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Interments in Knox Cemetery in Knox, NY

NOTE FROM CC: This is only a partial list of the interments at Knox Cemetery. It was on the original Albany Co. NYGenWeb. No submitter nor source for this information was cited. Maiden names of wives are in [ ]. I have added birth dates and ages where applicable using the Tombstone Birthday Calculator. Their website has valuable information about tombstone readings.

This cemetery can also be found at Find A Grave, where you will find additional listings. You may also find some tombstone photos, biographies and a map showing where the cemetery is located.

Allen, Antoinette (wife of John F. Allen)7 Mar 183727 Oct 186427y 7m 20d
Allen, Catharine E. (daughter of Peter Z. and Sarah E. Allen)Dec 185511 Sep 18569m
Allen, Catharine M. (wife of John Allen)27 Dec 181525 Oct 187559y 9m 28d
Allen, Edith [Ostrander] (wife of William B. Allen)5 Oct 1860 22 Jan 192261y 3m 17d
Allen, Elma15 Aug 18585 Jul 18612y 10m 20d
Allen, Floyd J. Crary1878191840y
Allen, Fred21 Aug 186729 Jul 189527y 5m 8d
Allen, Gelinda (daughter of Sylvester B. and Sarah Allen)9 Mar 18535 Apr 18541y 27d
Allen, Harriet C. (wife of Peter Z. Allen)6 Apr 182914 Nov 185122y 7m 8d
Allen, Jane C. (wife of John F. Allen)18396 Mar 191273y
Allen, John F.18362 Apr 190266y
Allen, John3 Nov 180428 Dec 188379y 1m 25d
Allen, John24 Sep 17832 Apr 186884y 6m 9d
Allen, Mamie12 Jan 186914 Feb 18789y 1m 2d
Allen, Martha A.16 Jun 18421 Dec 18464y 5m 15d
Allen, Mary A.24 May 185110 Jul 186110y 1m 16d
Allen, Mary C. (daughter of Sylvester B. and Sarah Allen)29 Mar 18493 Oct 18534y 6m 4d
Allen, Sarah A. [Bunzey] (wife of Sylvester B. Allen)6 Aug 181629 Sep 189175y 1m 23d
Allen, Sarah E. (wife of Peter Z. Allen)1 Feb 183213 Jun 185624y 4m 12d
Allen, Sarah G.18 Jun 185612 Jul 18615y 24d
Allen, Susan M. (wife of Andrew W. Allen)18 May 181914 Jul 188162y 1m 26d
Allen, Sylvester B.7 Jan 181820 Sep 189880y 8m 13d
Allen, Wiliam B.22 Aug 186017 Dec 191757y 3m 25d
Allen, William (son of Peter Z. and Harriet C. Allen)18 Jan 185023 Jun 18505m 5d
Armstrong, Catharine A. [Williams] (wife of James Armstrong)8 May 18298 Jun 190980y 1m 0d
Armstrong, Charles M.1847192174y
Armstrong, Delpline [Truax]1853192370y
Armstrong, Edgar J.1870UnknownUnknown
Armstrong, Edison F. (son of James and Sarah Armstrong)11 Dec 185016 May 18554y 5m 5d
Armstrong, Eliakim C.1847UnknownUnknown
Armstrong, Elizabeth [Snyder] (wife of Eliakim Armstrong)1852UnknownUnknown
Armstrong, Ester Ann (daughter of James and Catharine A. Armstrong)27 Apr 178411 Feb 180722y 9m 15d
Armstrong, James13 Nov 18113 Jan 188472y 1m 21d
Armstrong, Jane Eliza (daughter of James and Sarah Armstrong)28 Oct 18419 Mar 18453y 4m 9d
Armstrong, John13 Feb 178414 Mar 187995y 1m 1d
Armstrong, John1814187662y
Armstrong, Kathryn [Zeh] (wife of Edgar J. Armstrong)1875UnknownUnknown
Armstrong, Louisa [Torey] (wife of Theodore Armstrong)29 Nov 181930 Dec 190990y 1m 1d
Armstrong, Mary [Clickman] (wife of John Armstrong)1813190390y
Armstrong, Mary Etta3 May 185123 Aug 1889
