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EARL Wed Feb 19 20:48:30 1997
Trying to find Mathew David Earl b. 12 Feb 1965 at Brady Hospital. Mother's name is Sharon EARL.

EDGBERT Wed Oct 30 13:16:17 1996
I am looking for any information pertaining to the EDGBERT Surname pre- 1800 copenhagen ny onondaga county and possibly addison vermont.

ELLIOT Wed Mar 12 09:01:13 1997
Seeking information on Elliots living in the city of Albany, New York, from approximately 1800 to 1819. Andrew Elliot, James Elliot, Robert Elliot and William Elliot were all living in the city at this time. Also interested in James Scott a fellow immigrant from Hawick, Scotland, and his children Robert Scott, Thomas Scott and Jane Scott, wife of Andrew Elliot.

ELLISON Fri Jan 17 18:26:44 1997
I would like to exchange information with anyone researching the following persons: I am researching the ELLISON or ALLISON family of the Warwick, Orange Co., NY area. In particular, I am trying to determine who were the parents of Caroline ELLISON/ALLISON b. ca. 1823 who m. John DECKER of Warwick, NY. Caroline d. 25 Feb 1894. I am also seeking information concerning John ALLISON/ELLISON b. ca. 1784 who m. Lottie BROWN in Warwick, Orange Co., NY. Also seeking information on Amy KNAPP b. 1748 Fairfield, CT d. 1833 Orange Co., NY, who m. 22 Dec 1762 James ALLISON/ELLISON b. 1748 Goshen, Orange Co., NY d. 1822 Goshen, NY. I have been researching the above ALLISON/ELLISON families for many years and would be very happy to exchange information with anyone interested. Raymond Myers, Jr. 502 West Royal Palm Road Phoenix AZ 83021 I do not have internet access, so please send all e-mail responses to or write me snail mail at the above mailing address.

ENDREE(S) Nov 26, 1997
Seeking information on John Edward ENDREE(S) born in Albany around 1890. He married Frances, both died 1920-21 within a month of each other. They had one daughter Mary Loretta born March 22 1910. After their deaths she went to live with an uncle. Any leads would be appreciated.

ENGLE Fri May 2 12:43:38 1997
Looking for information on the ENGLE FAMILY which had a gristmill near Albany County. Trying to find information onf Jacob Charles Engle, born about 1843

ENGWER Tue Oct 7 21:29:10 1997
ENGWER , Arthur George ENGWER, Willamena wife ENGWER, Eunice, daughter ENGWER, Ruth, daughter ENGWER, Eleanor, daughter ENGWER, Margaret, daughter ENGWER, Arthur George, son Albany New York Schenectady, New York Niskayuna, New York White Plains, New York Once owned a road side dinner, and hotel, just outside Albany, New York. Road side dinner named, ENGWER'S Food & Rooms I would appreciate any more specific's you could provide me about the road - side dinner/rooms for rent.

ERSKINE Tue Jan 14 07:05:43 1997
I am searching for Joseph ERSKINE who was married to Jane BROUGHTON and Elizabeth BROUGHTON (sisters). He was born in Delaware County in 1821. He had Robert, George and Veine by first wife Jane, and Hersey, Martha, Mary and Josephine by wife Elizabeth. Children believed to be born in Steuben County between 1849 and 1862. Second family, by wife Elizabeth moved to Saginaw County, Michigan. Father believed to be Howard F. Erskine. Family also went by the names of EARSTIN, EARSKIN, ASKIN and ERSKINS. I would like to correspond with any ERSKINE (et al) searchers. Thanks

ERTZBERGER Wed Jun 11 11:02:23 1997
Information needed on parents and early life of Nicholas Henry ERTZBERGER b 1817 in NY. I suspect he is a grandson or ggrandson of Daniel Ertzberger of Albany. Any information on the ERTZBERGER (also ERTZ-BERGER) family would be appreciated. I have info on some descendants of Daniel, need more info to tie others into the family. Any suggestions for places or sources to investiage would also be welcome.

ESGATE Sun Apr 27 06:51:31 1997
If anyone has any information regarding Frances Esgate who appears in the 1790 Albany Co. Census. I would very much appreciate hearing about it. Thanking you.

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