscher, 1693-1709.
Johannes Harmense Knickerbakker, 1708.
l Maria Harmense Visscher, 1700.
Myndert Harmense Van der Bogart, 1683-1706.
Maritie Harmense Lieversen, 1683.
Nanning Harmense Visscher, 1683-1711.
Pieter Harmense Knickerbakker, 1708.
Sara Harmense Visscher, 1691-5.
Tierck Harmense Visscher, 1695-1722.
Thomas Harmense Hun Van Amersfort, 1662-1706.
Wyntie Harmense Van Hun, 1681.
Lourens Harmense Knickerbakker, 1708.

Catharine Helmerse Otten, 1703.
Jan or Johan Helmerse Van Bassle, 1642.
Jan Helmerse, alias Jan De Bock, 1657-60.

Adam Hendrickse Vrooman, 1683.
Bartholomew Hendrickse Vrooman, 1786.
Claas Hendrickse Van Utrecht, or Schoonhoven, 1654-60.
Coenraet Hendrickse Burger, 1700.
Cornelise Hendrickse Van Es or Nes, 1643.
Cornelis Hendrickse Van Buren, 1701.
Dirk Hendrickse Bye, alias De Sweedt, 1675-80.
Dirk Hendrickse Van Gottenburgh, 1663.
Eva Hendrickse Vrooman, 1691.
Geesie Hendrickse Van Wye, 1700.
Gerrit Hendrickse Van Rys or Reis, 1663.
Guert Hendrickse Van Schoonhoven, 1681-1700.
Hendrick Hendrickse Van Harstenhorst, 1662.
Isaac Hendrickse Burger, 1706.
Jacob Hendrickse Ten Eyck, 1733.
Jacob Hendricke Sibinck, 1655-65.
Jacob Hendrickse Lery, 1663.
Jacob Hendrickse Varrevanger, 1661.
Jacob Hendrickse Maet, alias Van Loosereght, 1654.
Jan Hendrickse Van Bael, 1659-79.
Jan Hendrickse Bruyns, 1662-1701.
Jan Hendrickse Van Salsbergen, 1673-1700.
Jan Hendrickse Vrooman, 1683-93.
Jan Hendrickse Bout, 1706.
Jan Hendrickse Van den Bergh, 1683-8.
Jan Hendrickse Roothaer, 1662.
Jannetie Hendrickse Van Doesburgh, 1698.
Jannetie Hendrickse Van Wie, 1704.
Johannes Hendrickse Roseboom, 1704.
Johannes Hendrickse Ten Eyck, 1733.
Marten Hendrickse Verbraeck, 1668.
Marten Hendrickse Hamelward, 1638.
Marten Hendrickse Beeckman, 1661.
Mayke Hendrickse Van den Bergh, Graef, 1684.
Philip Hendrickse Brouwer, 1660-4.
Pieter Hendrickse De Hass or Hans, 1683-99.
Rutger Hendrickse Van Soest, 1630.
Seger Hendrickse Van Soest, 1630.

Abraham Harpertse Van Deusen, 1736.
Andries Herbertse Constapel Van der Blaas, 1640-65.

Pieter Hertgers Van Vee, 1645-62.

Abraham Isaacse Ver Planck, 1667.
Abraham Isaacse Fonda, 1747.
Annatie Isaacse Van Deusen.
Arent Isaacse Van Hoeck, 1658-63.
Baatha Isaacse Van Deusen.
Cornelia Isaacse Van Deusen, 1740.
Cornelis Isaacse Van Deusen, 1740.
Douwe Isaacse Fonda, 1732.
Gerrit Isaacse Lansing, 1747.
Elizabeth Isaacse Van Deusen, 1740.
Helena Isaacse Van Deusen, 1740.
Isaac Isaacse Van Deusen, 1740.
Johannes Isaacse Van Deusen, 1740.
Maritie Isaacse Van Deusen, 1740.
Mattheus Isaacse Van Deusen, 1740.
Sarah Isaacse Van Deusen, 1740.
Tryntie Isaacse Van Deusen, 1740.

