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The Albany County Mailing List is an excellent forum for the exchange of all types of genealogical information, and it is a great place to "meet" others who may be searching for the same ancestors as you are. If you subscribe, then every few hours you will receive email messages that have been posted to the list by other subscribers on the subject of genealogical research in Albany County, NY. You will also be able to post your own messages as often or as seldom as you like, and your posted messages will be emailed to all the other subscribers. The entire service is, of course, FREE of charge. You are under no obligation to reply to messages or to post messages; you may simply be a "lurker" if you prefer! And you can unsubscribe just as easily and as instantly as you subscribed. No one asks you for a password or for any personal information. Spam is strictly forbidden, so you won't receive a string of unwanted advertisements. Attachments are forbidden, so you won't receive huge messages that take ages to download or clog up the inflow of messages to your computer. Why don't you subscribe for a day or so and see how you like it?

SUBSCRIBESend a message to that contains (in the body of the message) the command subscribe and no additional text.
UNSUBSCRIBESend a message to that contains (in the body of the message) the command unsubscribe and no additional text.
CHANGE TO DIGEST MODE1. Send the command unsubscribe to to discontinue mail mode.
2. Send the command subscribe to to start receiving digests.
CHANGE TO NOMAIL MODEThere is no formal NOMAIL mode. All you have to do is follow the directions above and unsubscribe when you want the messages to stop, and then when you want them to start again, simply subscribe again.
POST A MESSAGE TO THE LISTSend it to It will then be sent on to every subscriber in both mail and digest modes.

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