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This biography is from HEROES OF ALBANY, by Rufus W. Clark, D. D.

Minot Henry Pease

Minot Henry Pease was born in Albany, August 19, 1843, and died September 23, 1862, aged nineteen years.

One month after he reached his eighteenth year, he obtained the consent of his father to enlist, which he did at Fort Snelling on the 23d of September, 1861, in Company D, Second Regiment Minnesota Volunteers. He was in the battle of Mill Springs, and was one of those who met the enemy face to face, and fought hand to hand over the fence. Lieut. Tuttle writes to his father:

"Your son went into the battle at my side, and fought like a man. He has gained a name with the Second Regiment."

He was also in the intrenchments at Fort Donelson, and brought home some trophies, after presenting his officers with a handsome secesh portfolio.

He was taken with typhoid fever at Louisville, from which he partially recovered, and, being anxious to keep up with his regiment, joined in the march of Gen. Buel from Nashville to Pittsburg Landing, and was on that bloody field just after the fight. The fatigues and exposures of this forced march were too much, and he was reduced by chronic dysentery, and forwarded by Lieut. Moulton to the Pacific hospital, St. Louis, with the first load of wounded from that sanguinary field. On the 30th of April last he obtained a furlough, and came home to die among his kindred. He received his discharge for disability on the 16th of July. Since then he has suffered extremely, and at last his disease ran into insanity, from which he only partially recovered, and which terminated his life.

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