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Interments in Brookside Cemetery in Rensselaerville, NY

NOTE FROM CC:Tombstone readings on this page were submitted by Tracy Hogan. No source for this information was cited. I have added birth dates and ages where applicable using the Tombstone Birthday Calculator. Their website has valuable information about tombstone readings.

This cemetery can also be found at Find A Grave where you may find tombstone photos, biographies and a map showing the location of the cemetery.

*Haynes, Peleg6 Aug 178530 Mar 186983y 7m 24d
Abeth, Elix(z) 177121 Mar 182352y
Abrams, Allie S. (daughter of John D. Abrams;
wife of William F. Vanvalkenburgh)
16 Oct 18606 Jul 191857y 8m 20d
Abrams, Florence T. 1902UnknownUnknown
Abrams, J. Nelson1904194945y
Abrams, John D. 1 Jul 18262 Aug 1900.
Abrams, Peter N. 1879193960y
Adams, William Orville (son of William and Stark Adams) 17 Jul 17943 Mar 181621y 7m 15d
Aldrich, Cyrus W., Rev. 1865195994y
Aldrich, Laura M.(wife of Rev. Cyrus W. Aldrich) 1891197786y
Alger, A.(Amos?) 7 Jul 176114 Feb 185382y 3m 10d
Alger, Antoinette1852193684y
Alger, Barrett180013 Jan 187575y
Alger, Benjamin J. 1842190462y
Alger, Charles D. 1860193676y
Alger, Clement6 Dec 181414 Dec 185339y 8d
Alger, Delno13 Dec 182816 Sep 189263y 9m 3d
Alger, Floyd1881194766y
Alger, Mary (wife of Richard Rivenburgh) 24 Jan 184318 May 189350y 3m 24d
Alger, Mary E. 1841191170y
Alger, Nelson18 Jul 180717 Oct 184336y 2m 29d
Almaeda, John179328 Sep 186976y
Andrus, Moses B. 1 Sep 181113 Oct 187463y 1m 12d
Andrus, Moses E. (son of Moses B. Andrus28 Sep 179530 Apr 185916y 7m 2d
Anson, Nellie (wife of William Anson) 1871194776y
Anson, William1865193570y
Arnold, Ann26 Jan 18277 Nov 188659y 9m 12d
Arnold, Lydia12 Oct 183616 Jul 185417y 9m 4d
Arnold, Polly (wife of Robert Arnold) 18089 Apr 189385y
Babcock, David W. 1901195049y
Baldwin, Lydia (wife of Henry Winans13 Jan 1812UnknownUnknown
Baringer, Elizabeth (daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Baringer)UnknownUnknownUnknown
Barranger, Dorothy8 Jan 183116 Feb 188554y 1m 8d
Barranger, Rachel1 Oct 183926 Jan 187131y 3m 25d
Barrett, Marion (wife of Maurice S. Mercer, Sr.) 1914UnknownUnknown
Barrett, Sally (wife of Amos Alger)15 Jun 17647 Feb 185186y 7m 23d
Barringer, Peter1 Jan 17966 Jul 188185y 6m 5d
Barringer, William185321 Feb 187623y
Bates, Hudson C. 1866194680y
Bates, Omar Leslie1909198980y
Bates, Tilla M. Wife of William Russell)3 Jan 185011 Sep 190454y 8m 8d
Bates, Willard1888197486y
Bates, William 3 Jul 181723 Feb 190082y 7m 20d
Bayles, James H. 16 Oct 179821 Jun 181617y 8m 5d
Bean, Durrell1884193450y
Bear, Arthur (son of Smith and Mary Bear)18721872Unknown
Bear, Charles S. (son of Smith and Mary Bear)1862187513y
Bear, Eliza (daughter of Smith and Mary Bear)186618759y
Bear, Emily (wife of Alonzo Rivenburgh) 1850192171y
Bear, Olive (wife of George J. Teter) 1854191359y
Bear, Peter1818189173y
Bear, Sally (wife of Jacob Bear) 9 Dec 179422 Jun 185560y 6m 13d
Bear, Smith W. 1831190776y
Bear, Willie (son of Smith and Mary Bear)186418651y
Benjamin, Ella (wife of Ivan O. Mackey) 1871194473y
Benjamin, Eunice (wife of Alvin Benjamin) 18289 Aug 186234y
Benjamin, Maria (wife of Lyman Birchard) 22 May 180411 Feb 188378y 8m 19d
Benjamin, William1860193474y
Bennett, Catherine G. (wife of Newman Paddock) 1818186951y
Bigsbee, Ellen (wife of Henry F. Becker) 17982 or 25 Jul 188688y
Birchard, Hannah (wife of Lyman Birchard180021 Aug 185959y
Birchard, Lyman14 Oct 17956 Oct 187074y 11m 22d
Blanck, Mabel S. 1879196687y
Blanck, Maude L. Jan 1881196988y
Boardman, Ruth (wife of William Coynes) 2 Jan 18025 Oct 187977y 9m 3d
Bogardus, Clara H. (wife of John C. Nickerson) 1893198188y
Bogardus, Lucius1860194787y
Bogardus, Nettie P. (wife of Lucius Bogardus1869194980y
Borthwick, Mary J. (wife of William E. Scutt)1867194275y
Bouton, Clayton1890196979y
Boyd, Elizabeth (wife of Joseph Flatherty) 181612 Jan 187963y
Boyd, SarahUnknownUnknownUnknown
Brandt, Adelia (wife of Stephen Osterhout) 1845191873y
Brandt, Elizabeth (daughter of William Brandt)183121 Sep 186231y
Brandt, Henry1800186262y
Brandt, Joseph and Hannah (children of Joseph and
Deborah Brandt)
Unknown26 Aug 1873Unknown
Brandt, Samantha (wife of Stephen Osterhout) 1842186422y
Brandt, William14 Jul 180516 Apr 187266y 9m 2d
Brant, Carrie (wife of John H. Burhans) 1845193893y
Brant, Charles1764183066y
Brant, Hannah (wife of Charles Brant1773185070y
Brazee, Ethel S. (wife of Floyd L. Ford) 1884190723y
Brazee, Stephen1854192672y
Brazee, Willard S. (son of Stephen and Mary Brazee) 1890191424y
Briggs, Adaline (wife of David Falk)21 Oct 18089 May 188273y 6m 18d
Briggs, Henry A. 181827 Apr 185133y
Brown, David17 Oct 181717 Mar 185739y 4m 28d
Brown, Thomas25 Oct 17889 Feb 187990y 3m 14d
Brown, Tryphena (wife of Josiah Brown) 14 Jan 179526 Jan 187681y 12d
Bunt, Joseph14 Oct 17651Jan 184478y 2 mo 18d
Bunt, Sarah W. (wife of Joseph Bunt) 14 Apr 1768 26 Dec 184678y 8m 12d
Burchard, Betsey (wife of Montgomery VanTassel)29 Nov 182526 Apr 189771y 4m 27d
