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Interments in the Becker Family Burial Ground

NOTE FROM CC: Tombstone readings on this page were submitted by Tracy Hogan. No source for this information was cited. I have added birth dates and ages where applicable using the Tombstone Birthday Calculator. Their website has valuable information about tombstone readings.

This cemetery can also be found at Find A Grave where you may find tombstone photos, biographies and a map showing the location of the cemetery.

Arnold, Hannah (wife of Christopher Becker)17 Apr 180629 Nov 187873y 7m 12d
Becker, Andrew27 Jul 18412 Oct 185817y 2m 6d
Becker, Christianna (wife of Frederick Becker)6 Oct 176221 Jan 184279y 3m 15d
Becker, Christopher5 Dec 180323 Jul 188480y 7m 18d
Becker, Elizabeth A. (daughter of Frederick and Christianna Becker)23 Apr 184419 Oct 18445m 26d
Becker, Frederick14 May 17694 Mar 185080y 10m 10d
Landers, C.179618 May 185862y
Landers, L.W.180531 Jan 186964y

NOTE: Either the death date for Christianna Becker or for her daughter Elizabeth A. is erroneous. Elizabeth's death date as stated is two years after her mother died.

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