Armstrong, Tahpenes (wife of John Armstrong)3 Oct 178830 Apr 185970y 6m 27d
Armstrong, Theodore12 Mar 181924 Nov 188768y 8m 12d
Auchampaugh, Alfred15 Jun 185318 Mar 189844y 9m 3d
Auchampaugh, Maria24 May 18199 Apr 190585y 10m 16d
Auchampaugh, William D.26 Feb 185712 May 18581y 2m 16d
Auchempaugh, Gitty Maria (wife of Peter Auchempaugh)12 Feb 181223 Jun 186654y 4m 11d
Auchempaugh, Mallisca13 Apr 184626 Apr 187428y 13d
Auchempaugh, Washington30 May 18523 Feb 18618y 8m 4d
Auchenpaugh, David9 Oct 180811 Sep 187970y 11m 2d
Auchenpaugh, Elsa (wife of David Auchenpaugh)2 May 181017 Sep 186656y 4m 15d
Ball, Christian (wife of Stephen Ball)27 Sep 181128 Aug 189482y 11m 1d
Ball, John H.16 Dec 177312 Sep 185884y 8m 27d
Ball, Maria (wife of John H. Ball)5 Jun 177614 May 184871y 11m 9d
Ball, Mary E.Jan 180231 Dec 185351y 11m
Ball, Peter S.30 Sep 18373 Nov 191477y 1m 4d
Ball, Sarah [Sand] (wife of Peter S. Ball)8 Dec 183830 Mar 192081y 3m 22d
Ball, Stephen28 Jul 180525 Aug 189691y 28d
Barber, Bertha [Scharbauer] (wife of Burton Barber)1872191644y
Barber, BurtonUnknownUnknownUnknown
Barckley, Abram1825190782y
Barckley, Edward18423 Oct 190563y
Barckley, Eunice [French] (wife of Edward Barckley)184214 Jun 192583y
Barckley, George H.1870191747y
Barckley, Grace T.186728 Mar 191952y
Barckley, Henry181617 Mar 189377y
Barckley, Jessie M.1909192415y
Barckley, M. H. (Lieut., Co. K, 7th NY Heavy Art.)18416 Jul 186423y
Barckley, Magdalen (wife of Henry Barckley)18196 Dec 190081y
Barckley, Prudence1861UnknownUnknown
Barckley, Sophronia [Burgess] (wife of Abram Barckley)1828190880y
Batcher, Alfred G. (son of Hamilton T. and Anna B. Batcher)18 Dec 1863UnknownUnknown
Batcher, Anna B. (wife of Alfred G. Batcher)28 Aug 18764 Sep 189721y 7d
Batcher, Hamilton T. (son of Alfred G. and Anna B. Batcher)27 Jan 189011 Nov 18909m 15d
Baxter, Carrie [Cheesbro] (wife of Walter Baxter)1859UnknownUnknown
Baxter, Charles (son of Charles & Melinda Baxter)187318752y
Baxter, Charles1836UnknownUnknown
Baxter, Effie E. (daugher of Charles and Melinda Baxter)18611861Unknown
Baxter, Elizabeth Cumberworth [Cox] (wife of William Baxter,
born in Cosbyton, Lincolnshire, England)
3 Nov 181325 Dec 1906.
Baxter, Elizabeth E.13 Sep 18522 Apr 191865y 6m 20d
Baxter, George (son of William and Elizabeth Baxter)19 Sep 185031 Jul 187524y 10m 12d
Baxter, Grace (daughter of F. and E. A. Baxter)28 Sep 18909 Apr 18921y 6m 12d
Baxter, Ida (daughter of Charles & Melinda Baxter)187118721y
Baxter, Lilly M. (daughter of Charles & Melinda Baxter)186618726y
Baxter, Mary A.27 Feb 18421 May 188745y 2m 4d
Baxter, Melinda1841189352y
Baxter, Walter1857191053y
Baxter, William (born in Welby, Lincolnshire, England)14 Jul 18166 Dec 189882y 4m 22d
Baxter, William (son of William and Elizabeth Baxter)28 Oct 18485 Jan 186516y 2m 8d
Baxter, Clara A. (daughter of Charles & Melinda Baxter)187718781y
Becker, Edith J. [Young] (wife of Melvin Becker)1868UnknownUnknown
Becker, Emma A. (daughter of Melvin and Edith Becker)189218931y
Becker, Ethel R. (daughter of Melvin & Edith Becker)189619059y
