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GALLAGHER Thu Aug 21 19:38:38 1997
I am currently looking for any information pertaining to the surname Gallagher, I have little to no information on them and it is needed to do my son's family tree. If you have any information at all please feel free to contact me.

GAYLOR Fri Jan 17 07:47:24 1997
Seek info. origins of Philip GAYLOR/KEHLER/GELER/KELER/GEHLER/GALOR and wf Mgt. ch. bpt. Stone Arabia Luth. Ch. James 1802, Hiram 1805, John 1808, Eliz. 1814. Philip moved to Albany by 1832 in business with Mr.Dennick. Philip d. ca 1835/8.Res. Palatine. Another dau. Catherine b. ca 1800 m. Jacob C. FOX. One GIBSON was sponsor at bpt of one child.

GEARE Fri Nov 15 07:05:39 1996
How do I preceed to locate a Will #250 for Benjamin Way Geare, filed Feb.24,1905 in Monroe Co. NY and follow this will up various courts to final destination in the Supreme court in Albany???I have various Book #'s and Page #. Are these records on microfilm thru some Library or Hist. Soc.that does intererlibrary loan?

GERIBO Tue Jan 28 12:17:17 1997
Searching for Richard Geribo DOB 1946.

GATES Tue Oct 22 15:52:49 1996
Looking for any information on Stephen GATES who may have moved to Chenango Co. from CT in the early 1800's. He was married to Julia TYLER and had one son (Joseph) before she died. He then married Sylvia TOWN and moved to Geauga Co. Ohio (1829-1831)

GATES Thu Jan 9 07:24:39 1997
Searching for:(1): GATES, Ashbel, according to US census 1850 shows him born NY, in approx 1803. (2): REED, Phebe, wife of a Ashbel GATES. born: 9 July, 1805 to John & Charlotte REED. Married: 12 Jan 1826 to Ashbel GATES (3) GATES, John, Born: 25 Dec.,1827 to Phebe & Ashbel GATES; according to civil war elistment records of Wisconsin, states he was born in Saratoga, NY

GAYLOR Wed Sep 10 08:20:39 1997
Would like to correspond with desc. of James GAYLOR 1802-1893, s/o Phillip GAYLOR who d. Albany 1837/8. James is bur. Rural Cem. Albany, as are some of his children. James was listed as GAYLORD when he m. Nancy STEVENSON in Schenectady.

GEORGE Wed Nov 619:42:19 1996
My great grandparents, Nicholas & Johanna George; from what I'm told moved from Alsace Lorraine (Northeastern France), or possibly Luxembourg, to Buffalo, New York at some point in the 1860's. I'm also told that many Georges moved from Europe at the same time. Nicholas & Johanna George moved from Buffalo, New York to Southeastern Kansas in the late 1860's, early 1870's. In 1911, the family moved to a small farming community here in Western Canada; Killam, Alberta. I'm looking to make contact with any Georges living in New York state that think they might have the slighest connection to what I've provided here, in terms of European roots of the George family.

GERMAN Wed Mar 5 14:21:27 1997
Am trying to find any info on John German,Sr., 1740 - 1800. We believe he was one of the German settlers in the Palatine immigrations, or possibly a mercenary with the British Armny. We know that he was a British loyalist and moved to Canada after the Revolution. He married Mary Ryckman. Have no idea where he lived in the US before moving to Canada, but it seems likely it was New York or Pennsylvania. Any info on this, or on the German family in general? We suspect that the name is a revision of the original.

GIBSON Tue Jan 28 07:34:58 1997
GIBSON, John (1796-1868), 1st SP-- Mary Spearman (1798-1840). Children: Robert Gibson (1820-1885), Henry Gibson (b1824), William Gibson (b1824), Sarah Gibson (b1826), John Gibson (b1830), Simon Spearman Gibson (1832-1911), James Gibson (b1834), Leonard Gibson (b1835), Samuel Gibson (1838). 2nd Sp-- Mary Haden (1812-1892), children: Edmund Gibson (1846-1913), Esther Frances Gibson (1848-1884) and Charles Gibson (1852-1901). Looking for descendants.

GIDDINGS Tue Nov 26 17:18:11 1996 Searching for GIDDINGS, LAFOUNTAIN, CLODGO (sp?) HANLEY, HATFIELD, MINGO (sp?) and WEST. Any info on any of these surnames would be appreciated.

