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This biography is from HEROES OF ALBANY, by Rufus W. Clark, D. D.

James A. Scrafford
of Guilderland

James A. Scrafford, the son of Jacob and Ann Elizabeth Scrafford, was born in the town of Guilderland, and was seventeen and a half years old when he enlisted in the American army.

Though not a professing Christian, James was a youth of excellent moral character, and was beloved by a large circle of friends.

He was connected with Company H, One Hundred and Seventy-seventh New York Regiment, and was taken sick at Port Hudson. While in a feeble state, his coat and blanket were stolen from him, and he took a severe cold, from which he never recovered. He was sent to the hospital at Bonnet Carre, and thence to New Orleans. A friend kindly wrote to his father, describing his condition, and immediately the fond parent started to go to bis boy, and to bring him home.

James reached Albany in a state of extreme physical prostration, and his fatber took him to Bethlehem, to the residence of his grandfather, William Scrafford, Esq. There be lingered only one week, and expired August 28th, 1863.

It was a great consolation to the dear boy to die surrounded by those who loved him, and who were ready to do every thing in their power for his comfort. He was buried in the Hamiltonville Cemetery, Guilderland.

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