Becker, Melvin1856UnknownUnknown
Beebe, Eugenia A. (wife of William H. Beebe)UnknownUnknownUnknown
Beebe, Ida M. (daughter of William H. and Eugenia Beebe)28 Jul 18643 Sep 18651y 1m 6d
Beebe, William H.UnknownUnknownUnknown
Bell, Clifford A.1895191924y
Bell, Dewitt1893192633y
Bell, Jennie [Armstrong]1873191643y
Bell, Norman O.Unknown25 Dec 1843Unknown
Bell, Permelia [Armstrong] (wife of Norman O. Bell)27 Jul 18455 Oct 191267y 2m 8d
Bell, Theodore1868UnknownUnknown
Bogardus, Carrie L.6 Sep 186816 Oct 189123y 1m 10d
Bogardus, Eleanor Boyd190119021y
Bogardus, Eunice I.1852UnknownUnknown
Bogardus, Joseph B.22 Feb 182222 Apr 188664y 2m 0d
Bogardus, Lucinda M. [Warner] (wife of Joseph B. Bogardus)8 Feb 182529 Nov 190479y 9m 21d
Bogardus, Mary184918534y
Bogardus, Nancy E.1846UnknownUnknown
Bogardus, Robert E.188318896y
Bogardus, Ruby C.187818835y
Brownell, Dortha J. (daughter of P. S. and S. Brownell)Feb 190817 Apr 19091y 2m
Brownell, Gertrude A. (daughter of P. S. and S. Brownell)Jun 190329 Dec 19041y 6m
Bunzey, Amelia [Brandt] (wife of William Bunzy)179430 Oct 187076y
Bunzey, Amy V.UnknownUnknownUnknown
Bunzey, Charles1859191152y
Bunzey, Elvira [Maxim] (wife of Charles Bunzey)1857UnknownUnknown
Bunzey, Eunice E. [Bundy] (wife of Hiram Bunzey)18312 Feb 188049y
Bunzey, Floyd H.29 May 18859 Mar 191630y 9m 9d
Bunzey, Hiram182819 May 190678y
Bunzey, Ida M.UnknownUnknownUnknown
Bunzy, Silas4 Jul 181224 Feb 185744y 7m 20d
Burgess, Grace M.1881UnknownUnknown
Cary, Anthony S.1860192666y
Cary, Arthur E.12 Sep 18865 Jan 18892y 3m 24d
Cary, Eva [Willsey] (wife of Anthony S. Cary)1861UnknownUnknown
Cass, Wealthy A.30 Nov 183523 Oct 189660y 10m 23d
Champion, Almira J. [Maxim] (wife of Minor Champion6 Jul 18433 Jan 192076y 5m 28d
Champion, Ezra10 Oct 18162 Jul 188770y 8m 22d
Champion, Margaret A. [Barckley] (wife of Ezra Champion)11 Sep 181716 Jul 189880y 10m 5d
Champion, Minor4 Feb 184318 Jun 187128y 4m 14d
Cheesebro, Maud (daughter of Watson T. and Anna Cheesebro)27 Jan 188615 Mar 18861m 16d
Cheesebro, Nellie (daughter of Watson T. and Anna Cheesebro)31 Jul 18847 Jun 18872y 10m 7d
Chesebro, ----- (son of J. W. and A. L. Chesebro)19 Nov 184913 Oct 186515y 10m 24d
Chesebro, Alvah J. (son of Nicholas and Catharine Chesebro)UnknownUnknownUnknown
Chesebro, Anna Maria [Armstrong] (wife of Eliakim Chesebro)1824190783y
Chesebro, Catharine [Armstrong] (wife of Niholas Chesebro)17 Mar 183421 Jun 191480y 3m 4d
Chesebro, Eliakim1820189676y
Chesebro, J. W., Dr.10 Aug 182011 Jun 190079y 10m 1d
Chesebro, James Edison (son of Nicholas and Catharine Chesebro)Unknown14 Feb 1873Unknown
Chesebro, Joseph D.11 Apr 185916 Apr 18634y 5d
Chesebro, Manly W. (son of Nicholas and Catharine Chesebro)UnknownUnknownUnknown
Chesebro, Nicholas14 Jul 182731 Aug 188760y 1m 17d
Chesebro, Sarah A. (wife of J. W. Chesebro)20 Mar 182823 Jan 190980y 10m 3d
Chesebro, Willie (son of Nicholas and Catharine Chesebro)UnknownUnknownUnknown
Chrisler, Charlotte (daughter of William and Lucy Chrisler)Oct 186413 Nov 18651y 1m
Chrisler, Jerome (son of William and Lucy Chrisler)Oct 186413 Dec 18642m