Burchard, Hannah (wife of Joseph Burchard) 1751182574y
Burchard, Joseph31 Mar 175723 April 181356y 23d
Burchard, Julia Ann (wife of Jacob H. Norwood, M.D. 26 Nov 181919 Jun 188565y 6m 24d
Burchard, Myron (son of Preserved and Unicy Burchard) 181717 Dec 18181y
Burchard, Preserved20 Aug 179028 Sep 187282y 1m 8d
Burhans, George A. 1849193687y
Burhans, George A. 1877UnknownUnknown
Burhans, George A., Jr. UnknownUnknownUnknown
Burhans, John H. 1846192377y
Burhans, KittyUnknownUnknownUnknown
Burhans, Norwood J. UnknownUnknownUnknown
Burhans, RosaUnknownUnknownUnknown
Burhans, Rose M. (wife of Woodford C. Tingue)1899196667y
Burnett, Adelbert1861193170y
Burnett, Elizabeth (wife of Adlebert Burnett) 1868195486y
Burnett, Henry1837UnknownUnknown
Burnette, William (husband of Julia Snyder) 184018 Apr 188848y
Busuioc, Patricia (wife of Loan Busuioc)1942198846y
C.E.B. .4 June 185881y 6m 20d
Canavan, Dennis J. (Michigan. Sgt. 310 Ammo Tn, 85 Division,
WW1, American Legion)
12 Dec 18935 Aug 195056y 7m 23d
Castle, Mina (wife of Horatio S. Hale)1876194266y
Ceroalo, Adrienne C.1932198351y
Ceroalo, Basil A. 1930UnknownUnknown
Chaffe, NathanOct 18197 Feb 189373y 4m
Chapman, Nella M. (wife of Henry E. Rivenburgh) Unknown18 Nov 1946Unknown
Chase, Frances M. (wife of Hudson E. Winans) 1890192737y
Cheritree, Mary A. (wife of Peter Bear) 1826187650y
Cleveland, Matilda (wife of Peter Barringer) 180011 Apr 186969y
Cole, Lutia L. (wife of Abram Joy)11 Feb 182814 Oct 189163y 8m 3d
Congdon, Elizabeth (wife of Peleg Haynes) 23 Sep 17844 Nov 186884y 1m 11d
Conklin, Betsey (wife of Nathan Shaffee) 3 Aug 180427 Aug 187369y 24d
Cook, David T. 19 May 181828 June 188264y 1m 9d
Cook, E.B. 11 Jul 18163 Jan 187861y 5m 23d
Cook, Eben J. 1863192057y
Cook, Elisha V. 1846192680y
Cook, Emma (daughter of Valentine and Harriet O. Cook) 27 Mar 18635 Feb 188319y 10m 9d
Cook, James (son of Elisha and Mary Ann Cook) 24 Mar 184210 Oct 18519y 6m 16d
Cook, Lucia J. (wife of Jacob B. Norwood, M.D.) 1849192879y
Cook, Mary179410 Sept 183440y
Cook, Nellie (wife of Durrell Bean)1879196182y
Cook, Theresa (wife of Omar Leslie Bates) 1918197658y
Cook, Wallace D. 18521952100y
Cooke, Bayard1895198287y
Cooke, Caroline (wife of Charles H. Salisbury,
daughter of Leland Cooke and Dorothy Hallock)
22 Jul 193127 Jul 199665y 5d
Cooke, Christopher T. (son of Lawrence and Edith Cooke)Dec 1970Jan 19765y 1m
Cooke, Gladys1920UnknownUnknown
Cooke, Leland H. 1908199082y
Cooke, Mabel (wife of Bayard Cooke) 1895198186y
Cooke, Valentine25 Nov 18413 May 1919.
Coon, Abram 18052 Jul 187873y
Coon, Abram S. (son of Samuel and Margaret Coon) 1851192170y
Coon, Christina (wife of William W. Coon) 183021 ??? 187242y
Coon, Hannah14 Apr 183816 Nov 18387m 2d
Coon, Juanna (wife of William Richtmyer)4 Sep 181510 May 189781y 8m 6d
Coon, Mary M. (daughter of Samuel and Margaret Coon) 27 Sep 182128 Feb 189472y 5m 1d
Coon, Peter W. (son of Abram and Maria Coon)23 Jul 18325 Oct 184311y 2m 12d
Coon, Samuel10 Dec 179122 Oct 1868.
Coon, William W. Sep 182318 Dec 189370y 3m
Cooper, Joeen, Rev. 17669 Oct 182963y
Couchman, Charlotte A. (wife of Culver Coynes) 1832190674y
Couchman, Christina (wife of Henry Couchman) 1759183273y
Couchman, David1799187475y
Couchman, Edward1826190377y
Couchman, Elizabeth (wife of John Van Tassel) 1833186633y
Couchman, Gary1863188926y
Couchman, George26 Sep 18294 Feb 189868y 4m 8d
Couchman, Henry (Rev. War)1760182060y
Couchman, Jerrie187918801y
Couchman, JohnJun 18023 Mar 188481y 9m
Couchman, Madison (son of Edward and Lydia Couchman1857190750y
Couchman, Rosetta L. (wife of Jacob B. Norwood, M.D.) 1847190558y
Couchman, Syrena (wife of Martin Rockefeller) 24 May 18242 Apr 190883y 10m 8d
Coynes, Alexander (son of Alexander Coynes) 1842Dec 186321y
Coynes, Culver182723 Dec 187245y
Coynes, Elizabeth (wife of James Coynes) 20 Aug 17805 Dec 186383y 3m 15d
Coynes, Frank1871189322y
Coynes, James27 Feb 176711 Jan 185284y 10m 15d
Coynes, Julia (daughter of Alexander Coynes) 13 Sep 183910 Aug 186525y 10m 28d
Coynes, Levi E. 1847UnknownUnknown
Coynes, Loren D. 1873191946y
Coynes, William179810 Sep 187577y
Craw, Nellie S. (wife of Dewitt Kline) 1876192650y
Dan, Abijah175511 Feb 184186y
Davis, Edward P. 1822190886y
Davis, H. Vitella1863195188y
Decker, Betsey (wife of Eben J. Cook)1862194078y
Decker, Carrie (wife of Thomas Flatherty) 185024 Apr 189343y
Devereux, Cornelia S. (daughter of Horace and Margaret Devereux) Jun 186118 Nov 18614m 28d
Devereux, AlvinUnknown7 Nov 1825Unknown
Devereux, Dency (daughter of Alvin Devereux) 179927 Aug 181718y
Devereux, Hannah17674Oct 181043y
Devereux, Melinda (wife of Alvin Devereux) 179711 Apr 181922y
Devereux, Theodore10 Jul 176329 Apr 182359y 9m 19d
Deyo, Burr20 Sep 187014 Sep 189019y 11m 24d
Deyo, Jacob23 Aug 181522 May 188266y 8m 29d
Dingman, Mary C. (wife of Zina B. Radick)1876195781y
Diston, Charles L. 1866194781y
Diston, Evan C. 1888190416y
Diston, Vernie Helen189013 Apr 18922y
Donato, Anthony197519794y
Dunmore, Laura D. (wife of Harry H. Lewis) 1869194172y
Duran, Luciana1919196546y
Duran, Norman E. (Pvt. U.S. Army, Korea) 1929198051y
