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This biography is from ANNALS of the Medical Society of the County of Albany, 1806-1851, by Sylvester D. Willard, M. D.

Alexander Glen Fonda

Alexander G. Fonda was born in Schenectady on the 17th day of August, 1785. His father was Colonel Fonda, and rendered efficient service to the cause of the colonies in the revolutionary war. He was graduated at Union College in 1803, a class mate of Dr. Thomas Dunlap of Schenectady, and the Rev. Dr. James M. Matthews of New York city. Alexander studied medicine under the direction of Dr. Archibald H. Adams, who is subsequently noticed in this volume, and was licensed to practice in May, 1806. Two months later, the first meeting of the Albany County Medical Society was held under the new law, and Dr. Fonda came from Schenectady to be present. The venerable Dr. Mancius presided, and as he cast his large piercing eyes over the little number gathered for its organization they rested with severe scrutiny upon the smooth face and youthful form of young Fonda, and he remarked with seeming austerity that he supposed all who were present were licensed practitioners. Dr. Fonda knowing that the remark was intended for him only, replied with all confidence and suavity that his license had been granted in the May previous, but he did not think it important to tell the old doctor that he had not yet attained his majority; for in the eyes of such a man youth has a species of unpardonable sin.

For many years Dr. Fonda quietly pursued his professionin his native city, and at length retired from its active duties to the enjoyment and quietude of domestic life in the tranquillity of which old age has come gently upon him.

Half a hundred years had rolled away, and Dr. Fonda came back in 1856, to join in the Society's semi-centennial celebration. It was to him apparently an event of great pleasure and satisfaction. Dr. Augustus Harris and himself, of the original members, had survived the half century, but the former died a few months afterward. Dr. Fonda is now in the seventy-ninth year of his age. May his long and useful life close only to witness the morning of a more glorious day.

A brother likewise studied medicine, and died in one of the southern states where he had gone to reside. For nearly twenty years Dr. Fonda has been represented in the profession in this city by his son, Dr. David E. Fonda.

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