Aeltie Jacobse Gardenier, 1683.
Albert Jacobse Gardenier, 1677-85.
Andries Jacobse Gardenier, 1680-97.
Caspar Jacobse Halenbeck.
Claas Jacobse Groesboeck alias Van Rotterdam, 1661-1707.
Cornelis Jacobse Schermerhoorn, 1700.
Cornelis Jacobse By, 1659.
Cornelis Jacobse Van Oostsanen, 1661.
Gerrit Jacobse Schout or Shout, 1697-1701.
Gerrit Jacobse Lansing, 1734.
Harmen Jacobse Wendel, 1749.
Harmen Jacobse Bambus, 1657.
Helena Jacobse Schermerhoorn, 1700.
Hendrick Jacobse Beeckman, 1746.
Herbert or Harpert Jacobse Van Deusen, 1683-1742.
Jacob Jacobse Elkens, 1618.
Jacob Jacobse Schermerhoorn, 1700.
Jan Jacobse Van Noortstrant, 1677-87.
Jan Jacobse Gardenier or Flodder, 1685-95.
Jannetie Jacobse Schermerhoorn, 1700.
Johannes Jacobse Glen, 1699-1704.
Johannes Jacobse Eversen, 1744.
Johannes Jacobse Lansingh, 1751.
Josine Jacobse Gardenier, 1696.
Luycas Jacobse Schermerhoorn, 1700.
Magfelt Jacobse Schermerhoorn, 1700.
Neeltie Jacobse Schermerhoorn, 1700.
Pieter Jacobse Vosburgh, 1657.
Pieter Jacobse Van Rinsborgh, 1663.
Pieter Jacobse Borsboom, 1662.
Pieter Jacobse Clockluyer, 1661.
Pieter Jacobse Marius, 1663-90.
Reyer Jacobse Schermerhoorn, 1678-96.
Rutger, Rut or Ruth Jacobse Van Schoenderwoert or Van Woert, 1636-63.
Symon Jacobse Schermerhoorn, 1683-1705.
Samuel Jacobse Gardenier, 1681.
Teunis Jacobse Bierdrager, 1661.
Teunis Jacobse Van Schoenderwoert, 1640.
Willem Jacobse Van Deusen, 1683-1731.
Wybrecht Jacobse Dochter, 1661.

Johannes Jacobuse Lansing, 1742.

