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This biography is from HEROES OF ALBANY, by Rufus W. Clark, D. D.

Joseph Gladding

Joseph Gladding was the son of Timothy C. and Sarah Ann Gladding. Timothy Gladding, his father, was born December 26th, 1810, and became an eminently christian man, esteemed and beloved by many friends. He was converted March 1, 1835, and united with the Methodist Church, of which he was an active member. He was appointed class leader February 7th, 1837. From the time of his conversion until his death, he was ever ready and willing to labor for Christ. Shortly before his death he said: "For him to live is Christ; but to die, is gain." He departed this life December 14th, 1850, with bright hopes of immortal happiness.

His only son, Joseph, was born in Albany, February 19, 1845. He enlisted, December 26th, 1863, in the Eighteenth New York Cavalry, and left Albany for Elmira December 28th, arriving there on the morning of the 30th. They remained in the barracks at that place until February, when they were sent to Washington. They went into camp there for five days, and left Washington for New Orleans, February 20th, and went into barracks there, where they remained. As the company to which he belonged were not supplied with horses, they were not sent with the Red River expedition, but went to Brashear City, on guard duty. They were there nearly a month. Not long after he was taken sick with chills and fever and diarrhoea, and was in the camp hospital about two weeks, when he was removed to the Marine hospital at New Orleans.

On the 26th of September he received a furlough for forty days, and came home, hoping to recover his health. But when his furlough expired his health was no better, yet he was anxious to return to his regiment, but was unable to do so until March; and, although very feeble then, he felt that he must go. He left Albany for New York March 10th; remained there until the 16th, when he went to New Orleans, arriving there after a tedious passage of sixteen days. He reported at the Marine hospital, and the doctor, after examining him, said he must go right back to New York by a hospital boat that was to start that day. He had a quick passage, arriving at the McDougal hospital, April 8th. Thence he was conveyed to the Albany hospital, where he arrived Saturday, April 15th. He was then very sick, and much fatigued by his journey. Everything, however, was done for him that could be done, but he failed fast, and on Tuesday, April 18th, 1865, he died, aged twenty years. He was not connected with any church, but he felt the need of a Saviour, and requested his friends to pray for him, and he prayed for himself, and we hope his prayers were answered.

Joseph was a kind and affectionate son and brother, and his loss is deeply felt by his relatives and friends.

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