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This biography is from HEROES OF ALBANY, by Rufus W. Clark, D. D.

Stephen McCulloch
of Coeymans

Stephen McCulloch was the brother of David, to whom we have just referred, and was born in Coeymans, August 25, 1845. He was a youth full of enterprise, ambition and intelligence. He had, too, a very affectionate disposition, and was beloved by all who knew him. He possessed the same spirit and feelings in regard to the war that fired the soul of his brother.

He enlisted in Company I, One Hundred and Seventy-seventh New York Regiment. He never was in any very severe battle, but discharged every duty assigned to him with great faithfulness.

On one occasion he was sent down a river to secure some flat boats. The party were surprised by a guerrilla force and were fired upon. Instead of surrendering, Stephen, with others, leaped into the river, and swam to the opposite side. That night he slept upon the ground in his wet clothes, and took a cold, from which he never recovered. His system, heretofore very strong, had been previously reduced by a severe chronic disease, and his cold, with this, carried him rapidly to the grave. For a time he was delirious, and he died in this condition on the 14th of April, 1863. His remains lie buried at Bonnet Carre, Louisiana.

To the parents who thus gave up two sons for the country, the sympathies of a grateful nation should be cordially extended.

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