Abraham Janse Van Aelsteyn, 1700.
Adriaen Janse Appel, alias Van Leyden, 1656-83.
Adriaen Janse Croon, 1660.
Adriaen Janse Van Ilpendam, 1656.
Adriaen Janse De Vries, 1656.
Adriaen Janse Van Duynkerken, 1660.
Aeltie Janse Wemp, 1663.
Albert Janse Van Amsterdam, 1642.
Albert Janse Ryckman, 1671-8.
Andries Janse Witbeck, 1683-1700.
Anna Janse Mebie, 1716.
Anna Janse Van Hoesen, 1694.
Anna Janse Goes, 1697.
Barbar Janse Goewey, 1702.
Barent Janse Van Ditmars, 1685.
Barent Janse Bratt, 1681.
Barent Janse Bal, 1660.
Barent Janse Wemp, 1662-83.
Bastiaen Janse Crol, 1630-41.
Casparus Janse Bronck, 1738.
Catharina Janse Van Hoesen, 1694.
Claas Janse Stavast, 1672-84.
Claas Janse Van Rotterdam, 1654.
Claas Janse Van Baren, 1663-78.
Claas Janse Van Boekhoven, 1662-99.
Claas Janse Nykerk, 1634.
Claas Janse Ruyter, 1638.
Claas Janse Van Breda, 1639.
Claas Janse Van Warlwyck, 1642.
Cornelis Janse Cuyper, 1634.
Cornelis Janse Damen, 1634.
Cornelia Janse Gardenier, 1702.
Daniel Janse Van Antwerpen, 1660-92.
Dirk Janse Croon, 1660.
Dirk Janse Smit, 1660.
Dirk Janse Van Edam, 1636.
Dirk Janse Goes, 1697-1700.
Evert Janse Cuyper, 1681-1725.
Evert Janse Wendell, 1658-74.
Evert Janse Kleermaker, 1633.
Frans Janse Pruyn, 1661-86.
Geertruy Janse Witbeck, 1683-1702.
Geertruy Janse Lansing, 1695.
Gerrit Janse Cuyper, 1662.
Gerrit Janse Stavast, 1673-8.
Gerrit Janse Herttenbergh, 1664.
Gerrit Janse Van Kulenbergh, 1681.
Gerrit Janse Ruyting, 1690.
Gerrit Janse Lansing, 1657.
Gerrit Janse Roos, 1695.
Hans Janse Van Rotterdam, 1638.
Harmen Janse Turkyen, 1681.
Harmen Janse Ryckman, 1667.
Harmen Janse Bos, 1666.
Harmen Janse Scheel, 1658.
Harmen Janse Knickerbakker Van Wye, 1682-1702.
Harmen Janse Solsbergen, 1706.
Harmen Janse Van Bommel, 1685.
Harmen Janse Metsselaer, 1718.
Harmen Janse Lyndrayer, 1681.
Helmer Janse Jeroloman, 1702.
Hendrick Janse alias Ribbide, 1664.
Hendrick Janse Van Fewide, 1685.
Hendrick Janse Oothout, 1683.
Hendrick Janse Van Salsbergen, 1699-1705.
Hendrik Janse Reur, 1658.
Hendrik Janse Damen, 1634.
Hendrick Janse Witbeck, 1696-1703.
Hendrick Janse Looman, 1661.
Hendrick Janse Van Wytert, 1657.
Hendrick Janse Westerkamp, 1667.
Hendrick Janse Roseboom, 1662.
Hendrick Janse Van der Vin, 1654.
Isaac Janse Van Arnham, 1699.
Isaac Janse Van Aelsteyn, 1700.
Jacob Janse Gardenier or Flodder, 1638-95.
Jacob Janse Van Campen, 1649.
Jacob Janse Schermerhoorn Van Amsterdam, 1636-83.
Jacob Janse Van Noortstraut, 1638-86.
Jacob Janse Hap or Stoll, 1630-61.
Jacob Janse Loockermans, 1659.
Jacob Janse Van Hoesen, 1684.
Jacob Janse Stoutenbergh, 1646.
Jan Janse Myndertse, 1629.
Jan Janse Ouderkerk "Smalle Kuyper," 1681.
Jan Janse Flodder or Gardenier, 1642-1702. Jan Janse Van Arnhem.
Jan Janse Van Eeckelen, 1661-7.
Jan Janse Bleecker, 1666-1732.
Jan Janse Kromenborch, 1657.
Jan Janse Van Otten, 1657.
Jan Janse Oothout, 1660-88.
Jan Janse Van Rotterdam, 1662-90.
Jan Janse Noorman, 1673-96.
Jan Janse Van Salsbergen, 1683.
Jan Janse Damen, 1634.
Jan Janse Van Otterspoor, 1658.
Jan Janse Molenaer, 1695.
Jan Janse Yoncker, 1703.
Jan Janse Goes, 1697-1700.
Jan Janse Van Haarlem, 1697.
Jan Janse Post, 1683.
Jan Janse Van Bremen, 1646.
Jan Janse Van St. Obin, 1657.
Jochem Janse Bakker, 1665.
Johannes Janse Witbeck, 1683.
Johannes Janse Lansing, 1749.
Johannes Janse Van Hoesen, 1694.
Jonas Janse Bronck, 1738.
Jonatan Janse Witbeck, 1703.
Joseph Janse Van Zandt, 1753.
Judick Janse Goes, 1697.
Judic Janse Van Hoesen, 1683.
Jurriaen Janse Van Hoesen, 1674-1703.
Jurriaen Janse Gruenwout, 1662-86.
Lammert Janse Van der [illegible], 1661.
Leonard Janse Bronck, 1738.
Lena Janse Gardenier, 1702.
Lucas Janse Witbeck, 1692-1700.
Lucas Jans Van Salsbergen, 1693.
Lysbet Janse Goewey, 1702.
Lysbet Janse Witbeck, 1683.
Lysbet Janse Bogaert, 1699.
Magtelt Janse Post, 1695.
Marcelis Janse Van Bommel, 1659-1700.
Maria Janse Van Hoesen, 1694.
Maritie Janse Witbeck, 1698.
Matthys Janse Goes, 1690.
Maurits Janse Ban Broeckhuysen, 1636.
Mayke Janse Goes, 1697.
Michael Janse Van Brookhuysen, 1636.
Myndert Janse Wemp, 1672-7.
Neeltie Janse Damen, 1634.
Paulus Janse Van Gertruydenburgh, 1642.
Philip Janse Bronck, 1738.
Pieter Janse Bronck, 1738.
Pieter Janse Bosch, 1689.
Pieter Janse Van Stockholm, 1658.
Pieter Janse Lamaker, 1659.
Pieter Janse Van Hoorn or De Boer, 1661.
Pieter Janse Loockermans, 1656-79.
Pieter Janse Vrooman, 1706.
Reindert Janse Hoorn, 1659.
Rem Janse Smit.
Richart Janse Van Den Bergh, 1702.
Roeloff Janse Van Frederikfort, 1662.
Sara Janse Van Bremen, 1703.
Sara Janse Witbeck, 1698.
Simon Janse Turk, 1659.
Steven Janse Conninck, or Timmerman, 1654-84.
Stoffel Janse Abeel, 1659-84.
Styntie Janse Van Hoesen, 1694.
Symon Janse Post, 1695.
Symon Janse Romeyn, 1658-62.
Teuntie Janse Goes, 1697-1702.
Thomas or Tomas Janse Mingael, 1656-9.
Tomas Janse Schipper, 1660.
Tomas Janse De Boer, 1661.
Tryntie Janse Van Bristede, 1636.
Tys Janse Goes, 1697.
Volkert Janse Douw, 1681-1700.
Volkert Janse Van Hoesen, 1694.
Willem Janse Damen, 1634.
Willem Janse Halenbeck, 1707.
Willem Janse Slyckoten, 1661.
Willem Janse Schutt or Dommelaer, 1657-65.
Willem Janse Stoll, 1654-61.