Chrisler, Philip (son of William and Lucy Chrisler)187126 Feb 18732y
Chrysler, Albert12 Sep 18751 Feb 18771y 4m 20d
Chrysler, Frank4 Dec 1866UnknownUnknown
Chrysler, Lucy [Syplis] (wife of William H. Chrysler)1827191083y
Chrysler, Margaret1 Aug 188118 Feb 18831y 6m 17d
Chrysler, Minnie [Fullington] (wife of Frank Chrysler)28 Oct 1875UnknownUnknown
Chrysler, William H.28 Dec 182429 Mar 188560y 2m 29d
Cleaves, Daniel E.1881UnknownUnknown
Cleaves, Jennie F.1920UnknownUnknown
Cleaves, Rose [Lewis] (wife of Daniel E. Cleaves)1880191535y
Clickman, Barbara A.1835191984y
Clickman, Frederick23 May 179414 Dec 187783y 6m 21d
Clickman, Hiram1832191987y
Clickman, Mary E. [Truax] (wife of Hiram Clickman)1844UnknownUnknown
Clickman, Rebecca (wife of Frederick Clickman)9 May 179325 Aug 188188y 3m 16d
Clift, Hiram, Capt.3 Apr 180315 Nov 187471y 7m 12d
Clift, Mary E. [Crary] (wife of Hiram Clift)8 Sep 18134 Jun 190490y 8m 27d
Clow, Charles F.1866191751y
Clow, Mary A. [Dinison] (wife of Charles F. Clow)1865UnknownUnknown
Clute, Charles4 Jun 1819UnknownUnknown
Clute, Asenath B. [Hoyt] (wife of Charles Clute)16 Mar 183419 Nov 186930y 8m 3d
Coates, Abigail [Blodgett] (wife of Robert Coates)2 Sep 177021 Sep 179424y 19d
Coates, Miriam [Blodgett] (wife of Robert Coates)28 Apr 177128 Nov 183867y 7m 0d
Coates, Robert15 Apr 17573 Jul 184386y 2m 18d
Coburn, Asa F.1818190284y
Crary, Amos16 Jun 178811 Dec 186981y 5m 25d
Crary, Austin1848UnknownUnknown
Crary, Catharine E. [Crounse] (wife of William J. Crary)1848189850y
Crary, Cornelia W.1815188772y
Crary, Daniel J.1823190481y
Crary, Denison30 Jun 181222 Jun 188673y 11m 23d
Crary, Frederick W.1873UnknownUnknown
Crary, Hannah [Gallup] (wife of Nathan Crary)24 May 178723 Jul 187386y 1m 29d
Crary, Harriett [Sand] (wife of Daniel J. Crary)1828189567y
Crary, Henrietta M. [Williams] (wife of Denison Crary)22 Jan 182521 Mar 191489y 1m 27d
Crary, Henry A.2 Oct 184225 Dec 190361y 2m 23d
Crary, Horace (son of Amos and Mary Crary)12 Sep 181911 Jul 189272y 9m 29d
Crary, John Gallup23 Jan 180912 Jan 189686y 11m 20d
Crary, Jule Anna8 Aug 18408 May 186322y 9m 0d
Crary, Martha O.1856190751y
Crary, Mary [Denison] (wife of Amos Crary17 May 178928 Jul 184051y 2m 11d
Crary, Mary [Lawyer] (wife of Frederick W. Crary)1876UnknownUnknown
Crary, Mary [Spawn] (wife of John Gallup Crary)7 Aug 181928 May 189575y 9m 21d
Crary, Nathan11 Feb 178417 Jul 186682y 5m 6d
Crary, Sally A. (daughter of Amos and Mary Crary)8 Oct 182111 Apr 190179y 6m 3d
Crary, Stephen A.1818190082y
Crary, Thomas (son of Amos and Mary Crary)Dec 181630 Apr 18181y 4m
Crary, William J.1846UnknownUnknown
Crounse, Alexander1806188579y
Crounse, Lucinda (daughter of Alexander and Mary Crounce)1842187836y
Crounse, Mary (wife of Alexander Crounce)1805189186y
Denison, Vianna (wife of Andrew Denison)12 Oct 18376 Jun 188547y 7m 25d
Deuel, Alman H.15 Aug 186530 Aug 189025y 15d
Deuel, George D.1903UnknownUnknown
Deuel, George W.12 Aug 1868UnknownUnknown
Deuel, George W.1868UnknownUnknown
Deuel, George W.1868UnknownUnknown
Deuel, Ira22 Jun 1839UnknownUnknown