Edwards, Zoa S. (1st wife of Alton S. Potter) 1906194943y
Ellis, Amy M. (wife of Ojeda Haskin)1846192680y
Ellis, Emma (wife of Cornelius Rivenburgh)1844192581y
Elliston, Martha A. 1866193367y
Elsbree, Antionette1859194788y
Elsbree, Bayard L.1882196583y
Elsbree, Horace181725 Feb 189578y
Elsbree, Jessie M. (wife of Oliver W. Elsbree)1889197283y
Elsbree, Lucy A. (wife of Schuyler S. Ford) 18192 Oct 188869y
Elsbree, Lyra H.1880194767y
Elsbree, M.S.UnknownUnknownUnknown
Elsbree, Oliver W.1889195869y
Elsbree, Orson W. (son of Orson and Sarah Elsbree)5 Jul 185211 Jan 18531y 3m 26d
Elsbree, Orson26 Sep 182212 Nov 185230y 1m 16d
Elsbree, Wesley184327 Jan 189956y
Elsbree, William, M.D. 182718 Nov 186134y
Elsbree, William10 Nov 179017 Mar 186978y 1m 7d
Elsbree, Williard P. 1858193072y
Falk, Carrie16 Mar 185927 Aug 188021y 5m 11d
Falk, David.10 Aug 189284y 2m 9d
Falk, Elizabeth (wife of William Falk) 25 May 176622 Oct 184882y 4m 27d
Falk, Ester (wife of Lawrence Falk) 26 Jun 176622 Nov 184882y 4m 27d
Falk, Lawrence 27 Jun 188580y 3m
Falk, Lawrence15 Dec 176515 Nov 183872y 11m
Falk, Norman W. 1831UnknownUnknown
Falk, WilliamFeb 178616 Jan 185972y 11m
Fancher, Lydia (wife of Edward Couchman) 1835190166y
Fero, Kittie (daughter of Valentine and Helen Fero) Dec 18402 Sep 186322y 9m
Fero, Valentine1813Dec 186653y
Feurhahn, Bonnie Lee (daughter of Harold C. Feurhahn) 1942UnknownUnknown
Feurhahn, Harold C. 1907198982y
Feurhahn, Helen G. (wife of Harold C. Feurhahn1909199384y
Feurhahn, S. Wayne (son of Harold C. Feurhahn) 1939UnknownUnknown
Feurhahn, Susan (daughter of Harold C. Feurhahn01947UnknownUnknown
Finley, Hulbert1855192368y
Flatherty, Anna185616 Apr 187317y
Flatherty, Joseph182224 Feb 186442y
Flatherty, Mary185425 Apr 187016y
Flatherty, ThomasUnknown30 Nov 1916Unknown
Foote, Harriot (wife of Norman W. Falk) 1839190465y
Ford, Floyd L. 1873192653y
Ford, Lovinia (wife of Sylvanis Purington)10 Aug 17883 Aug 182233y 11m 24d
Ford, Orson M. 184029 Dec 189151y
Ford, Schuyler S. 14 Jun 181018 Aug 188373y 2m 4d
Foster, Deborah (wife of Edward Foster) 174422 Mar 182985y
Foster, Edward (Rev. War) 173822 Nov 182890y
Frisbie, L. Unicy (wife of Preserved Burchard) Dec 181919 Aug 187959y 8m
Frost, Julia M. (wife of Clinton A. Rivenburgh) 1893197986y
Frost, Malinda (wife of William Bates) 4 Nov 182222 Apr 191895y 5m 18d
Garner, Perry M., Sr. 1917197962y
Gates, Loretta (wife of Isaac B. Slater) 1 May 183631 Dec 189357y 7m 30d
Giordano, Anne1920UnknownUnknown
Giordano, Richard G. 1949197627y
Giordano, Sal1919198869y
Goddard, Mary Ida (wife of Floyd Edward Mercer)20 Aug 187910 Sep 194566y 20d
Goff, Mahetabel (wife of Conrad Vanaken) 181310 May 188875y
Goff, Mahetabel (wife of Conran Vanaken)181310 May 188875y
Goff, Mary S. (wife of Stephen Brazee) 1858194284y
Goff, Meheteble (wife of Robert Goff)17658 Mar 185388y
Goff, Polly (wife of Hiram Lennon)20 Mar 180011 Apr 187575y 22d
Goff, Robert 176627 Mar 183973y
Goff, Sanders H. 182710 Feb 185831y
Goff, WilliamUnknown1866Unknown
Green, Donald1897197679y
Gunther, Henry F. 1872195078y
Gunther, Ida M. (wife of Henry F. Gunther) 1867192962y
Hagadorn Elizabeth (grandchild of Christopher Hagadorn) UnknownUnknownUnknown
Hagadorn, Christopher1817190689y
Hagadorn, Eva (wife of Chauncey C. Potter and Alton S. Potter;
daughter of Christopher Hagadorn & Lydia Robinson,
Livingstonville, Schoharie Co., NY)
Hagadorn, Henry H. 21 Nov 179126 Jan 187482y 2m 5d
Hagadorn, Mary A. (wife of Clark Tiffany3 May 182324 Feb 1900
Hagadorn, Wesley (grandchild of Christopher Hagadorn)UnknownUnknownUnknown
Haines, Edward, M.D. (husband of Clara Mattice)1843189653y
Hale, Clara M. 1902192624y
Hale, Clifton1903198077y
Hale, Didana W.(wife of Franklin E. Hale) 1870195989y
Hale, Everett1927194720y
Hale, Florence S. (wife of Oscar A. Hale) 1900199090y
Hale, Franklin E. 1868192557y
Hale, Horatio S.1875194469y
Hale, Oscar A. Pvt., U.S. Army, WWI)1893197582y
Hallenbeck, Augusta (wife of Floyd Alger)1878196890y
Hallenbeck, Eve (wife of Sylvanis Purington31 Sep 175013 Aug 187271y 10m 13d
Hallenbeck, Lillian F. (wife of Hudson C. Bates)1867193568y
Hallenbeck, Lois (wife of Govner P. Winans)1855194590y
Hallock, Barbara L. 21 Oct 193127 Jan 198553y 3m 6d
Hallock, Dorothy (wife of Leland H. Cooke)1911UnknownUnknown
Hallock, Lester1888194860y
Hallock, Lillian (wife of Lester Hallock) 1888196577y
Haner, Anna (wife of Eugene R. Ormsbee)1877195578y
Hasley, Harriett (wife of David Travis, Jr.) 1 Apr 1821 18 Mar 184826y 11m 17d
Hay, Mary Catherine (wife of Smith W. Bear) 1838192284y
Hayes, Catherine (wife of Edward S. Hayes) 6 Jul 179311 Jan 185864y 6m 5d
Hayes, Edward S. UnknownUnknownUnknown
Hayes, Rose Marie (daughter of William Hayes) 1849186617y
Hayes, William1818189678y
Haynes, Emma20 Dec 18522 Oct 186310y 9m 12d
Haynes, Hiram, Rev. 4 Oct 181620 Jan 189073y 3m 16d
Heinrich, Eva (wife of Caspar Marcinak)1895197984y
Hervey, H.C. 1828191688y
Hess, Clifton1909198677y
Hess, George A. 1862194381y
Hess, Jennie (sister of Minnie Hess) 1873194875y
Hess, Margaret (wife of Clement Alger) 7 Oct 179014 Oct 186373y 7d
Hess, Mary Jane (wife of Edgar Mattice) 1857194689y