Wouter Jeronimus Barheit, 1713.

Douwe Jillise Fonda, 1674-99.
Hendrick Jillise Meyer, 1676.
Pieter Jillise Metselaer, 1657.

Lambert Jochemse Van Valkenburgh, 1693.
Maria Jochemse Van Valkenburgh, 1700.
Rachel Jochemse Ketelhuyn, 1690.


Abraham Johannese Wendel, 1691.
Catalyntie Johannese Wendel, 1691.
Elizabeth Johannese Wendel, 1691.
Elsie Johannese Wendel, 1691.
Ephraim Johannese Wendel, 1691.
Evert Johannese Wendel, 1691.
Isaack Johannese Wendel, 1691.
Jacob Johannese Wendel, 1691.
Jacob Johannese Van der Heyden, 1755.
Johannes Johannese Lansing, 1748-55.
Johannes Johannese Wendel, 1655-91.
Luykas Johannese Wyngaert, 1726-54.
Maritie Johannese Wendel, 1691.
Pieter Johannese De Garmeau, 1753.
Sara Johannese Wendel, 1691.
Susanna Johannese Wendel, 1691.

Volkert Jonasse Douw, 1709.

Jacob Jooste Van Covelens, 1662.

Hans Jorrissen Houten, 1638.

Daniel Jurriaense Rinckhout, 1704.
Eefie Jurriaense Ricnckhout, 1704.
Fytie Jurriaense Van Hoesen, 1699.
Jan Jurriaense Post, 1667.
Jan Jurriaense Becker, 1669-99.
Jan Jurriaense Hogan, 1730.
Jannetie Jurriaense Rinckhout, 1704.
Teunis Jurriaense Rinckhout, 1704.
Willem Jurriaense Backer, 1637-50.

Cornelis Lambertse Van Doorn, 1642.
Gerrit Lambertse Van Valkenburgh, 1683.
Hendrick Lambertse Bont or Bint, alias Sassian.
Jan Lambertse Van Bremen, 1661-9.
Jannetie Lambertse Van Valkenburgh, 1683.
Jochem Lambertse Van Valkenburgh, 1683-1708.
Maritie Lambertse Loockermans, 1682.

Johan Latyn Verduyn, 1636.

Caspar Leendertse Conyn, 1683-1721.
Lysbert Leendertse Conyn, 1704.
Philip Leendertse Conyn, 1683-1708.
Philip Leendertse Van der Grist, 1658.
Sander Leendertse Glen, 1639-1660.

Claas Lourense Van der Volgen, alias Van Purmerent.
Cornelis Lourense Van Wurmdrink, 1709.
Johannes Lourense Van Alen, 1706.
Pieter Lourense Van Alen, 1709.

Claas Cuykase Wyngaert, 1700-4.
Evert Luykase Backer, 1677.
Gerrit Luykase Wyngaert, 1701-6.
Jacobus Luykase Wyngaert, 1701-20.
Jan Luykase Wyngaert, 1689-1704.
Luykas Luykase Van Hoogkerke, 1686-1705.
Luykas Luykase Wyngaert, 1709.
Lysbet Luykase Wyngaert, 1700.
Marya Luykase Wyngaert, 1709.
Pieter Luykase Coeymans, 1683-92.

Catalyntie Maesse Van Buren, 1783.
Cornelis Maesse Van Bloemendael, 1706-33.
Cornelis Maesse Van Buren, 1631.
Hendrick Maesse Van Buren, 1733.
Jacob Maesse Van Bloemendael, 1733.
Johannes Maesse Van Bloemendael, 1728.
Johannes Maesse Van Buren, 1733.

Jacob Marius Groen, 1709.