Deuel, Jean [Daley] (wife of George D. Deuel)1903UnknownUnknown
Deuel, Margaret [Berckley] (wife of Ira Deuel)16 Sep 1829UnknownUnknown
Deuel, Marguerite D. (wife of Charles E. Thomas)190-UnknownUnknown
Deuel, Maud E. [Wood] (wife of George W. Deuel)1878192345y
Deuel, Minnie [Gaige ] (wife of Alman H. Deuel)5 Apr 1872UnknownUnknown
Dillenbeck, Charles1847189851y
Dillenbeck, Dortha A.UnknownUnknown91y
Dillenbeck, Mary Anna [Hogan] (wife of Charles Dillenbeck)1846UnknownUnknown
Drum, Charley27 Oct 18723 Mar 188714y 4m 4d
Drum, Emma (daughter of J. and M. Drum)187521 Apr 189217y
Drum, Joseph27 Feb 18359 Jul 190671y 4m 12d
Drum, Mary [Garfield] (wife of Joseph Drum)25 Aug 18373 May 192183y 8m 8d
Dyer, Jennie [Hungerford] (wife of Winfield Scott Dyer)1868UnknownUnknown
Dyer, Mildred Eliza (daughter of Winfield Scott and Jennie H. Dyer)190219064y
Dyer, Winfield Scott1861UnknownUnknown
Earl, Albert S.1853190552y
Elsass, Carrie (daughter of J. H. and Helen E. Elsass)7 Mar 186413 Dec 18662y 9m 6d
Elsass, Catharine (daughter of J. H. and Helen E. Elsass)3 Feb 18665 May 18682y 3m 2d
Elsass, Catharine Mary183318 Aug 185825y
Elsass, Eli1841189655y
Elsass, Elizabeth (wife of Michael Elsass)181510 May 186045y
Elsass, Helen E. (wife of Jacob H. Elsass)23 Sep 18456 Feb 188034y 4m 14d
Elsass, Jacob H.17 Oct 183813 Apr 191475y 5m 27d
Elsass, Lucinda [Scrafford] (wife of Eli Elsass)1844192076y
Elsass, Michael18051 Sep 189186y
Fares, Charles A.1858UnknownUnknown
Fares, George (son of Charles and Mary Fares)4 Dec 188321 Oct 188410m 17d
Fares, Mary [Warner] (wife of Charles A. Fares)1860UnknownUnknown
Faville, Esther D. [Crary] (wife of Amos S. Faville)23 Sep 183123 Sep 1831
- - -
Filkins, Ada A. [Nehemiah] (wife of George H. Filkins9 Mar 1862UnknownUnknown
Filkins, George H.4 May 18578 Apr 189739y 11m 4d
Frank, Charles G.UnknownUnknownUnknown
Frank, Charles M.1851190352y
Frank, Euphenia (wife of Charles M. Frank)1857UnknownUnknown
Frank, Lydia (daughter of Charles G. and Margaret Frank)185427 Jul 18606y
Frank, Margaret [Schoonmaker] (wife of Charles G. Frank)182218 Apr 188967y
Frank, Mary (daughter of Charles G. and Margaret Frank)186118 Aug 187413y
Frank, Minnie (daughter of Charles G. and Margaret Frank)186322 Aug 187411y
Frank, Nancy M.Aug 18254 Dec 184924y 4m
Frink, EdwinApr 183721 Aug 18392y 4m
Frink, Emeline [Quay] (wife of Seneca Frink)184919 Dec 189950y
Frink, GeorgeMar 187524 Jun 18753m
Frink, Marion R. (daughter of Peres, Jr. and Lydia Frink)Sep 18311 Nov 184817y 2m
Frink, Nancy176522 Jan 185085y
Frink, Peres176629 Jul 184983y
Frink, Seneca18487 Apr 190557y
Fullington, Margaret [Saddlemire] (wife of Philip Fullington)19 Oct 1849UnknownUnknown
Fullington, Philip4 Feb 184013 Jun 190262y 4m 9d
Gage, Agnes (daughter of Frank and Ida Gage)1921UnknownUnknown
Gage, Baby (child of Frank and Ida Gage)1915UnknownUnknown
Gage, Beulah [Clow] (wife of Harrison Gage)1889UnknownUnknown
Gage, Charity E. [Hotaling] (wife of Orlando Gage)15 Dec 18549 Oct 188530y 9m 24d
Gage, Cynthia (daughter of Potter and Cynthia Gage)26 Jul 180120 Mar 186058y 7m 23d