Hess, Minnie (wife of Harvey Stever) 1868195183y
Higgins, Kolleen (daughter of Fred and Betty Higgins)195819602y
Hight, Louise (wife of F. Morse Hubbard)19 Dec 188116 Mar 196381y 2m 14d
Hill, Charles F. 1854191965y
Hill, Hazel B. 1886193650y
Hill, Mary J. 1837189255y
Hill, Matilda (wife of Henry Brandt) 1805189489y
Hollenbeck, Marthelia (wife of Benjamin J. Alger) 1842191472y
Hollenbeck, Ranson1819188465y
Holmes, Phineas178922 Oct 188192y
Howland, Mary C. (wife of George Couchman) 16 Jun 183712 Nov 189861y 4m 26d
Hubbard, F. Morse15 Mar 18823 Feb 197390y 10m 18d
Hubbard, Giles E. 1820190282y
Hubbard, Giles H. 1850193383y
Hull, Ada M. (wife of Charles Wood) 1883197390y
Hull, Blanche M. (2nd wife of Clifton Hess) 1910194838y
Humphrey, Adella (wife of Horace Elsbree) 181922 Apr 189677y
Humphrey, Electra (wife of Melancton Smith) 1800186969y
Humphrey, Mary (wife of David H Norwood) UnknownUnknownUnknown
Humphrey, Philury (wife of Phineas Holmes) 8 Jun 176326 Mar 183975y 9m 18d
Hunt, Isaac P. 8 Dec 182914 Jul 185222y 7m 6d
Hunt, Melvin J. 15 Sep 183211 Jan 185017y 3m 27d
Indru, Abilbeca (?) (wife of Moses B. Andrus)UnknownUnknownUnknown
Jackson, Samuel.11 Jun 186475y
Jettner, Adolf30 Aug 18992 Nov 198384y 2m 2d
Jettner, Frances (wife of Adolf Jettner)10 Dec 18993 Sep 198181y 8m 23d
Jones, Amanda1831191180y
Jones, Charlotte A. (wife of Henry Burnett)1847191972y
Jones, Emily (wife of William S. White)20 Aug 183112 Nov 186938y 2m 23d
Jones, John1827189871y
Jones, Lydia (daughter of David and Sarah Jones) 27 Mar 182011 Feb 183918y 10m 15d
Jones, Morgan18014 May 185756y
Jones, Ricketson M. 1825190378y
Jones, Sally Ann6 May 1803 11 Oct 1832 29y 5m 5d
Jones, Wellman R. 1851187120y
Jones, Wellman R. Ricketson (son of Ricketson and Agnes Jones)UnknownUnknown20y 8m 21d
Joy, Abram.1 Jun 188458y 2m 16d
Joy, Eldia M. (daughter of Abram and Lutia Joy)30 Mar 18678y 1m
Joy, Helen A. (wife of Elisha V. Cook) 1850192070y
Joy, John15 Nov 182822 Apr 190374y 5m 7d
Joy, Lillian (wife of Stephen W. Joy) 1885198297y
Joy, Mary E. (daughter of Abram and Lutia Joy;
wife of John Mead)
Aug 185727 May 188729y 9m 29d
Joy, Stephen W. UnknownUnknownUnknown
Kelsey, Grace M. (wife of Harry E. Mackey) 1892198290y
Kelsey, Izora L. (wife of Harvey J. Wood) 1856192771y
Kelsey, John W. 1832191785y
Kelsey, Lydia B. (wife of Gibson Oliver) 13 Feb 181820 Jan 184526y 11m 7d
Kelsey, Polly (wife of Samuel Jackson) Jun 179227 May 183441y 11m
Kelsey, Roberta.30 Sep 186682y 5m 18d
Kilbourn, Asa21 Mar 177912 Apr 182142y 22d
Kilbourn, Eliphus D. (Rev. War) 13 Nov 175820 Jun 184182y 7m 7d
Kilbourn, Polly (wife of Elijah Z. Bacah) 23 Oct 18019 Feb 182422y 3m 17d
Kilbourn, Polly (wife of Eliphus Kilbourn) 16 Feb 176720 Apr 184982y 2m 4d
Kilbourn, Theadora (wife of Benjamin O. Briggs) 1 Dec 178818 Apr 184051y 4m 17d
Killam, Charlotte M. (wife of Rev. Joseph B. Pixley) 181117 Mar 188675y
Kline, Dewitt1866195690y
Kline, Olive D. 20 Dec 189910 Mar 19022y 3m 10d
Kurne, Hannah (wife of John Kurne) 27 Jun 181224 Dec 186149y 5m 27d
Langdon, Isac14 Aug 17923 Apr 186269y 7m 19d
Langdon, Jane (wife of William Elsbree, M.D.)12 Aug 18276 Sep 1899.
Langdon, Justus7 Feb 18174 Mar 186346y 27d
Laraway, George H. 1819190182y
Laraway, Jane (daughter of George and Mary Laraway)184018444y
Laraway, Mary J. (wife of Orson M. Ford) 184521 Dec 190762y
Laraway, Nelson M. (son of George and Mary Laraway)1848190456y
Lennon, Harriet30 Apr 183117 Jul 189867y 2m 17d
Lennon, Hiram22 Dec 180210 May 186966y 4m 18d
Lennon, Julia N. (wife of Thomas B. Lennon) 1871194473y
Lennon, Thomas B. 1863195188y
Lewis, Harold D. 1890196979y
Lewis, Harry H. (father of Harold D. Lewis)1866194175y
Lewis, Mabel M. (wife of David W. Babcock) 1904196258y
Longo, Mama Rose1903197269y
Mace, W. Norwood16 Nov 189929 Aug 19009m 13d
Mace, William H. 10 Oct 18651 Oct 190035y 1d
Mackey, Donald H. (son of Harry E. and Grace M. Mackey)1914199379y
Mackey, Elmina27 Nov 183116 Dec 18?0Unknown
Mackey, Elroy C. (son of Oscar Mackey) 1886193145y
Mackey, Esther1916UnknownUnknown
Mackey, Everett1893193239y
Mackey, Florence F. (daughter of Oscar Mackey) 1890193242y
Mackey, Gene C.1923UnknownUnknown
Mackey, Geo. William (Rev. War) Unknown 8 June 1825Unknown
Mackey, Harry E. 1892194957y
Mackey, Hollard1908199284y
Mackey, Ivan O. 1867194073y
Mackey, Mable190119021y
Mackey, Oscar1855192974y
Mackey, Reuben, W. 11 Mar 18375 Sep 189558y 5m 24d
Mackey, Willet B. 1827188962y
Male, Franklin L. 1890194151y
Marcinak, Betty (wife of Lawrence Marcinak) 1931199564y
Marcinak, Caspar1892195866y
Marcinak, Lawrence1921199473y
Mattice, Clara (daughter of Peter Mattice) 1847192679y
Mattice, Cornelia (wife of Peter Mattice) 23 Jul 18241 Apr 190782y 8m 8d
Mattice, Edgar1851192877y
Mattice, Peter28 Oct 181721 Mar 189354y 4m 23d
McCall, Janet (daughter of Mary McCall) Jul 181320 Feb 18151y 7m
McCumber, Jessie (wife of Peter N. Abrams) 27 Aug 188112 Jan 193583y 4m 15d
McIntyre, L.E.1865194479y
Mead, Arabella (daughter of John and Mary Mead) May 185721 Aug 186710y 3m
Mead, Fae (wife of Everett Hale) 1895194853y
