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This biography is from ANNALS of the Medical Society of the County of Albany, 1806-1851, by Sylvester D. Willard, M. D.

Henry Barnard Hallenbeck

Henry Barnard Hallenbeck, was the eldest son of Henry B. Hallenbeck, and descended from Hendrick Hallenbeck, one of the early Dutch settlers of Albany, and an owner of large landed estates in the settlement. Henry was born in Albany on the first day of March, 1796. He became a pupil in medicine with Dr. William Bay, and probably received his license from the County Medical Society, to which he was admitted as a member in 1821. He settled in the town of Bethlehem, about five miles below the city, where he acquired the reputation of being a good practitioner, and was esteemed by the community in which he lived. He fell a victim of consumption, and died in April, 1825, at the age of twenty-nine years.

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