Gage, Frank1855192368y
Gage, Gilbert8 Dec 18249 Aug 189469y 8m 1d
Gage, Harrison1888UnknownUnknown
Gage, Ida [Northrup] (wife of Frank Gage)1862UnknownUnknown
Gage, Juliette (daughter of Potter and Cynthia Gage)28 Aug 184018 Dec 187636y 3m 20d
Gage, Phebe (wife of Gilbert Gage)28 Jan 182830 Dec 191284y 11m 2d
Gage, Potter25 Dec 17986 Mar 188384y 2m 9d
Gaige, Charles1824191490y
Gaige, Cora B. [Schoolcraft] (wife of Willard Gaige)1870191444y
Gaige, Cynthia186118709y
Gaige, Hannah M. [Tompkins] (wife of Charles Gaige)1830190575y
Gaige, Hattie1859187213y
Gaige, Willard1863192158y
Gallup, Albert D.1846UnknownUnknown
Gallup, Albert S.1885190924y
Gallup, Alida9 May 182919 Oct 190677y 5m 10d
Gallup, Andrew12 Feb 183019 Dec 186535y 10m 7d
Gallup, Anna D. [Vrooman] (wife of Albert D. Gallup)1858UnknownUnknown
Gallup, David A.1855192267y
Gallup, Edna [Hane] (wife of David A. Gallup)1863188825y
Gallup, Elon29 Oct 182115 May 191391y 6m 16d
Gallup, Enos (son of Samuel H. and Margaret Gallup)25 Jun 192515 Jul 182620d
Gallup, Eve [Havely] (wife of Gurden Gallup)180313 Aug 189693y
Gallup, George (son of Samuel H. and Olive Gallup)28 Sep 183114 Mar 18342y 5m 14d
Gallup, Gertrude J.1855189237y
Gallup, Gurden14 Jun 179811 Dec 188486y 5m 27d
Gallup, Hannah14 Mar 182126 Aug 190079y 5m 12d
Gallup, Hiram (son of Nathaniel D. and Polly Gallup)6 Oct 184930 Jan 186616y 3m 24d
Gallup, Horace182319 Jul 189976y
Gallup, Ida Isabella (daughter of Nathaniel D. and Polly Gallup)3 Sep 184629 Jul 18481y 10m 26d
Gallup, James H., M.D.14 May 18332 Feb 192086y 8m 19d
Gallup, Joshua31 Oct 18389 Jun 189162y 7m 9d
Gallup, Margaret [Fisher] (wife of Samuel H. Gallup)5 Jun 179519 May 182731y 11m 14d
Gallup, Martha [Briggs] (wife of James H. Gallup)3 Oct 183317 Jul 190975y 9m 14d
Gallup, Miner W., M.D.1850189848y
Gallup, Nancy Ann Guffin [Broeffle] (wife of Elon Gallup)22 Jan 182710 Mar 191689y 1m 17d
Gallup, Nathaniel D.1824190470y
Gallup, Nathaniel, Esq.16 Nov 177021 Apr 183463y 5m 5d
Gallup, Nevada (daughter of Charles and Caroline Gallup)2 Jun 186314 Oct 18634m 12d
Gallup, Olive [VanWie] (wife of Samuel Gallup)Aug 180124 Jan 188381y 5m
Gallup, Polly A. [Strevell] (wife of Nathaniel D. Gallup)1829191182y
Gallup, Samuel H.31 Jan 179423y23 Jan 187277y 11m 23d
Gallup, Vera Glyckman1894191723y
Gifford, Austin22 Aug 184816 Jan 189142y 4m 25d
Gifford, Effie (wife of Fred C. Gifford)190430 Jan 192218y
Gifford, Fred C.UnknownUnknownUnknown
Gifford, Milton T.2 Jul 18836 Sep 191633y 2m 4d
Gifford, Tahpenes [Armstrong] (wife of Austin Gifford)Unknown12 Oct 1852Unknown
Gowan, Benjamin1825190580y
Gowan, Hannah E. (wife of Benjamin Gowan)1845191368y
Groat, Eve S. [Saddlemire] (wife of Aaron Groat)31 Oct 180426 Apr 187065y 5m 26d
Hane, Calvin1860UnknownUnknown
Hane, Eve (wife of Jacob P. Hane)Aug 179616 Mar 186770y 7m
Hane, Jacob P .1 Oct 180312 Sep 188884y 11m 11d
Hane, Mattie [Beach] (wife of Calvin Hane)26 Aug 18643 Sep 188622y 8d
Hane, Nellie M. [Warner] (wife of Calvin Hane)1872192654y
Hane, Stanley A.1894191925y
Hane, Susanah4 Feb 18319 Feb 190372y 5d
Hanes, AlbertUnknownUnknownUnknown
