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Interments in the Walter Mull Burial Ground

NOTE FROM CC: Tombstone readings on this page were submitted by Tracy Hogan. No source for this information was cited. Maiden names of wives are in [ ]. I have added birth dates and ages where applicable using the Tombstone Birthday Calculator. Their website has valuable information about tombstone readings.

Sackrider, Magdalen (wife of Daniel W. Sackrider).26 Jan 185787y 1m 1d
Mull, Walter.24 May 186765y 19d
Mull, Eliza (wife of Walter Mull).30 Jun 182617y 9m 2d
Mull, Jane (daughter of Walter and Eliza Mull).11 Jun 183812y 7m 15d
Mull, Mary J. (daughter of Walter and Jane Mull.16 Mar 18432y 11m 22d

Location: Just across the Bethlehem town line in Coeymans Township, on a hill on the old David Henry Vrooman farm on Pictaway Rd. The road takes a sharp turn near the barn. Burial site on hill across a field south of barn---somewhat wooded. Turn west from 9W near Wickes Lumber then 1st left. Legend claims this same hill is an indian burial ground.

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