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This biography is from HEROES OF ALBANY, by Rufus W. Clark, D. D.

Alexander S. Slawson

Alexander S. Slawson was one of three patriotic brothers, who enlisted in the American army for the defence of the nation. They were the children of William and Louisa Slawson, and Alexander was born September 1, 1846. He was a good obedient boy, and a member of the Sabbath school.

He enlisted February 4, 1864, in Company D, Seventh Heavy Artillery Regiment. Though of a delicate constitution, he endured the hardships of war with a noble courage, and fought bravely in the battles of Fredericksburg, North Anna River, Spottsylvania Court House, Coal Harbor and Petersburg. In the battle at the last named place, his brother was taken prisoner, June 16, 1864, and was confined in the Andersonville prison, and suffered for ten long and dreary months in that abode of unwritten and indescribable horrors.

Alexander was also in the battles of Deep Bottom, Frederick City, the second battle at Deep Bottom and at Mine Run, August 25, 1864. There, after a hard fought battle, he was taken prisoner and sent first to Richmond, thence to Belle Island, and thence to Salisbury, North Carolina. After six months of intense suffering, he was released, having been reduced to a skeleton.

An unknown friend, whose name the parents of Alexander, desire very much to learn, aided him to return home. When he reached our lines, a surgeon wished him to go to the hospital, but his great desire was to see once more the home of his youth, and the father and mother whom he so tenderly loved. To gain strength for the journey, he laid in a barn for two days, and then started for Albany. He reached home on the 20th of March, and the first words that he uttered on entering the house were, "Mother, I have come home to die."

He lingered for ten days, and then, with perfect resignation to the will of God, and an implicit trust in the blessed Saviour, he left the trials and anguish of earth, for the peace and glory of Heaven.

Alexander's third brother escaped the perils of battle unharmed.

To this family of heroes, known only to us through this brief sketch, we tender the gratitude and admiration of the citizens of Albany, and the loyal people of America.

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