Hanes, Amos G. (Co. D, NY Volunteers - died at Cairo, IL)21 Aug 183918 Jul 186424y 10m 27d
Hanes, Elias (Co K, 7th NY Heavy Art.)UnknownUnknownUnknown
Hanes, ErnestUnknownUnknown3m
Hanes, Eva A.UnknownUnknownUnknown
Hanes, FloraUnknownUnknownUnknown
Hanes, HarryUnknownUnknown21d
Hanes, HiramUnknownUnknown65y
Hanes, SusieUnknownUnknown4y
Haswell, Frances [Freleigh] (wife of Joseph A. Haswell)18023 Oct 187371y
Haswell, Joseph A14 Mar 179220 Oct 186977y 7m 6d
Haswell, Mary182814 Feb 187749y
Haswell, Robert18403 Dec 187232y
Havens, Cynthia A.30 Jan 18207 Oct 189171y 8m 7d
Haverly, Charles1856UnknownUnknown
Haverly, Esther [Saddlemire] (wife of Josiah Haverly)16 Dec 182114 Jul 190886y 6m 28d
Haverly, Josiah28 Feb 181914 Dec 189879y 9m 16d
Haverly, Julia I.23 Oct 185413 Jul 18558m 20d
Haverly, MenzoUnknown24 Feb 1861Unknown
Haverly, Myrtle [Becker] (wife of Menzo Haverly)5 Jan 18774 Apr 189821y 2m 30d
Haverly, Retha May (daughter of Carl M. and Edith Haverly)29 Sep 189828 Aug 19001y 10m 30d
Haverly, Sanford20 Oct 18563 Jun 18577m 14d
Haverly, Susan [Quay] (wife of Charles Haverly)1858UnknownUnknown
Haverly, Susan Elnora190419062y
Haverly, VertieUnknownUnknownUnknown
Hellenbeck, Ester M.189518983y
Hellenbeck, George B.1866190539y
Hellenbeck, Gorden190419051y
Hellenbeck, Isaac C.189318941y
Hellenbeck, Libbie [Shultes] (wife of George B. Hallenbeck)1870UnknownUnknown
Hill, Elmira [Williamson] (wife of George Hill)1849190354y
Hill, George1848191870y
Hill, HelenUnknownUnknownUnknown
Hill, Lee1878UnknownUnknown
Holmes, John Crary191619259y
Hunting, Adam Clark5 Feb 18331 Feb 192793y 11m 27d
Hunting, Evelyn [Crary] (wife of Adam Clark Hunting)15 Jun 183829 Feb 189657y 8m 14d
Irwin, Margaret1857190952y
Jansen, Abram1860UnknownUnknown
Jansen, Emma [Lawton] (wife of Abram Jansen)1865192459y
Jansen, Jehoiakim22 Nov 18312 Jul 190876y 7m 10d
Jansen, Laura17 Apr 188515 Jan 191630y 8m 29d
Jansen, Manley8 Sep 1873UnknownUnknown
Jansen, Matilda (wife of Jehoiakim Jansen9 Jun 183711 Jan 189254y 7m 2d
Jansen, NellieDec 189021 May 18921y 5m
Keenholts, Babe (child of John and Christian Keenholts)UnknownUnknownUnknown
Keenholts, Christian [Saddlemire] (wife of John Keenholts)8 Feb 18187 Jul 190991y 4m 29d
Keenholts, Elmina [Armstrong] (wife of Silas E. Keenholts)4 Mar 184026 Mar 189252y 22d
Keenholts, John2 Jan 181722 Sep 190891y 8m 20d
Keenholts, Silas E.3 Dec 18394 Sep 192484y 9m 1d
Ketcham, Milton21 Oct 187920 Feb 189818y 3m 30d
Ketcham, Olevia [Pier] (wife of William Ketcham2 Mar 1855UnknownUnknown
Ketcham, William19 Feb 183312 May 192289y 2m 23d
Ketchem, AlonzoMar 187515 Aug 18754m 16d
Ketchem, Alonzo183828 May 188143y
Ketchem, John H.Nov 186923 May 18722y 6m
Kipp, Andrew M.1845191974y
Kipp, Jacob1857187417y
Kipp, Lewis1811188675y
Kipp, Mary [Bundy] (wife of Lewis Kipp)1817188467y
Kipp, Nancy [Quay] (wife of Andrew M. Kipp)1844UnknownUnknown
Kirkpatrick, Benjamin1 Jan 180012 Mar 188585y 2m 11d
Kirkpatrick, Benjamin1844UnknownUnknown
Kirkpatrick, Jane1835191580y
Kirkpatrick, Mary [Stewart] (wife of Benjamin Kirkpatrick)9 Feb 181319 May 188269y 3m 10d