GIDDINGS Sat Apr 19 19:18:16 1997
John and Sally Giddings were listed in the 1850 Delaware County census. Who were their parents? A son Aritus George Giddings was listed as born on 25 Feb 1844 in Roxbury, NY. Aritus George married Mary A. SEABRIDGE and they both died in Coeymans, NY. Does anyone have any info on this GIDDINGS or any other GIDDINGS? Any information would be appreciated.

GILBERT / VANANTEWERP Fri Sep 12 16:43:59 1997
Gilbert/VanAntewerp Family William F. Gilbert m. Wealthy VanAntwerp in Onondaga county lived in Manilus . Wealthy was dau. of Henry VanAntwerp and Ascenath Merritt. Anyone researching this line especially the Gilbert connection please e-mail me.

GILL Sun Aug 31 11:01:42 1997
I'm trying to find information on the parents of Matthew GILL He was born-29, Sept., 1871,AlbanyAlbany,New York He died 9, Feb,1952-He was married to Margaretha Anna KALMES, 12,May,1901-His fathers name was Matthew GILL-born31 Mar.,1828 He died 22,Mar.,1903-His Mother's name was Margaret Emerich. Sometimes spelled with two m's or spelled with a k on the end instead of h. GLEASON Wed Feb 19 06:55:01 1997
GLEASON. Seeking the ancestors of and info about MICHAEL and MARY GLEASON. Michael and first wife, Elisa, born in Ireland 1820, imm. to U.S. prior to 1852 landing in Charleston, SC. Had four children in SC between 1852 and 1862. Elisa died after birth of fourth child. By 1870 Michael had moved to Fort Edward, NY and was married to Mary. Only two of the children were listed in the 1870 census, Patrick and Lizzie. Patrick remained in Washington County. Lizzie moved to Troy area and married. Have info on families of Patrick and Lizzie but nothing on the fate of Michael and Mary. Please E-mail any info. Thanks

GLENN Sun Jan 12 09:31:58 1997
GLENN: seeking information on Alexander GLENN and family found in Ballston, Albany Cty, NY around 1790. This Alexander had sons: Allen, John, Alexander, & James. Any assistance appreciated. Kathy

GOLDSMITH / GARDNER Sun Dec 1 13:34:26 1996 Daniel & Annie (GARDNER) GOLDSMITH, married circa 1800, known children: 1) Ellen GOLDSMITH, b. 26 Jan 1802 Albany Co. NY, married 18 Mar 1828 in Wayne Benjamin BOND. 2) Joseph GOLDSMITH 3) Gardner GOLDSMITH sometime in the 1820s the family moved to IN.

GOODMAN Wed May 28 14:51:10 1997
Stephen GOODMAN, born Dec 18, 1816 in Bethlehem (now Delmar), Albany Co., NY. His parents were Nancy and Edwin GOODMAN from the North of Ireland (Presbeterian of Scottish descent). Stephen GOODMAN married Sarah Crosby RUNNELS (b. Sept 22, 1818) at Cherry Valley, NY on Jan 9, 1838. They had, I believe 9 children:Harriet Ward (b. 1839 in Bethlehem, NY), Edward, Harlan Page, Stephen Oscar, John Onderdunk, Manly Witherill, Sarah Francelia, James, and Charles Weasley.

GOODRICH Tue Jan 28 09:28:24 1997
Nathan GOODRICH m. Rhoda ALLEN Oct. 9, 1784 at Ballston Spa, Sararoga Cty, NY. both were from Hancock, MA and I do not believe they stayed Ballstom Spa. Looking for proof of marriage

GOUVERNEUR Fri Jun 20 08:20:13 1997
Some of my ancestors went to America circa 1670. Most likely to Albany or New York. 1. Nicolas (Claes) Gouverneur married with Machteld de Riemer and two of their sons: 1.1 Abraham Gouverneur 1.2 Isaac Gouverneur 1. NICOLAS GOUVERNEUR: born 1635 Leiden (The Netherlands); married in Amsterdam and get children there (between 1668 and 1679); died 1679 Amsterdam. It is likely that he is mentioned several times between 1663-1679 in Albany as well. 1.1 ABRAHAM GOUVERNEUR: born march 1672 in Amsterdam; married Maria Leisler; 5 children probably born in Albany or New York 1.2 ISAAC GOUVERNEUR: born january 1677 in Amsterdam; married in New York 24 june 1704 Sara Staats;11 children born in New York. One of this cildren is SARA(H) GOUVERNEUR: born 17-10-1714: she married Col. Lewis Morris (he was previous marries to Catharina Staats) and they got one son: GOUVERNEUR MORRIS (born 30-1-1751). This Gouverneur Morris married Anna C. Randalph and also got one son: GOUVERNEUR MORRIS OF MORRISSANIA (also called Gouverneur Morris II). A great-grandson of 1.2 Isaac was Samuel L. Gouverneur that married a daughter of president Monroe. I do have some more information of the above Gouverneur family (also of their ancestors that came circa 1590 from France to the Netherlands) and also of Morris family (originally from Wales). I am very intersested in the information that can be found in the Albany records concerning the Gouverneur family. If you are interested I will be glad to send the information I have from Gouverneur and Morris as well.