Aert Martense Doorn, 1686.
Annatie Martense Crgier, 1734.
Barent Martense Van Buren, 1742.
Catalina Martense Van Buren, 1703.
Cornelia Martense Van Buren, 1703.
Cornelis Martense Potter, 1659.
Cornelis Martense Van Buren, 1703.
Cornelis Martense Van Isselsteyn, 1705.
Cornelis Martense Van Aelsteyn, 1703.
Elisabeth Martense Cregier, 1734.
Geertruy Martense Cregier, 1734.
Gerrit Martense Van Bergen.
Hendrick Martense Van Coppenhoegen, 1659.
Hendrick Martense Beeckman, 1673-95.
Jan Martense Wever or De Weever, 1689-94.
Jannetie Martense Van Bergen, 1683.
Johannes Martense Beeckman, 1682.
Johannes Martense Smit, 1683.
Magdalena Martense Van Buren, 1703.
Maria Martense Van Buren, 1703.
Maria Martense Cregier, 1734.
Marten Martense Cregier, 1734.
Marten Martense Van Buren, 1703.
Myndert Martense Van Bergen (or Raammaker).
Paulus Martense Van Benthuysen, 1666-1703.
Paulus Martense Van Rynsburgh, 1662.
Pieter Martense Van Buren, 1703.
Willem Martense Huis or Rues, 1658-72.
Willem Martense Moer, 1665.

Jan Mateuwese Van Deursen, 1696.

Coenraad Mattyse Hoogteling, 1688.

Hendrick Meese Vrooman, 1670-5.
Jacob Meese Vrooman, 1683-92.
Pieter Meese Vrooman, 1657-83.
Pieter Meese Hoogeboom, 1701.

Melgertse or Melchertse.
Abraham Melgertse Van Der Poel, 1710.
Ariaentie Melgertse Van Der Poel, 1710.
Catharina Melgertse Van Deusen, 1691-1703.
Coatie Melgertse Van der Poel, 1683.
Maria Melgertse Van der Poel, 1710.
Melgert Melgertse Van der Poel, 1710.
Rachel Melgertse Van der Poel, 1710.
Ruth Melgertse Van Deusen, 1700-3.
Trinke Melgertse Van der Poel, 1710.
Wynant Melgertse Van der Poel, 1710.

Jan Michielse Van Edam, 1637.

Burger Myndertse (Smit), 1703.
Frederick Myndertse Van Iveren, 1707.
Harmen Myndertse Van der Bogart, alias Harmanus A. Boghardij, 1646.
Hendrick Myndertse Roseboom, 1728-36.
Jan Myndertse Wemp, 1699.
Johannes Myndertse Van Iveren, 1707.
Neeltie Myndertse (Smit), 1703.
Reinier Myndertse Van Iveren (Smit), 1707.

Maria Nicolaase Ripse [Van Dam ?], 1683.
Pieter Nicolaase Van Nordinge, 1637.

Marten Pauluse Van Benthuysen, 1697-1705.

Dirk Philipse Conyn, 1708.
Gysbert Philipse Velthuysen, 1654.
Jan Philipse Muller, 1663.
Leendert Philipse Conyn, 1687-1706.
Philip Philipse Demoer, 1693-99.

Abraham Pieterse Vosburgh, 1653-74.
Adam Pieterse Winne, 1684.
Adriaen Pieterse Van Alkmaer, 1653.
Aert Pieterse Teck, 1661.
Allette Pieterse Winne, 1688.
Antje Pieterse Borsboom 1693.
Antje Pieterse Quackenbos, 1685.
Arent Pieterse Coeymans, 1636.
Barent Pieterse Coeymans, alias Molenaer, 1636-1701.
Cornelia Pieterse Van Olinda, 1693.
Cryn Pieterse Van Seventer, 1659.
Daniell Pieterse Winne, 1684.
David Pieterse Schuyler, 1660-73.
David Pieterse Coeymans, 1636.
Francois Pieterse Winne, 1674-84.
Frans Pieterse Clauw or Klauw, 1662-1700.
Jacob Pieterse Coeymans, 1636.
Jacobus Pieterse Winne, 1684.
Jan Pieterse Mebie, 1603.
Jan Pieterse Mulder, 1660-1.
Jan Pieterse Bronck, 1669-77.
Jan Pieterse Kleermaker, 1660.
Jan Pieterse Van Woggelum, 1682.
Jannetie Pieterse Vosburgh, 1683.
Jillis Pieterse Meyer or Timmerman, 1660-76.
Johannes Pieterse Van Alen, 1689-1706.
Johannes Pieterse Quackenbos, 1683-90.
Killiaen Pieterse Winne, 1684.
Luycas Pieterse Coeymans, 1661-85.
Lucas Pieterse Houtsager (Coeymans), 1660.
Maria Pieterse Loockermans, 1677.
Marten Pieterse Winne, 1684.
Mees or Meeuwes Pieterse Hoogeboom, 1661-84.
Nathaniel Pieterse Van Leyden, 1661.
Philip Pieterse Schuyler, 1656-72.
Pieter Pieterse Lansing, 1736.
Pieter Pieterse Van Woggelum, 1671-87.
Pieter Pieterse Root or Roode, 1661-71.
Pieter Pieterse Lassen, 1659-81.
Pieter Pieterse Winne, Jr., 1676-84.
Pieter Pieterse Van Netten, 1658.
Reinier Pieterse Quackenbos, 1683-89.
Reyntien Pieterse Barroquier, 1654.
Teunis Pieterse Suidam, 1705.
Teunis Pieterse Temper, 1657-60.
Tomas Pieterse Winne, 1684.
Walrave Pieterse Claerhout, 1659.
Willem Pieterse Slyck, 1685.
Willem Pieterse Van Alen, 1689.
Wouter Pieterse Quackenbos, 1676-99.

