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This biography is from Landmarks of Albany County, New York, edited by Amasa J. Parker of Albany, N. Y., Syracuse, N. Y.; D. Mason & Co. Publishers, 1897.

Isaac H. Maynard

Hon. Isaac H. Maynard was born in Bovina, Delaware county, N. Y., April 9, 1838. His paternal ancestry were of English origin, his great-grandfather emigrating to this country from the north of England in 1740. His maternal ancestors were Scotch. His earlier years were passed on his father's farm and in attendance at the district school. In 1854 he entered the Stamford Seminary, where he prepared for college, entering Amherst College in 1858 and graduating with honors in 1862. In the study of Greek he took one of the Mather prizes and for his proficiency in extemporaneous debate during his college course, he received one of the Hardy prizes. He delivered the German oration at the Junior exhibition and was one of the monitors of his class. He pronounced one of the English orations at the commencement and was valedictorian.

Two months after graduating he entered the law office of the late Hon. William Murray, afterwards judge of the Supreme Court at Delhi, N. Y., and was admitted to the bar in 1863. He practiced law in Delhi in 1865, when he removed to Stamford, Delaware county, and formed a partnership with his cousin, F. R. Gilbert, afterwards judge of the Supreme Court, which continued until January, 1878. Mr. Maynard was elected supervisor of the town of Stamford, and in 1870 was re-elected and made chairman of the board. He was largely instrumental in securing the incorporation of the village by special act of the Legislature and was the author of its charter. He was elected the first president and was re-elected unanimously for ten successive years.

In 1875 he was elected a member of the Assembly and in 1876 was re-elected. He was an active supporter of Governor Tilden in the presidential contest of 1877, and was always among the foremost leaders of the Democratic party. In 1877 Mr. Maynard was elected county judge and surrogate of Delaware county and served a full term of six years. In 1883 he was the Democratic candidate for secretary of state. January 1, 1884, he was appointed by Attorney-General O'Brien, deputy attorney- general, which office he held until the following June, when he was called by President Cleveland to assume the duties of second comptroller of the United States Treasury. April 1, 1887, he was appointed assistant secretary of the treasury, to succeed Charles S. Fairchild, who had been made secretary upon the retirement of Daniel Manning. He resigned this position March 5, 1889, but remained at his desk until April 1, at the request of Secretary Windom.

On May 22, 1889, he was appointed by Governor Hill, one of the commissioners to revise the laws of the State of New York and while engaged in this work, he prepared the original draft of the revised corporation laws of the State. January 1, 1890, he was again appointed deputy attorney general by Attorney-General Tabor and re-appointed January 1, 1892, by Attorney-General Rosendale.

On January 19, 1892, he was honored by Governor Flower with the appointment as associate judge of the Court of Appeals, in place of Judge Earl, who had been appointed chief judge to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Judge Ruger, and he was reappointed January 1, 1893, to fill the vacancy caused by the election of Judge Andrews to be chief judge. In the latter year he was nominated by the Democrats to succeed himself, but was defeated. Upon his retirement from the bench, January 1, 1894, Judge Maynard resumed the practice of the law in Albany, in connection with his former partner, Judge Gilbert, the firm being Maynard, Gilbert & Cone. He was an eminent jurist and a lawyer of great learning, and his native sagacity, his long experience and intimate knowledge of men and affairs greatly enhanced his usefulness as a judge of the highest court of the State. He died in Albany June 12, 1896, leaving a widow and one daughter, who reside in Stamford, N. Y.

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