Mercer, Ellen (wife of Edwin Rockefeller) 1846191367y
Mercer, Everett and Emerson (infants) Unknown1896Unknown
Mercer, Floyd Edward30 Apr 187711 Aug 193558y 3m 11d
Mercer, George W. 1886191630y
Mercer, Lillian E. (wife of Proctor T. Scott) 1890196373y
Mercer, Mabel (wife of Clayton Bouton) 1905198378y
Mercer, Mae (wife of James Sanford) 1901198382y
Mercer, Maurice S., Sr. 1910198373y
Mercer, Thomas D. 1857192063y
Mercer, Thomas18172 Jan 189780y
Mercer, William R. 1893197178y
Miller, William182322 Apr 184724y
Miller, William5 Feb 184710 June 18474m 5d
Mitchell, Eugene J. 1886197993y
Mitchell, Zettia1893194653y
Moeller, Anita L. (wife of Charles A. Shultes, M. D.)1868194779y
Moll?, Amanda T. (consort of Henry Moll?) 17923 Oct 183139y
Monk, Eveline (wife of Barrett Alger) 1814190490y
Moore, Ann Eliza1828188961y
Morrison, Elizabeth (daughter of William and Mary Patten)1857189841y
Morrison, George A. 1869192455y
Morrison, Mary J. (wife of George A. Morrison) 1864193975y
Morrison, William1833189865y
Morse, Emma (wife of Giles H. Hubbard) 1850193787y
Mosher, Mary A. (wife of George H. Laraway) 1819185738y
Mott, Elizabeth (wife of Morgan Jones) 15 Apr 17999 Nov 1892
Murphy, Gene A. 1933UnknownUnknown
Murphy, Hannah (wife of Patrick Murphy)181518 Mar 188772y
Murphy, Harold F. 1898195658y
Murphy, Harold H. 1921UnknownUnknown
Murphy, Hattie (daughter of Michael and Eunice Murphy)Nov 18759 Jul 18782y 8m
Murphy, John (son of Patrick and Hannah Murphy) 1844190965y
Murphy, Micheal1850192878y
Murphy, Olive H. (wife of Harold H. Murphy)1895UnknownUnknown
Murphy, Patrick (son of Patrick and Hannah Murphy)1840185818y
Murphy, Patrick183428 Aug 188450y
Naab, Florence M. 1893191522y
Naab, Gertrude (wife of Donald H. Mackey)1914195238y
Newkirk, Florence Abrams1902199088y
Nickerson, GatheUnknown12 Apr 1880Unknown
Nickerson, John C. 1888196880y
Niles, Sarah (wife of Orson Elsbree) 17 Jan 182324 Dec 189830y 1m 16d
Norwood, David H. UnknownUnknownUnknown
Norwood, Helen M. (daughter of Jacob H. and Julia Norwood) 30 Sep 18422 Jul 1879 36y 9m 2d
Norwood, Jacob B., M.D. 1847192982y
Norwood, Jacob H., M.D. 19 Dec 181320 Feb 188066y 2m 1d
Norwood, Luran (wife of William Vanaken)1862193270y
Norwood, Mary (daughter of Jacob H. and Julia Norwood) 17 Nov 185123 Feb 18531y 3m 6d
Norwood, Myron (son of Jacob H. and Julia Norwood) 5 Feb 184529 Sep 18457m 24d
Norwood, Verna (daughter of D.H. and Mary Norwood) 1867188518y
O'Neil, Nellie (wife of George F. White) 1861188625y
Ormsbeee, Eugene R. 1874194066y
Osterhout, Stephen1824187450y
Paddock, Abigail L. (wife of Hilan W. Purington) 18168 Nov 189680y
Paddock, Clarissa (wife of Giles E. Hubbard) 1823190885y
Paddock, Hannah (wife of Rev. Seth Paddock) 11 May 179015 Feb 185261y 9m 4d
Paddock, Lloyd C. 1865192762y
Paddock, Louise A. (wife of H. C. Hervey) 11 Feb 18306 May 188252y 2m 25d
Paddock, Lyle S. (son of Lloyd and Lottie Paddock) 1896197175y
Paddock, Newman1822188664y
Paddock, Seth, Rev. 26 May 178623 Oct 187993y 4m 27d
Palliser, ThomasUnknown1982Unknown
Palmer, Eliza (wife of Jacob Russ)23 Jun 187271y 2m 27d
Palmer, Lena M. (daughter of Wesley and Edith C. Palmer) 18 Aug 187431 Aug 18839m 13d
Palmer, Merritt1884193854y
Palmer, Nancy (wife of Silas Sayre) 19 Aug 183623 Sep 189559y 1m 4d
Patten, Mary J. (wife of William Morrison) 1832187846y
Peasley, Emma A. (wife of Reuben W. Mackey)15 Jun 18442 Aug 192379y 1m 17d
Pettengill, Gladys (wife of Stanley B. Smith)28 Jan 189325 Feb 197986y 27d
Phelps, Lucinda (wife of Lawrence Falk) 13 May 179914 Sep 188990y 3m 14d
Pixley, George H. (son of Joseph B. and Charlotte M. Pixley) 184612 Feb 18493y
Pixley, Joseph B., Rev. 181331 Jan 188067y
Pixley, Mary W. (daughter of Joseph B. and Charlotte M. Pixley) 18372 Feb 18425y
Porter, Richard H. 1854191965y
Post, Deborah A. 1816188771y
Potter, Alton S.1905198984y
Potter, Chauncey C. (father of Alton S. Potter) 1874195177y
Powell, Amy S. (wife of Henry Rivenburgh) 6 Aug 180628 Dec 189084y 4m 22d
Powell, James G. 13 Oct 180216 Apr 188178y 6m 3d
Powell, Mary (wife of William Cantine) 26 Feb 182823 May 185224y 2m 27d
Powell, Mary Ann13 Apr 18238 Oct 187350y 5m 25d
Prosser, William T., Rev.1859193172y
Purington, Abbie M. 1 May 181327 Feb 187662y 9m 26d
Purington, Hilan W. 21 Dec 18105 Jul 187968y 6m 14d
Purington, Judson W. (son of Hilan and Abigail Purington)8 Nov 1856 23 Jan 187417y 2m 15d
Purington, Lovina F. (daughter of Hilan and Abigail Purington)Oct 1838Apr 186021y 5m 13d
Purington, Mary L. (daughter of Hilan and Abigail Purington)22 Jun 184515 Apr 190458y 9m 23d
Purington, Miranda (wife Nathan Tuthill) 180230 Mar 188987y
Purington, Rosalie M. (daughter of Hilan and Abigail Purington)27 Jan 184411 Oct 187026y 8m 14d
Purington, Sylvanis21 Jul 189427 Jan 186980y 6m 6d
Purington, Warren P. (son of Hilan and Abigail Purington) 10 May 181529 July 189479y 2m 19d
Radice, James1926UnknownUnknown
Radice, Minnie1903199289y
Radice, Olga1930UnknownUnknown
Radick, Charles A. 1905198580y
Radick, Charles1852193684y
Radick, Mary (wife of George F. White) 1874191945y
Radick, Zina B. 18281946118y (?)
