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This biography is from ANNALS of the Medical Society of the County of Albany, 1806-1851, by Sylvester D. Willard, M. D.

Cornelius Vrooman

Cornelius Vrooman, Jr., was the second son of Simon Vrooman, a citizen of Schenectady, where he was horn in 1781. His classical education was obtained at Union College, though his name does not appear on the catalogue as a graduate of that institution. He attended medical lectures at the University of Pennsylvania, and began the practice of his profession in his native city. He rapidly won the reputation of being a skillful physician —a reputation which still attaches to his memory.

Dr. Vrooman was over six feet in stature; his manners were easy and agreeable; his expression of countenance pleasant and lively; and he possessed fluency and versatility in conversation, well adapted to make him a popular man. He was uniformly kind hearted, and generous towards the poor. It is said of Dr. Vrooman, that with these virtues he was—unlike physicians of the present generation— quick tempered, but that the paroxysms were exceedingly brief. The sun shine is more cheerful after a cloud and a shower, and a man more amiable after the climax of a temporary vexation. He did not long continue in professional life, probably as much on account of the admonitions of health, as from having been appointed financier for a very wealthy citizen of Schenectady, for which his sterling integrity, and his business capacity alike fitted him. Dr. Vrooman passed away in his early manhood a victim of pulmonary disease. His death occurred in December, 1811, when he was at the age of thirty years.

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