Gerrit Reyerse Lansing, 1693.

Claas or Nicolaas Ripse Van Dam, 1658-1700.

Aaltie Roeloffse Van der Werken, 1700.
Albert Roeloffse Van der Werken, 1708.
Gerrit Roeloffse Van der Werken, 1702-5.
Hendrick Roeloffse Van der Werken, 1702-8.
Jan Roeloffse De Goyer.
Maritie Roeloffse Van der Werken, 1698.

Rolantsen. Adam Rolantsen Van Hamelwart, 1638.

Johannes Rutse Bleecker, 1749.

Gerrit Ryckse Van Vranken.
Maas Ryckse Van Vranken.

Ryndertse or Reinderse.
Arent Reinderse Smit, 1645.
Barent Rynderse Smit, 1668-77.
Claas Reinderse Mynderse, 1706.

Jacob Salomonse Goeway, 1683.
Jan Salomonse Goewey, 1683-1702.

Franci Samuelse Pruyn, 1752.
Jacob Samuelse Pruyn, 1753.
Johannes Samuelse Pruyn, 1752.

Catryntje Sanderse Glen, 1695.
Jacob Sanderse Glen, 1672-86.
Johannes Sanderse Glen, 1699.
Sander Sanderse Glen, 1693.

Segerse. Cornelis Segerse Van Voorhout, 1642-62.

Zacharias Sickelse Van Weenen, 1659.

Cornelis Stevense Mulder or Muller, 1682-1709.
Abraham Stevense Croat, 1637-58.

Jan Stoffelse Abeel, 1682.

Wouter Storm Bratt, or Van der Zee, 1699.

Anthony Sybrantse Van Schaick, 1686-1704.
Catharina Sybrantse Van Schaick, 1686.
Gerrit Sybrantse Van Schaick, 1686.
Goosen Sybrantse Van Schaick, 1686.

Adriaen Symonse Boer, 1661.
Adriaen Symonse Bet, 1661.
Gerrit Symonse Veeder, 1699-1720.
Helmer Symonse Veeder, 1715.
Jacob Symonse Klomp Barroquier, 1653-4.
Johannes Symonse Veeder, 1699-1742.
Pieter Symonse Veeder, 1699.
Pieter Symonse Michiels Van Oostsanen, 1661-4.
Symon Symonse Groot, 1654-62.
Volkert Symonse Veeder, 1699-1720.

Takelse. Dirk Takelse Heemstraaten, 1701-6.
Tryntje Takelse Heemstraten, 1722.