Kirkpatrick, Mary1840191575y
Louis, Albert1894UnknownUnknown
Louis, Lena H. [Deuel] (wife of Albert Louis)1897UnknownUnknown
Lawyer, Caroline [Roach] (wife of Gelespie Lawyer)1855192065y
Lawyer, Gelespie1849192172y
Leavenworth, David W.18139 Jan 189380y
Lewis, ClaraUnknownUnknownUnknown
Lewis, Clarissa [Swan] (wife of Henry Lewis)180628 Apr 182923y
Lewis, Elizabeth H. [Sickles] (wife of Jacob Lewis)1856192266y
Lewis, Floyd B.1890UnknownUnknown
Lewis, HenryMay 180021 Jul 188080y 2m
Lewis, Jacob1848UnknownUnknown
Lewis, JaneUnknownUnknownUnknown
Lewis, Mary Emailine [VanAuken Ketcham] (wife of George Lewis12 Oct 184310 Sep 190763y 10m 29d
Livingston, Matthew1835UnknownUnknown
Louis, Albert1894UnknownUnknown
Louis, Lena H. [Deuel] (wife of Albert Louis)1897UnknownUnknown
Martin, Benjamin25 Oct 17976 Oct 185254y 11m 11d
Martin, Julia Marvin [Taber] (wife of Robert Coats Martin)6 Mar 183023 Aug 189969y 5m 17d
Martin, Robert Coats10 Apr 182321 Jun 190683y 2m 11d
Martin, Sally [Coates] (wife of Benjamin Martin)26 Jan 179919 Jan 188282y 11m 24d
Martin, Sarah Malvina (daughter of Benjamin & Sally Martin)19 Apr 182515 Jan 184822y 8m 27d
Mesick, CatharineJul 180911 Feb 184939y 7m
Nasholdsb, Alice C. (daughter of William H. and Edith Nasholdsb)14 May 188011 Mar 18832y 9m 25d
Nasholdsb, Edith [Crary] (wife of William H. Nasholdsb)7 Aug 18518 Jan 192573y 5m 1d
Nasholdsb, William H.22 Feb 18511 Jan 192775y 10m 10d
Ostrander, Mary E. [Drum] (wife of Anson Ostrander)28 Aug 185715 May 189941y 8m 17d
Ostrander, Winfield (son of A. and M. E. Ostrander)5 Jul 188524 May 190418yy 10m 19d
Passage, Anna E. [Deuel] (wife of George M. Passage)11 Jan 1863UnknownUnknown
Passage, George M.18 Sep 1862UnknownUnknown
Passage, Mildred (daughter of George M. and Anna E. Passage)9 Aug 189820 Oct 18982m 11d
Pitcher, JamesDec 182510 Jun 184519y 6m
Pitcher, Mary (wife of Minor Pitcher)1914UnknownUnknown
Pitcher, Minor1848191668y
Requa, Lamar1885UnknownUnknown
Requa, Millie [Haverly] (wife of Lamar Requa)1884UnknownUnknown
Saddlemire, Louisa [Auchampaugh] (wife of John H. Saddlemire)Unknown4 Jan 1849Unknown
Shultes, Sophia E.7 Oct 183231 Dec 189361y 2m 24d
Sterling, Elizabeth6 Dec 180422 Mar 188378y 3m 16d
Swan, Robert1867190942y
Swan, May L. [Champion] (wife of Robert Swan)1871UnknownUnknown
Swan, Rufus P.21 Sep 1851UnknownUnknown
Swan, Juliet [Gage] (wife of Rufus P. Swan)6 Aug 1863UnknownUnknown
Swan, Cora E.24 Sep 187317 May 18839y 7m 23d
Swan, Ada E.24 Mar 189320 Nov 18937m 27d
Thomas, Charles E.1898UnknownUnknown
Warner, Elias20 Jan 1852UnknownUnknown
Warner, Lucy Ella [Gallup] (wife of Elias Warner)17 May 185324 Apr 191258y 11m 7d
Weaver, Claude S.1884UnknownUnknown
Weaver, Minnie E. [Armstrong] (wife of Claude S. Weaver)1881UnknownUnknown
White, John H.185214 Mar 188937y
Williamson, Cora B. [Champion] (wife of Ellsworth Williamson)1869192253y
Williamson, Ellsworth1860UnknownUnknown

Location: On the hillside east of the Haswell homestead, Feura Bush Rd. opposite Murray Ave.

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