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This biography is from HEROES OF ALBANY, by Rufus W. Clark, D. D.

Aaron P. Springer

Aaron P. Springer joined the Eighty-first Regiment of New York Volunteers in September, 1861. He had, a few weeks previous to his joining this regiment, in company with Capt. John Cook, of this city, formerly of the Ninety-first Regiment N. Y. V., endeavored to raise an independent company for the war; but through the urgent request of his friends, he was persuaded to go to Fort Ontario, Oswego, where the Eighty-first Regiment was being organized. But having been disappointed in obtaining there a commission, which he had every reason to expect, he, inspired with a pure patriotism, had his name enrolled as a private in Company F, and started with the regiment for the seat of war.

Being fifty-four years of age, the arduous duties and long marches soon began to wear on his frame, and after passing safely through the great battles of the summer of 1862, under Gen. McClellan, immediately after that memorable battle of Fair Oaks, he was worn out, and came to the hospital at Washington. In a few days he received leave of absence to visit his home. He arrived home, where he was warmly welcomed by his family, for he was an indulgent father and kind husband. He was greatly exhausted, and received every attention that the love of his family could render; but in a few days he passed from time to eternity.

His two sons, Adrian and Charles, soon after joined the army of freedom, both of whom were severely wounded—Adrian at Coal Harbor, and Charles at Petersburg, Va. Surely, none could have done more for their country, than this noble and patriotic family.

As to the character of Aaron P. Springer, it was spotless. He was a noble citizen, and those with whom he associated, well remember the genial smile with which he always greeted them. It was often said of him that he never had an enemy.

His remains lie in the beautiful church yard at Schenectady, where the turf grows over a good citizen, an affectionate father, a brave soldier and a pure patriot.

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