Adriaen Teunise Vanderbilt, 1640.
Anna Teunise Metselaer, 1685.
Arent Teunise Van Luyten, 1642.
Claas Teunise Uylenspiegel, 1645.
Cornelia Teunise Van Deusen, 1700.
Cornelia Teunise Verwey, 1694.
Cornelis Teunise Bos or Bosch, 1631-67.
Cornelis Teunise Van Westbroeck or Bos, 1663-6.
Cornelis Teunise Van Vechten, 1669-1705.
Cornelis Teunise Van Slyck, 1661-8.
Cornelis Teunise Hogeboom, 1661-8.
Cornelis Teunise Van Breuckelen or Brakelen, 1631-61.
Cornelis Teunise Van Merkerk, 1637.
Cornelis Teunise Mulder or Muller, 1703-6.
Cornelis Teunise Swart, 1680-5.
Cornelis Teunise Slingerland, 1705.
Dirk Teunise Van Vechten, 1676-1705.
Dirkje Teunise Metselaer, 1685.
Egbert Teunise Metselaer, 1685.
Esaias Teunise Swart, 1686-91.
Eva Teunise Van Schoenderwoert, 1709.
Gerrit Teunise De Reus, 1631.
Gerrit Teunise Van Slyck, 1738.
Gerritje Teunise Metselaer, 1685.
Gerrit Teunise Van Vechten, 1676-1747.
Jacob Teunise Quick, 1661-89.
Jacob Teunise De Looper, 1656.
Jacob Teunise Van Schoenderwoert or Woert, 1683-1730.
Jacob Teunise Kay, 1676.
Jan Teunise De Paep, 1660.
Jan Teunise Van Deusen, 1695-6.
Jannetie Teunise Van Vechten, 1683.
Johannes Teunise Mingael, 1685.
Jurriaen Teunise Tappan or Van Tappan, 1671-94.
Jurriaen Teunise Glazemaecker, 1658-67.
Maritie Teunise Metselaer, 1685.
Marten Teunise Metselaer or Demetselaer, 1685.
Pieter Teunise Van Bronswyck, 1684-6.
Pietertie Teunise Van Vechten, 1700.
Robert (?) Teunise Van Deusen, 1695-1700.
Sweer Teunise Van Velsen or Van Westbroeck, 1664-90.
Teunis Teunise Metselaer or Demetselaer, 1658-83.
Willempie Teunise Metselaer, 1685.
Willempie Teunise Bratt, 1701.

Cornelis Teuwisse Mulder, 1709.
Harpert Teuwisse Van Deusen, 1712.
Jan Teuwisse Van Deusen, 1696.
Robert Teuwisse Van Deusen, 1700.

Gabriel Tomase Stridles.
Harmen Tomase Hun Van Amersfort, or Van Hun, 1661-1700.
Johannes Tomase Mingael, 1681-1701.
Johannes Tomase Wyngaerd, 1702.
Luykas Tomase Witbeck, 1746.
Maritie Tomase Mingael, 1664.
Pieter Tomase Mingael, 1688-1700.

Reynier Tymense Van Edam, 1686.

Cornelia Tyssen Van der Heyden, 1700.
Cornelia Tyssen Goes (?), 1683.
Jacob Tyssen Van der Heyden, 1653-89.
Jan Tyssen Goes, 1677-1732.
Jurriaen Tyssen Van Amsterdam, 1654.

Andries Volkertse Douw, 1690-1701.
Catryntie Volkertse Douw, 1700.
Dirk Volkertse Van Veghten, 1747.
Dorothea Volkertse Douw, 1700.
Ephraim Volkertse Van Veghten, 1747.
Grietie Volkertse Douw, 1701.
Hendrick Volkertse Douw, 1700.
Johannes Volkertse Douw, 1747.
Johannes Volkertse Van Veghten, 1747.
Jonas Volkertse Douw, 1681-1700.
Margaret Volkertse Van Veghten, 1747.
Symon Volkertse Veeder, alias De Bakker, 1654-67.

Anna Catharina Wesselse Ten Broeck, 1723.
Christina Wesselse Ten Croeck, 1723.
Cornelis Wesselse Ten Broeck, 1723.
Dirk Wesselse Ten Broeck, 1663-1705.
Jacob Wesselse Ten Broeck, 1723.
Jochim Wesselse Backer, 1633-1683.

Claas Willemse Van Coppernol, 1676-1702.
Cornelis Willemse Van den Bergh, 1670-1706.
Dirk Willemse Van Slyck, 1687.
Gerrit Willemse Oosterum, 1631.
Gerrit Willemse Van den Bergh, 1728-42.
Gysbert Willemse Van den Bergh, 1708.
Hendrick Willemse Backer, 1657-85.
Jan Willemse Schoon, 1661.
Jan Willemse Scuth, 1646.
Jannetie Willemse Van Slyck, 1688.
Maritie Willemse Groesbeeck, 1746.
Nicolaas Willemse Groesbeeck, 1746.
Pieter Willemse Van Slyck, 1689-92.
Roeloff Willemse Van Heerden, 1662.
Teunis Willemse Van Woutbergh, 1677.
Teunis Willemse Boots, 1684.
Tryntie Willemse Van Slyck, 1688-94.
Wynant Willemse Van den Bergh, 1701-6.

