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Interments in the Groesbeck Family Burial Ground

NOTE FROM CC: Tombstone readings on this page were submitted by Nancy Curran. No source for this information was cited. I have added birth dates and ages where applicable using the Tombstone Birthday Calculator. Their website has valuable information about tombstone readings.

Congdon, Alvin C. (son of William T. and Sally Ann Congdon)26 Dec 183624 Feb 18371m 29d
Congdon, George (son of William T. and Sally Ann Congdon)30 Jul 18293 Sep 18301y 1m 4d
Congdon, Reuben (son of William T. and Sally Ann Congdon4 Feb 183115 Dec 18365y 10m 11d
Esmay, Thomas P.179913 Jan 184142y
Groesbeck, Garret W. (son of Garret and Hannah Groesbeck)2 Feb 186314 Apr 18641y 2m 12d
Groesbeck, Jane A.184718525y
Groesbeck, John I.Apr 17953 Mar 188084y 11m
Groesbeck, Maria1830190373y
Groesbeck, Stephen W. (son of Garret and Hannah Groesbeck)2 Mar 18707 Aug 18705m 5d
Groesbeck, Susanna23 Sep 18215 Apr 1873
Groesbeck, Washington1838190466y
Hallenbeck, John V.D.H.1833186027y
Hallenbeck, Mary A.1826UnknownUnknown
Mynderse, Magdalena1830187040y
Simmons, Harriet (wife of Andrew Fisher)27 Feb 180825 Mar 184739y 26d
Van Der Heyden, Jane Ann (wife of Peter Hallenbeck and John I. Groesbeck)1808188678y
Winnie, Elizabeth178820 Apr 186476y

Location: The graves in this cemetery were moved to the Bethlehem Cemetery from the village of Elsmere 1935-1936.

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