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This biography is from Landmarks of Albany County, New York, edited by Amasa J. Parker of Albany, N. Y., Syracuse, N. Y.; D. Mason & Co. Publishers, 1897.

James C. Covert

James C. Covert, proprietor of the Covert Manufacturing Company of West Troy, N. Y., was born in Seneca county, N. Y., in 1835. After receiving a substantial education in the public schools, he devoted his attention to the harness trade and became a thorough practical harnessmaker and manufacturer. For a number of years he was in business in his native town after which he went South, traveling through the different Southern States, with headquarters at Nashville, Tenn., where he remained several years, until just before the Rebellion, when he returned North and established himself in business in Seneca county. Mr. Covert is possessed of great inventive genius, having taken out over fifty patents on his different inventions and not only has he patented valuable inventions, but has, unlike most inventors, personally manufactured, introduced and established a large and lucrative business on his articles. In 1868 he patented his famous bolt harness snap, which revolutionized the snap trade throughout the United States and to-day these snaps are standard throughout the world, and they have been largely imitated. In 1873 the Covert Manufacturing Company was formed in Troy, N. Y., and in 1879 the business was removed to West Troy, Albany county, where the company erected a large establishment adapted particularly to the manufacture of their goods and to which plant there has since been many large and substantial additions. The business was commenced upon a comparatively small scale, but their goods are now recognized as being standard and are shipped to every civilized country in the world. Their goods consist of Covert's celebrated harness snaps, swivel snaps, open-eye bit, chain and trace snaps, snaps and thimbles for horse and cattle ties, abjustable web and rope halters, and rope goods, consisting of rope halters, horse and cattle ties, halter leads, weight and hitching cords, hammock ropes, lariat tethers, picket pins, and also adjustable soldering irons, rod post hitchers and chain goods consisting of breast, halter, rein, post, trace and heel chains, hitching posts, balling irons, safety gate hooks, pant stretchers, wagon jacks, etc.

Mr. Covert is also the owner and manufacturer of the famous Dr. Bury Medicines, being the sole proprietor of the Dr. Bury Medical Company of West Troy, N. Y. These medicines consist of lung balsam, catarrh snuff and camphor ointment. These remedies were invented by an eminent French physician who used them extensively and successfully in his practice, both in France and the United States. In 1889 a company was formed under the title of the Dr. Bury Medical Company, who began the extensive manufacture and sale of the Dr. Bury Remedies.

Under the skillful management of Mr. Covert the business has grown in proportions and the remedies are now used in all sections of the country. Mr. Covert is a careful, shrewd business man and attends strictly to business, almost every detail of which comes under his direct personal supervision. Although not a politician he has held several offices of public trust and takes a deep interest in all public improvements. He was one of the commissioners intrusted with the adoption and construction of the new and extensive sewerage system of the village of West Troy and was recently appointed one of the water commissioners of the city of Watervliet. He is a member and elder of the Reformed Presbyterian church and takes a prominent and active part in all its affairs and is also one of the directors of the Young Men's Christian Association. He stands very high in the Masonic fraternity, having held office in the different bodies and is Past High Priest of Hudson River Chapter, R. A. M. He is a member of the Evening Star Lodge No. 75, F. & A. M., Hudson River Chapter No. 262, R. A. M. of West Troy, N. Y.; Bloss Council, No. 14, R. & S M.; Apollo Commandery, No. 15, K. T., Troy, N. Y.; Albany Sovereign Consistory thirty-two degrees, A. A. R., also Oriental Temple N. M. S., of Troy, N. Y.

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