Jan Wybesse Van Harlingen, 1662.
Jan Wybesse Spoor,1685-98.

Catalina Wynantse Van den Bergh, 1749.
Catarina Wynantse Van den Bergh, 1749.
Gerrit Wynantse Van der Poel, 1683-91.
Maria Wynantse Van den Bergh, 1749.
Melgert Wynantse Van der Poel, 1671-1710.
Volkert Wynantse Van den Bergh, 1749.
Volkie Wynantse Van den Bergh, 1749.
Willem Wynantse Van den Bergh, 1749.

Jan Ysbrantse Timmer, 1662.

Genealogies of the First Settlers of Albany.

In offering to the curious the following contributions for the family history of Albany county, it may be expected that the compiler should briefly indicate the character of the people, the extent of territory occupied, the sources and deficiencies of information, and the peculiar difficulties of the work.

The site of the present city of Albany was first occupied as a trading post in 1614. After the character of the Privileged West India Company, in 1621, Fort Orange was built, around which clustered the little hamlet occupied by the servants and factors of the Company, who claimed and exercised the entier Indian trade. Hence colonization was not encouraged, contrary to the provisions of the charter, by which they were bound to "advance the peopling of those fruitful and unsettled parts:" the greed of gain swallowed up all other interests. At length the evil became so apparent and so forcibly presented to the notice of the Directors in Amsterdam, that they were obliged to seek a remedy. On the 7th day of June, 1629, under the title of "Freedoms and Exemptions" concession was made to Patroons to plant colonies in New Netherland.

From the haste with which the Directors in Holland proceeded to avail themselves of the privileges thus granted, one might almost suspect this charter was granted for their special profit and gratification. The failure of the West India Company and the Patroons in fulfilling the requisitions of their harters relating to call for interference of the States-General, and after the agitation and rejection of many projects the Directors were induced to proclaim free trade and free lands to private persons under what they conceived necessary restrictions. This measure had a happy effect in stimulating immigration to New Netherland from the mother country.

The population of New Netherland, at the beginning of Stuyvesant's administration (1647), is variously estimated at from 1,000 to 3,000; at its close in 1664 it was about 10,000. The Dutch had held the province fifty years, and this was the result of their attempts to colonize it. Its natural advantages both for trade and agriculture were unequaled by any like portion of the continent. The nation which had redeemed its own country from the ocean, which had conquered its freedom from the Spanish yoke, and led all European nations in foreign trade was just the people to found a new empire on these shores. The Dutch character was not wanting in the requisite energy, perseverance and pluck; but it was the system of government, persevered in against protests and petitions, that was chiefly at fault.

The population of Fort Orange at this early period can not be exactly known; that it was small may be justly inferred from several facts: First. The church built in 1643 was 34 ft. by 19 ft. and contained but nine banken (benches) for the worshipers: yet this house served the little community until 1658. Second. A Jesuit missionary who visited the village in 1646 mentions that it contained then but ten thatched cottages. Third. The number of settlers shown by the Van Rensselaer papers as having been sent over to the Colonie up to 1664 is only 210.* It is not to be supposed that all those persons who were attracted to Fort Orange by its happy location for Indian traffic, were either tenants or servants of the Patroon of Rensselaerswyck, or were even under his manorial jurisdiction. Fort Orange and the little hamlet which clustered around its walls, however, was strenuously resisted by the Patroon. Hence originated that memorable and almost bloody contest for power between those obstinate, hard-headed officials, Gov. Stuyvesant and Commissary Slichtenhorst.

The Dongan charter of 1686, however, quieted further questions of jurisdiction: Albany became a city one mile wide on the river and 13-1/2 miles long. All outside of these limits belonged to the Colonie,

The early population of Fort Orange and Beverwyck, though almost pure Dutch at first, was changeable: after a few years spent in traffic with the Indians some returned to Patria: some retired to New Amsterdam (New York), whilst others passed beyond the limits of the Colonie and purchased lands at Kinderhook, Claverac, Catskill, Coxsackie, Niskayuna, Half Moon, and Schenectady.

The conquest of the province by the English in 1664 introduced a new element into the population; the sheriff of the county, clerk of the village and city, and officers and soldiers of the garrison were mainly English or New Englanders: a few of these intermarried with Dutch maidens and became permanent citizens. Later, another nationality was introduced: the the bounty of Queen Anne some thousands of Palatines were sent over in 1708-22; they settled at East and West Camps on the Hudson, and afterwards in the Schoharie valley, and at German Flats on the Mohawk.

* O'Callaghan's History of New Netherland.


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