GOEWEY Fri Oct 3 12:29:10 1997
GOEWEY, I am working on my grt-grandmothers family the GOEWEY OR GOWEY family. It starts with Solomonse Abelse b. 1661 Amsterdam and Barbara PHILLIPS b. 1665. They had a son SOLOMANSE GOEWEY b. Apr 17, 1687 who married CATLYNTJE LOOKERMAN B. 1653 NY. Solomonse had a son PIETER GOEWEY b. 1691 NY who married MARIA JUNG b. 1695 Albany, NY. Pieter had a son named SOLOMON GOWEY b. 1759 Albany, NY who marr Oct 7, 1817 to PRUDENCE HAWLEY b. 1769. Solomon and Prudence had a son JOHN GOWEY b. Dec. 29, 1791 Vermont who marr FANNIE JUDSON b. Aug 5, 1794 VT. Their son was FLORIAND GOWEY b. Mar 21, 1827 NY who married MARIAH FILMORE. Floriand had a son named HARTLAND JUDSON GOWEY b. Feb 28, 1855 Iowa co., Iowa who marr Flora B. SPAULDING. The Gowey family moved to Washington co., Iowa. I would like to exchange info with others.

GRANGER Nov 30, 1997
Ruth GRANGER was b. 26 July 1787 in Ballston Spa, NY She was the daughter of Eldad GRANGER and Mindwell Wood. I need the marriage of Eldad and Mindwell. Was this family from Hartford co. CT?

GRAY / GREY Mon Aug 25 19:09:17 1997
GREY or GRAY, Silas GREY or GRAY, Ichabod Silas, son of Ichabod lived in Rensslaerville, NY late 1800s. Married to Sally Watson, dau. of Benjamin Watson. Moved to Ohio in early 1900s. Any info would be appreciated. Silas and Sally had a daughter, Sally Eliza Gray.

GREENE Tue Dec 3 18:12:35 1996
Looking for any information on Charles FM Greene wife Emily Estella Church aka Emma. Parents of Charles were Charles Greene, Mary George place of birth unknown. Parents of Emma were Warren Church, Kathryn Van Vlack of Athens.

GRIFFIN Sun Feb 23 08:13:34 1997
AUSTIN GRIFFIN. Various spelling of surname include Griffen and Griffith(s). Seeking further information Austin Griffin family. He may be son of James and Elizabeth (Austin) Griffin of Richmond, Washington Co, RI. Austin Griffin was located at Albany Co, NY by 1800, Onondaga Co, NY by 1810, and Fleming Twp, Cayuga Co, NY by 1830. Possible sons include Alansan, Jonathan and Austin. Austin Jr located at Stark, Herkimer Co, NY by 1850.

GRIFFIN Sat Aug 23 05:00:51 1997
GRIFFIN the 1855 census of greene county ,ny shows harvey GRIFFIN,a mason,age37,his wife angeline,presumably angeline johnson per family legend,age35 living in greeneville,ny they moved from albany county to greene county in 1845 there first three children lydia jane 16,emerson 14 and rebecca 12 were born in albany county the last four children charles 10,william 7,andrew 2 and thaddeus 9 months were born in greene cty,rachel griffin was my great great grandmother so i am searching for ancestors of harvey and angeline,.

GUNSAULLUS Fri Nov 22 20:07:59 1996
GUNSAULLUS, BODLEY, MOSS, HARRIS - I'm searching for: Birth place of Jane BODLEY b/16 Dec. 1800 - either Ulster Co. or Cayuga Co. - also birth place of Henry B. GUNSAULLUS (1825/1873). and parents/siblings of Eunice W. HARRIS his wife. Is anyone else out there researching these families - I live in Cayuga Co. now - was born in KS where these families settled in mid-late 1800's. Wish very much to find someone else who has these family ties!

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