Reed, Phebe Jane (wife of Wallace D. Cook) 1867193972y
Reinhardt, Lydia24 Feb 187113 Oct 195382y 7m 19d
Reinhart, Hannah E. (wife of Willet B. Mackey) 1831UnknownUnknown
Reynolds, Patritia D. (U.S. Veteran) 1923198360y
Richtmyer, William7 Apr 181015 Mar 187059y 11m 8d
Rider, Caroline (wife of Benjamin White) 1814184430y
Rider, Caroline (wife of Benjamin White) 9 Jan 18145 Jul 184430y 5m 26d
Rider, CharlieUnknownUnknownUnknown
Rider, Elizabeth.28 Jun 184357y 4m
Rider, Nathaniel17451 Dec 181671y
Rivenburg, Alonzo E. 1860194585y
Rivenburg, Mary A. (wife of Alonzo E. Rivenburg)1865UnknownUnknown
Rivenburg, Myra1909192718y
Rivenburg, Myrtle A. (wife of Frank W. Rockfeller) 1875191237y
Rivenburgh, Alonzo1843192380y
Rivenburgh, Blanche (daughter of Alonzo and Emily Rivenburgh)29 May 18834 Dec 18836m 5d
Rivenburgh, Carrie (wife of Rev. William T. Prosser) 1867194780y
Rivenburgh, CecilUnknownUnknownUnknown
Rivenburgh, Clarence R. (son of Edward H. and
Delia Rivenburgh)
Rivenburgh, Clinton A. (son of Alonzo Rivenburgh)1888196577y
Rivenburgh, Cornelius1844193187y
Rivenburgh, David W. 1840187434y
Rivenburgh, Edward H. 1841UnknownUnknown
Rivenburgh, Emma (wife of Hulbert Finley) 1858189840y
Rivenburgh, Hannah (wife of Edward P. Davis) 1830191383y
Rivenburgh, Henry E. 1870191747y
Rivenburgh, Henry5 Mar 178823 Dec 187385y 9m 24d
Rivenburgh, Jennie C. 1868195082y
Rivenburgh, Leah14 Jul 183621 Oct 185923y 3m 7d
Rivenburgh, Lizzie1870193969y
Rivenburgh, MabelUnknownUnknownUnknown
Rivenburgh, Mary (wife of James Smith)15 Oct 184416 Mar 187328y 5m 1d
Rivenburgh, MaryUnknownUnknownUnknown
Rivenburgh, MaudeUnknownUnknownUnknown
Rivenburgh, Paul A.192019211y
Rivenburgh, Sarah A. (wife of John Joy)18 Oct 18398 Jun 189555y 7m 20d
Rivenburgh, Willard H. 186424 Dec 188016y 4m 1d
Robinson, Alonzo3 Oct 181218 Aug 188572y 10m 15d
Robinson, Amanda (wife of Charles Schiller) 1 Sep 180423 Apr 187469y 7m 22d
Robinson, Justus29 May 178731 Oct 187689y 5m 2d
Robinson, Mariett (wife of Munson Wilsie) 1 Jan 18348 May 190672y 4m 7d
Robinson, Sarah S. (wife of Jacob H. Thornington) 1843UnknownUnknown
Rockefeller, Catherine (wife of David Couchman)1797186770y
Rockefeller, Charlotte (wife of James Terbush, Jr.;
daughter of Jacob and Sally Rockefeller)
1809 184233y
Rockefeller, Edwin1849191465y
Rockefeller, Jacob1772184674y
Rockefeller, Kate (wife of William Rockefeller)5 Dec 18551 Jan 192670y 26d
Rockefeller, Martin M. 31 May 18242 Jul 189773y 1m 1d
Rockefeller, Mary A. (wife of John Couchman) 3 Mar 180612 Jan 188073y 10m 9d
Rockefeller, Peter1783182643y
Rockefeller, William15 Oct 18577 Mar 193173y 4m 25d
Rockfeller, Frank W. 1873196794y
Rogers, Mary H. (daughter of Joseph B. and Charlotte M. Pixley) 18422 May 186927y
Root, Sally (wife of David Travis) 10 Mar 1790 20 Feb 187786y 11m 10d
Rudman (Rodman?), Ann E. (daughter of David and
Lovinia Rudman (Rodman?)
UnknownUnknown1y 12d
Russ, Agnes N. (wife of Ricketson M. Jones) 1826190882y
Russ, Jacob31 Jul 18008 Nov 186161y 6m 19d
Russ, Mary A. (wife of John Jones) 1827191487y
Russ, Persis S. 1837190871y
Russel, Rhoda (wife of Abel Stannard) 12 Dec 179820 Mar 186970y 3m 8d
Russell, Addie (wife of Abram S. Coon) 1850193383y
Russell, Delia M. (wife of Edward H. Rivenburgh)1840193191y
Russell, John20 Sep 176011Jan 181150y 3m 22d
Russell, Myrta (wife of George A. Hess) 1855193883y
Salisbury, Alfred W. 1881196180y
Salisbury, Charles H. (U.S. Army, Korea) 1927198558y
Salisbury, Hattie (wife of Michael Murphy) 1873195279y
Salisbury, Terry A. (daughter of Charles H. and
Caroline Salisbury)
1854 1854 Unknown
Sanford, James1897196568y
Sayre, Silas180517 Dec 187974y
Scott, Anna (daughter of Thomas and Matilda Scott)1859194182y
Scott, Margaret (wife of Charles D. Alger)1860192969y
Scott, Matilda M. (wife of Thomas Scott) 1834189157y
Scott, Proctor T. 1892195765y
Scott, Susan (daughter of Thomas and Matilda Scott)1862188119y
Scott, Thomas1826190175y
Scutt, Agnes H. (wife of DeSilva Scutt)1886196478y
Scutt, DeSilva1887194255y
Scutt, Elizabeth (wife of Sidney White) 9 May 18119 Mar 189583y 10m 0d
Scutt, Elmer1864194480y
Scutt, Emily J. (wife of Andrew Tiffany) 1848193688y
Scutt, Harriet (wife of Christopher Hagadorn) 1866192054y
Scutt, Harry7 Nov 18063 Feb 189184y 2m 27d
Scutt, Helen (daughter of Cornelius and Emma
Rivenburgh and wife of Elmer Scutt)
Scutt, Helen A. (wife of Levi E. Coynes)1843190966y
Scutt, JennieUnknownUnknownUnknown
Scutt, Myron1856195094y
Scutt, Thomas N. (son of Marvin and Phebe Ann Scutt)18 Oct 18539 Dec 1856 3y 1m 21d
Scutt, Warren A. 1860194787y
Scutt, William E. 1856190347y
Sellick, Harvey.28 Mar 186970y 10m 8d
Serls, Katy Lyn26 Jun 19853 Jul 19894y 7d
Shafer, Charity18 Oct 1862UnknownUnknown
Shaver, Mary (wife of John J. Brant) 21 Jul 179026 Feb 186675y 7m 5d
Shays, Daniel Jr. 1783Apr 183249y
Sheldon, Mott T. 1838190769y
