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Interments in the Aaron Oliver Family Burial Ground in Alcove, NY

NOTE FROM CC: Tombstone readings on this page were submitted by Tracy Hogan. I have added birth dates and ages where applicable using the Tombstone Birthday Calculator. Their website has valuable information about tombstone readings.

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Oliver, Aaron (Rev. War)1760180040y
Brott, Christiana (wife of Aaron Oliver)26 Nov 176912 May 185383y 5m 16d
Oliver, Garrit, Jr.181425 Jan 187864y
Oliver, Garrit, Sr.179021 Nov 187787y
Long, Mary (wife of Garrit Oliver, Sr.)5 Nov 179324 Jul 187480y 8m 19d
Oliver, Aaron14 Jun 181711 Aug 183619y 1m 28d
Slingerland, Mary O.1855191055y
Oliver, Wendell12 Jul 183227 Jan 186128y 6m 15d
Hotaling, Lucy L.1862192866y
Oliver, Mary E.11 Mar 181531 Oct 187863y 7m 20d
Hotaling, Olive L.1895191015y
Oliver, Magdalena18 May 18231 Jul 186643y 1m 13d
Oliver, John, Jr.28 Sep 18693 Aug 18799y 10m 4d
Oliver, Christiana14 Jul 18111 Apr 184028y 8m 18d
Oliver, Hester2 Mar 186711 Feb 187911y 11m 9d
Oliver, Catherine18191 Aug 183011y
Van Derheyden, Mary Ann (wife of Garret Oliver11 Jul 18195 Dec 184930y 4m 24d
Oliver, John L.20 Jun 18309 Feb 188756y 7m 19d
Mead, Olive (wife of John L. Oliver)30 Dec 182422 Mar 190479y 2m 22d
Oliver, Aaron (son of Garret and Mary Ann Oliver)12 Nov 184216 Sep 186724y 10m 4d
Long, Christiann (wife of Garret Oliver, Jr.)25 Mar 181912 Feb 191191y 10m 17d
Oliver, Hetty23 Feb 186711 Feb 187911y 11 19d

Location: From Albany via Delaware Ave. Rt 443 to Meads Lane, turn left and go 2/10 miles. Burying ground is on the right on a hill 200 feet from road.

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