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This biography is from Landmarks of Albany County, New York, edited by Amasa J. Parker of Albany, N. Y., Syracuse, N. Y.; D. Mason & Co. Publishers, 1897. The photo of Gen. McAlpin was found on Wikipedia.

Gen. Edwin A. McAlpin

Gen. Edwin A. McAlpin was born in New York city, June 9, 1848, and is the son of David H. McAlpin, the president of D. H. McAlpin & Co., one of the largest tobacco establishments in the country. General McAlpin attended the public schools in New York city and later was graduated from the academy at Andover, Mass. He early showed his love for the military by enlisting, when a mere boy, as a drummer boy in the war of the Rebellion, but was of course prevented from serving, being under age. In November, 1869, he enlisted in the 7th Regt. N. Y.; in 1873 was elected corporal; was elected first lieutenant of the 71st Regt. in November, 1873, and captain in 1875; major in August, 1875; resigned from the 71st Regt. in the fall of 1883 to accept a captaincy in the 7th Regt.: elected colonel of the 71st Regt. in May, 1885, and resigned his commission in June, 1888; in the spring of 1888 was elected colonel of the 71st Regt. Veterans Association. Gen. McAlpin is a man of large fortune and is very liberal. He is director of the Eleventh Ward Bank and director of the Sixth National Bank of New York city and of the firm of D. H. McAlpin & Co. of New York city. He owns a delightful summer residence at Lake Brandreth. Since 1878 Gen. McAlpin has lived in the village of Sing Sing and he has contributed largely to its development. In 1884 and 1888 Gen. McAlpin was upon the Republican electoral ticket in the State of New York and in the year General Harrison was elected, he received the largest number of votes. General McAlpin was president of the Republican State League for three years, and was appointed by Gov. Levi P. Morton adjutant-general of this State June 1, 1895. The wife of General McAlphin was a Miss Brandreth of Sing Sing.

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