Sherman, Sadie M. Scutt23 Nov 190518 Apr 194539y 4m 25d
Shith, Hannah (wife of Amos Shith) 19 May 182221 Aug 184725y 3m 2d
Shultes, Charles A., M.D. 1868194173y
Shultes, Doris (wife of Charles A. Radick)1906197165y
Skok, Walter1883193552y
Slater, Isaac B. 15 Apr 18192 Sep 189273y 4m 17d
Slater, Marrilla (wife of Richard H. Porter) 1865191247y
Smith, Adalt27 Aug 18016 May 187573y 8m 9d
Smith, Amos S. 7 May 18048 Aug 18051y 3m 1d
Smith, Anna (daughter of Almin Smith) 11 Aug 185016 Nov 186010y 3m 5d
Smith, Benjamin7 Mar 180718 Jan189991y 10m 11d
Smith, Daniel18233 May 189572y
Smith, Dency (wife of Benjamin Smith)31 Jul 18084 Jan 186051y 5m 4d
Smith, Harriett O. (wife of Valentine Cooke)1844190965y
Smith, Helen E. (wife of George A. Burhans) 1851193584y
Smith, Ida E. (wife of Charles F. Hill) 1858192971y
Smith, John16 Apr 18061 Jul 188680y 2m 15d
Smith, Julia (daughter of Almin Smith)21 Jan 185416 Nov 18606y 9m 25d
Smith, Mary H. (daughter of Melancton and Electra Smith)1825186540y
Smith, Mary R. (wife of Elisha V. Cook) 1852188634y
Smith, Melancton1798187577y
Smith, Olivia D. (daughter of Melancton and Electra Smith) 1828190274y
Smith, Phebe (wife of John Russell) 2 Oct 177011 Dec 181242y 2m 9d
Smith, Rosetta B. (wife of William Hayes) 1824188359y
Smith, Rosina (daughter of Almin Smith) 5 Dec 184716 Nov 186012y 11m 11d
Smith, Ruth (wife of Floyd L. Ford)18796 Jun 190930y
Smith, Sarah C. (wife of Newman Paddock) 1830191383y
Smith, Stanley B.8 Apr 189126 Oct 193948y 6m 18d
Smith, Tamma (wife of David Falk) 2 Jun 178413 Jan 182136y 8m 10d
Snyder, Amanda M. (wife of Augustus Snyder) 1852194492y
Snyder, Augustus (61st NYS Vol.)Unknown21 Feb 1913Unknown
Snyder, Caroline (wife of Cornelius Snyder) 179828 Apr 184446y
Snyder, Elizabeth (wife of William Brandt) 180410 Nov 188985y
Snyder, Eve (wife of James G. Powell) 19 Aug 180211 Jun 188178y 9m 23d
Snyder, Julia J. 1834190874y
Snyder, Pamela (wife of William Snyder) 16 Jul 18011 Dec 184847y 4m 15d
Snyder, Roger A. 1920193919y
Snyder, Royal M. 1891196271y
Snyder, William (?)17 Feb 179918 Feb 188081y 1d
Sondheimer, David1870189222y
Sondheimer, Joseph1855192267y
Sondheimer, Sarah E. 1864192864y
Spalding, Theresa M. (wife of Harold D. Lewis) 1890195363y
Stannard, Abe21 Apr 178423 Apr 186480y 2d
Stannard, Elizabeth5 Mar 18596 Aug 18601y 5m 1d
Stannard, Phebe Elizabeth (daughter of Abel and Rhoda Stannard) Mar 183011May 185020y 2m 6d
Stannard, Polly (wife of Giles Stannard) 24 Dec 179619 Apr 186770y 3m 26d
Stannard, Rhoana (wife of Abel Stannard;
daughter of Giles Stannard)
12 Dec 178920 Mar 186979y 3m 8d
Starkweather, Olivia (wife of Alvin Devereux) 22 Oct 17948 Feb 187277y 3m 16d
Steadman, Dorothy (2nd wife of Alton S. Potter) 1906198478y
Steel, Margaret (wife of Ovando Rivenburgh) 29 Apr 183918 Oct 186829y 5m 19d
Stever, Anna C. (wife of Donald Green)1901196564y
Stever, Florence J. 1896195559y
Stever, Harvey1866194074y
Stoner, Susan (wife of Rev. Fred White) 1893196471y
Teator, Carrie (daughter of Lorenzo and Ann Teator) Jun 186019 Feb 1870 9y 8m
Teeple, Biansa (?) M. (wife of L.M.Teeple, M.D.) UnknownUnknownUnknown
Teeple, Frank W. 185322 Sep 190148y
Teeple, Rose E. (wife of Wesley Elsbree) 185210 Sep 191260y
Teter, Angeline C. (wife of Charles Radick)1849190859y
Teter, George J. 1859194788y
Teter, Ralph E. 1914198773y
Teter, Walter S. (son of George J. Teter) 1884194157y
Theis, Vivian J. (wife of Henry Theiss) 1921UnknownUnknown
Theiss, Henry A. 1916198367y
Thompson, Martha (wife of William Benjamin) 1866195892y
Thorington, Jacob H. 1842UnknownUnknown
Thorn, Caroline R. (daughter of Lewis and Elizabeth Thorn) 31 Oct 184723 Apr 18485m 23d
Thorpe, Lottie I. (wife of Lloyd C. Paddock1869193667y
Tiffany, Andrew1847193285y
Tiffany, Burton S. (son of Andrew and Emily Tiffany) 1871195079y
Tiffany, Clark 22 Jun 182220 Sep 190886y 2m 28d
Tingue, Barbara H. (daughter of Rose and Woodford C. Tingue)UnknownUnknownUnknown
Tingue, Woodford C. 1900197171y
Tinklepaugh, Elizabeth (wife of Paulus Tinklepaugh) 179121 Feb 186372y
Tinklepaugh, HenryJul 182412 Nov 189470y 4m
Tinklepuagh, Polly (wife of Thomas Brown)20 Feb 17888 Jan 187384y 10m 18d
Tinlkepaugh, Pualus178610 Oct 187488y
Travis, Caroline (wife of John D. Abrams)15 Feb 182823 Aug 190375y 6m 8d
Travis, David11 Jan 17839 Dec 187188y 10m 28d
Travis, Lucindad (wife of David Travis) 16 Oct 179212 Feb 182128y 3m 27d
Turner, George T. 1900197474y
Tuthill, Nathan (Rev. War)176323 Jul 181543y
Unknown, HomerApr 185211 Jul 187018y 3m
Vanaken, Alvaretta (daughter of Horace and Marcy A. Vanaken)Jun 186011 Jul 18601m
Vanaken, Aravesta S. (daughter of Lucius and Waline Vanaken) Sep 185813 Jun 18601y 9m
Vanaken, B.J. 21 Dec 180921 Feb 187666y 2m
Vanaken, Charles (son of B. J. and Sally Vanaken) 17555 Dec 183318y
Vanaken, Conrad16 Jun 181119 Apr 187866y 10m 3d
Vanaken, Conran16 Jun 181119 Apr 187866y 10m 3d
Vanaken, Hannah (wife of David Cook) 181624 Apr 187458y
Vanaken, Sally (wife of B. J. Vanaken) 9 Apr 181110 Feb 186452y 10m 1d
Vanaken, Rosiney (daughter of Conrad and Mahetabel Vanaken) 3 Aug 18624 Mar 18652y 6m 29d
Vanaken, William1861192059y
VanDuesen, Nellie M. (wife of Clark White) 1877196689y
VanDusen, GraceUnknown24 Mar 1905Unknown
VanDusen, T. C. 1853194087y
Vandyke, Abram176619 Sep 184276y
Vandyke, Belinda E. (daughter of William and Sally Ann Vandyke) 12 Jan 18337 Jun 18396y 4m 26d
Vandyke, Herman (infant son of Hiram and Lucy Vandyke) Oct 184325 Dec 18433m
Vandyke, Sally Ann (wife of William Vandyke18083 Jul 183931y
Vandyke, Unnamed (infant son of Hiram and Lucy Vandyke)25 Jun 1841 26 Jun 18411d
VanTassel, Frisbie B. (son of Montgomery
and Betsey Van Tassell)
12 Feb 186121 Mar 18632y 1m 9d
VanTassel, Lyman B. (son of Montgomery
and Betsey VanTassell)
22 Jun 18562 Jun 18592y 11m 10d
VanTassel, Montgomery1 Feb 183429 Sep 190773y 7m 28d
VanTassel, Viola (daughter of Montgomery
and Betsey VanTassel)
31 Aug 185315 Apr 188127y 7m 14d
Vanvalkenburgh, William F. 4 Feb 186010 Sep 193272y 7m 6d
Wager, Amelia (wife of Warren A. Scutt) 1867194376y
Wagoner, Maria (wife of Abram Coon) UnknownUnknown72y
Wait, Abbie (wife of Justus Robinson) 17 Aug 179119 Jul 187785y 11m 2d
Walker, Lovinia (wife of Alonzo Robinson) 3 Jul 18149 Nov 189682y 4m 6d
Ward, Phoebe A. (wife of Benjamin White) 1808188880y
Wells, Calrinda (wife of Harry Scutt) 23 Dec 18113 Apr 1887 75y 3m 11d
Wells, Polly (wife of William Elsbree) 15 Jan 179119 May 187887y 4m 4d
Wheedon, Catherine C. (wife of Rev. Hiram Haynes) 8 May 182020 Jun 189979y 1m 12d
Wheeler, Adaline (wife of Lucius Vanaken) 22 Apr 183314 Nov 186734y 6m 23d
Wheeler, Ellen M. (wife of Aaron SnyderUnknownUnknownUnknown
Wheeler, Emily A. (wife of Ranson Hollenbeck)1823190683y
Whitaker, Harriet R. 1881196685y
White, Benjamin1807189083y
White, Charles A. (son of Miah and Eliza White)10 Oct 185120 Dec 18565y 2m 10d
White, Charles R. 1833189966y
White, Clark1864194985y
White, Eliza Ann (daughter of Miah and Eliza White)16 Apr 184312 Feb 18528y 9m 26d
White, Florence P. (daughter of Clark and Nellie White1896199094y
White, Fred, Rev. 1884195167y
White, George F. 1851193079y
White, Hannah (wife of Harvey Selleck)25 Jan 179418 Mar 186874y 1m 22d
White, Jacob21 Apr 186371y 6m 14d
White, Jane Ann (daughter of Jacob and Mary White) 18594 May 18678y
White, Libbie C. (wife of Mott T. Sheldon)1842190260y
White, Margaret (wife of Samuel Coon) 15 Mar 179729 Sep 186265y 6m 14d
White, Mary (wife of Jacob White) 5 Jun 17901 Mar 185867y 8m 24d
White, Minnie May (wife of Oscar Mackey) 1860190848y
White, N. (son of Benjamin and Caroline White) 18 Oct 182813 Apr 184112y 5m 26d
White, Sidney25 Feb 180012 Mar 187171y 17d
White, Ward B. 18441951107y (?)
White, William S. 14 Jun 184327 Sep 190057y 3m 13d
Whitting, Eunice (wife of Michael Murphy) 184623 Mar 189751y
Whitting, Lorenzo (177 Regt. NYS Vols.)22 Jul 18429 Sep 186321y 1m 18d
Whitting, Susan (wife of John Whiting)10 Jun 181016 Feb 186453y 8m 6d
Whittting, Maggie18364 May 188852y
Wilber, Susan (wife of Sanders H. Goff) 16 Aug 179417 May 186772y 9m 1d
Wilcox, Cynthia (wife of Stephen Wilcox;
daughter of Giles Stannard)
6 Mar 179317 Sept 187784y 6m 1d
Wilsey, Helen C. (wife of Valentine Fero) 1817188164y
Wilsie, Irvin M. 4 Feb 186219 Feb 190139y 15d
Wilsie, Munson5 Dec 183527 Jul 188852y 7m 22d
Winans, Coral A. 1883196582y
Winans, Grovner P. 1854192773y
Winans, Hamilton (son of Henry and Lydia Winans)Oct 184022 Jan 18443y 3m
Winans, Harriet (daughter of Henry and Lydia Winans)12 Nov 1834UnknownUnknown
Winans, Henry28 Apr 181116 Jan 187664y 8m 18d
Winans, Hudson E. (Pvt., U.S. Army, Korea)1889194556y
Winans, Isadora (daughter of Henry and Lydia Winans)3 Dec 1843UnknownUnknown
Winans, Lydia (wife of Elisha Humphrey, a Veteran)3 Jan 179627 Jan 187983y 24d
Winans, Margaret (wife of Holly Winans)Mar 178825 Jun 184961y 3m
Winans, Mary (daughter of Henry and Lydia Winans)16 June 1836UnknownUnknown
Winans, Orson (son of Henry and Lydia Winans)15 Aug 1838UnknownUnknown
Winans, Velmore1877196689y
Wood, Charles1873194875y
Wood, E. Elmina (wife of Harvey Wood)1834189763y
Wood, Harvey J. 1858193577y
Wood, Harvey1830191181y
Wood, Mary (wife of Alfred W. Salisbury)1889196071y
Wright, Frances (wife of Ward B. White) 1888196072y
Wright, Hiram (80 N.Y. Volenteers, 515 Regt.)1827190881y
Youmans, Izora (wife of Frank W. Rockfeller) 1871196695y
Young, Cora (wife of Coral A. Winans)1880192444y
Young, Orpah (wife of Daviv Young;
daughter of Giles Stannard)
1 Jun 179129 Mar 186573y 9m 28d

* Died in Tomah, Wisconsin.

Location: From Albany via Delaware Ave. Rt 443 to Meads Lane, turn left and go .2 miles. Burying ground is on the right on a hill 200 feet from road.

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